iOS: Activation Lock

The theft of iOS devices has become a serious issue in the U.S. and globally. Apple, with iOS 7, introduced a new Find My iPhone feature called Activation Lock. This feature is designed to prevent anyone from using (or selling) your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch if it gets lost or stolen. In a previous […]

How to create group contacts on your iPhone & iPad with iCloud

You can organize your contacts by creating groups where you can collect several contacts under one name such as ‘soccer club’, ‘help team’ or ‘family’. As of now (May, 2014), you cannot do this directly on your iOS device. This means that you cannot create or delete a group within iOS. However, once you have created […]

How to share photos and videos with iCloud

iCloud offers much more than cloud backup and storage solutions. For instance, iCloud provides features that make photo/video sharing with your friends and family members an enjoyable experience. You may share photos/videos using your iOS device, Mac (OS X v10.9 or later and either iPhoto or Aperture),  Apple TV or Windows PC (Windows 7 or […]