Viruses and other malware. Can my iPad (or iPhone) be infected?

A virus is a type of  is a software program that spreads from one device to another. Windows computers are  the most malware-ridden platform in the PC world. In the mobile world, Android tops the charts as the most malware-ridden platform. However, If you have just switched to iOS (e.g., iPad or iPhone) and are worried about viruses and […]

Siri: Change Weather Temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius

You can check current weather conditions with Siri by asking Siri to check the weather, like “What’s the weather today?” or “How’s the weather in Chicago right now?”. Siri will tell you the temperature  either in fahrenheit (symbol °F) or in celsius (symbol °C – centigrade). You can change this setting easily. Here is how: Steps: 1. […]

How to forward iMessages and text messages on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

You may send and receive text messages  (SMS and MMS) and iMessages using the Messages app included with iOS. You can also  forward messages to your other friends. Here is how: Steps 1. Launch the Messages app on your iOS device, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. 2. Select the message  you’d like to forward. 3. Tap the Edit button. […]

Can I delete VIP mailbox (iOS)?

VIP inbox can be vey useful feature for those who receive a lot of emails from a lot of different people. For others however, this feature may not be practical. We receive a lot of questions from iPad / iPhone users regarding the VIP mailbox: “How can i delete the VIP Mailbox from the mail […]

Can I delete an iCloud account?

Q: How can I completely delete an iCloud account? A: Once you create an iCloud account, this account cannot be removed or merged with a different iCloud account. What you can do is to abandon this account.  You can erase the data in the account, but the account will remain. When you go to Settings > iCloud […]

iCloud: The maximum number of free accounts have been activated (Q&A)

Q: I tried to create an iCloud account,  but I received this message: “Cannot sign in. The maximum number of free accounts have been activated on this iPhone.” What does this mean? A: Apple limits users to 3 iCloud accounts meaning you can only create three iCloud accounts on an iOS device. You are seeing this error because […]

Does Siri work in all countries?

Siri can be enabled in any country. But Siri may not support your language. Currently Siri can understand the following languages: United States (English, Spanish) United Kingdom (English) Australia (English) France (French) Germany (German) Japan (Japanese) Canada (Canadian French, English) China (Mandarin) Hong Kong (Cantonese) Italy (Italian) Korea (Korean) Mexico (Spanish) Spain (Spanish) Switzerland (French, […]

There is no Siri on my iPhone, where is Siri?

Q:  I bought a new iPhone. I wanted to use Siri but it doesn’t seem to have Siri. When I go to Settings > General there is no Siri options and when I hold down the home button, it says Voice Control, not Siri. A: Siri is the Apple’s intelligent personal assistant. If your iOS device does […]

iOS: Difference between sync and backup?

One question we get asked frequently is, “what’s the difference between iOS backup and syncing?” . This short article explains the difference between the two: sync and backup. So what is the difference between doing a backup and doing a sync with iTunes on your computer for your iPad, iPod  or iPhone? Basically sync may mean […]

How to login to on iPhone or iPad (Q & A)

Q: When I visit on my iPad (or iPhone). I do not see any login option. Only options I see: Set up iCloud on this device, install Find My iPhone, install Find My Friends. There is no log-in button? I would like to login into from an iPhone or iPad? How can I sign in […]