Wifi button blacked out and Bluetooth symbol just turning ?

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    Well first I know I was not the only one with this problem but now I can’t find any of that. So I will tell u what happened. For the past app 6 or so months after I did a latest update on my iPhone I LOST being able to turn on wifi. The wifi button was just BLACKED OUT. Could not move it. So no wifi. Also in the Bluetooth menu the little icon to the right was just spinning non stop ( The TIMER) Non stop spinning so no Bluetooth either. Great. So I tried to do some research after speaking to apple and them telling me they can’t help me cause my phone is out of warranty, but if I paid $90 I could get a years worth of help / apple support. After not doing that of course I tried everything I knew how to. Backing up and rebooting my phone, resetting to factory settings. Basically everything I could think off and trying it several times. Even contemplating a suggestion from this apple tool box site to put my phone in the freezer in a freezer bag, then restarting it. Now I didn’t try that. BUT the good news is after all this time it miraculously is working again. After leaving my phone in the sun accidentally I cooled it down and noticed that the Bluetooth icon was no longer spinning so I checked wifi thinking it would be fine but it wasn’t working still. So I held down the home and sleep button together for approximate 10 seconds to reboot the phone for the thousand’th time and to my astonishment the wifi button was no longer greyed out. I could get wifi again. FINALLY!!!

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