How to use Notification Centre widgets in OS X Yosemite

With OS X Yosemite, released just a few months ago, Apple has unified some of the features with their iOS counterparts. In particular, the ability to add widgets to your Mac’s Notification Centre is a very welcome addition, which makes the feature that much more useful. There is a fair selection of widgets already available in […]

Productivity Apps: Screenfloat

Recently I’ve been highlighting some apps (here, here, and here) that I use on a daily basis, that help with my productivity. In this post I’ll tell you about ScreenFloat, a screenshot manager with a unique twist. ScreenFloat is one of the many unassuming apps that sit in your menubar. In saying this, it’s extremely […]

App Store: “An unknown error has occurred”; can’t connect to the App Store

Several users have reported that they receive the alert message “An unknown error has occurred” when they try to connect to the App Store on their iOS devices, iPad, iPad mini, iPhone or iPod touch.Follow the steps below to troubleshoot this issue. Please after performing each step, test to see if your problem is solved: Make sure […]

5 very cool apps for the iPhone 4

The iPhone is the best smartphone out there, and the iPhone 4 and 4S are the current leaders on the marketplace (while the former has sold more units than any other phone in the world, the latter is on its way to beating that record, apparently). With over 500,000 apps on the marketplace, there sure […]

Close Those iOS Apps

With the addition of iOS software 4.0, came the long awaited feature of having apps open up in the background. This was Apple’s way to help you keep apps open and not have to close apps and reopen them again. The slight problem with this, is that if you leave too many of them open, […]

Getting Your Mac Apps on More Than One Mac

One of the greatest things to happen to the Mac is the Mac App Store that was released just a few short months ago. But unlike the iOS App Store one of the big differences is the price in the apps. Of course, this makes a lot of sense being that applications for the Mac […]