Apple applies for orientation-based audio patent, possibly related to rumoured iPad Pro

Today the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published a patent application from Apple that describes a method of automatically routing audio to different speakers on an electronic device, based upon its orientation. This may be used in the long-rumoured iPad Pro which is said to include additional speakers on the sides of the device. The patent, […]

QuickTime: Recording Audio, Video and Screen

QuickTime X is a media utility that has many little known features including audio, video, and screen recording. Because QuickTime X is included with every Mac running OS X 10.6 or higher, no extra software is required for this tutorial. Recording Media With QuickTime X To start, launch QuickTime. Once it has completely launched, look […]

iPhones Can’t Connect to Volvo, Alpine Car Stereos After iOS 4.2; Fix

Some users have reported an issue in which iPhones are no longer recognized by Volvo iPod/iPhone integrated audio systems after the update to iOS 4.2. Users experiencing this problem may receive an error message indicating “USB not recognized.” This issue affects several Volvo models, including the C30, V50, XC90 and others. Users have reported a […]

iOS 4.1 Reportedly Fixes Muffled/Muddy Bluetooth Audio

Anecdotal evidence suggests that recent beta released of iOS 4.1 resolve an issue in which Bluetooth devices that worked well with previous iPhone models delivered muffled or muddy sound when paired with the iPhone 4. Users experiencing this issue report that people on the other end of phone calls say the iPhone 4 caller sounds […]

QuickTime (MP3s, etc.) Won’t Play in Safari 5.0.1 (Question Mark Box)

Some users have reported an issue in which QuickTime content, including many MP3s, will not play in Safari 5.0.1. Users experiencing this issue often report receiving a QuickTime playback box with a question mark inside, which indicates playback failure. Possible fix In some cases, this issue is caused by problematic plug-ins. Quit Safari, then navigate […]

iPhone 4 Headphone Volume Jumps (Increases or Decreases) While Listening to iPod, Pandora

Some users have reported an issue in which iPhone headphone volume erratically jumps up or down while the iPod app, Pandora or other apps are in use. The problem occurs most frequently with third-party headphones (including those from Skullcandy, V-Moda and others) that include a microphone. It appears that this problem occurs when the mic inadvertently […]

iPhone, iPod touch Incompatible with Car Stereos After iOS 4.0; Fix

Several users have reported an issue in which iOS devices (including the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) are rendered incompatible or exhibit issues with various USB-based car stereo integration kits after the update to iOS 4.0. Users have reported this issue with the following head unit and car brands: Kenwood Pioneer Alpine JVC Clarion Sony […]