iPhone 4S Echo Problem During Calls Fix

Several people have reported problems with voice echo on their iPhone 4S during calls. The echo does not occur immediately but instead appears anywhere from 30 seconds-12 minutes into a call. It has been further reported that different headsets produce the same results. Temporary Fix: When experiencing the echo, turn the speaker function on and […]

Call Guard App: Workaround for iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Issue

Users continue to experience an issue in which the iPhone 4 unexpectedly mutes a call, hangs up or engages FaceTime when the device is held up to the ear. This problem occurs due to apparent under-sensitivity of the iPhone 4′s proximity sensor, which turns off the screen (and touch capabilities) when the phone is held to the […]

iOS 4.0 Troubleshooting Guide

Problems (and fixes): Shortened Battery Life Mail Stalls on “Checking for Mail”; Cannot Receive or Send Mail iPhone 3G Slowness Error 29 When Updating No 3G, EDGE or MMS Service iPod App on iPhone Crashes iPhone Reboots/Resets During Phone Calls No Wi-Fi Update Stuck on Backup or Extremely Slow Sync Errors