FaceTime crashes after updating to iOS 8 on iPhone or iPad, fix

Several users have reported that they are having issues connecting FaceTime video calls. Specifically FaceTime users details that FaceTime crashes to a blue screen, which is followed by a reboot (restart) after updating to iOS 8. Fix: Update your device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) to the latest iOS version (Settings > General > Software Update). Restart […]

FaceTime is not working for some users

We are currently receiving a lot of user complaints that FaceTime is not functioning properly. Users are reporting connection problems and call failing problems leaving them unable to make video calls. As of now, Apple’s system status page shows that FaceTime is not down. However if you are having issues, please see our troubleshooting articles: […]

FaceTime for Mac not working, fix

This article describes basic troubleshooting tips for fixing FaceTime for Mac if it is not working properly. Via FaceTime you place video calls or receive calls from other iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) or OSX (Mac) users via Wi-FI or cellular networks. The tips we describe here will help you address the most common problems, such as: FaceTime […]

iOS 7: iMessage and FaceTime Problems and their solutions

iMessage and FaceTime are wonderful that are the proofs of Apple’s innovation and creativeness in the smartphone world. They are awesome, but they can as well freak you out, especially when you update your iPhone or restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to updated version of iOS- just like what millions of people did with the release of […]

How to use your iPhone number with FaceTime and iMessage on iOS devices (iPad, iPod) with iOS 6 and on Macs with OS X

You may use your Apple ID and your phone number to use FaceTime and iMessage. iOS 6 lets you link your phone number to your Apple ID when you sign in to FaceTime or iMessage. This means that you can now use your iPhone telephone number with FaceTime and iMessage on other iOS devices (e.g.; iPod) and […]

iMessage says “Waiting for activation…” error; how to fix

Several users have reported that they are unable to use iMessage because they could not activate it. This short article explains how to troubleshoot iMessage activation issues on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch). Please note that activation may take up to 24 hours to complete. Leave iMessage enabled for 24 hours. Do not toggle iMessage off […]

FaceTime: Poor connection error on the iPhone or iPad, fix

Several users have reported that they have been receiving “Poor Connection. The video will resume automatically when the connection improves” and “Connection lost” error messages when using the FaceTime app. Users have also reported that this issue started after they updated to iOS 6. If you experience this issue, please try the following tips to […]

FaceTime call failed; fix

Several people have reported an issue in which making or receiving a FaceTime call fails on their iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Notes: FaceTime is not available in every country. Make sure FaceTime is enabled: Settings > FaceTime. Ensure that camera and FaceTime are not disabled in Settings > General > Restrictions. Make sure that […]

FaceTime not working; how to troubleshoot FaceTime to fix your problems

FaceTime, Apple’s one-on-one video calling feature, enables you to do video calls with another FaceTime user over a Wi-Fi connection. For most FaceTime users, FaceTime is relatively simple and just works. However, you may still experience problems with FaceTime. This article outlines basic FaceTime troubleshooting tips.  First off all please note that FaceTime is not available […]

FaceTime / iMessage waiting for activation, how to fix

Several users have reported an issue in which they are having issues with iMessage not activating. Users have reported they are getting this message “Waiting for activation…” and after a while users get this message ”Activation unsuccessful. Turn on iMessage to try again’. It has been also reported that this issue also occurs with FaceTime. […]