No Visual Voicemail After iOS 4.0 Update; Fixes

Some users have reported a loss of visual voicemail after the update to iOS 4.0.x. In these cases, either no new visual voicemail messages appear, or tapping the voicemail icon in the Phone app results in simply dialing the user’s own number (to manually access traditional voicemail). Fixes Call voicemail (try this first). In some […]

iPhone, iPod touch Incompatible with Car Stereos After iOS 4.0; Fix

Several users have reported an issue in which iOS devices (including the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad) are rendered incompatible or exhibit issues with various USB-based car stereo integration kits after the update to iOS 4.0. Users have reported this issue with the following head unit and car brands: Kenwood Pioneer Alpine JVC Clarion Sony […]

Apple Releases iPhone Configuration Utility 3.0 for Mac OS X

Apple has released iPhone Configuration 3.0 for Mac OS X–a tool designed for enterprises and other larger-scale organizations that deploy iPhones. The new release improves operation with iOS 4.0. Per Apple’s description, the Configuration Utility “lets you easily create, maintain, encrypt, and install configuration profiles, track and install provisioning profiles and authorized applications, and capture […]

Apps Lost During iOS 4.0 Upgrade; How to Restore

Some users have reported a loss of apps after the update to iOS 4.0, usually due to an upgrade error. AppleToolbox reader Radu Popescu writes: “I lost several paid apps from my iPhone 3Gs during the upgrade to 4.0. My purchases are on my iTunes account, but the apps that I purchased are not downloading. By the way, […]

iOS 4.0 Troubleshooting Guide

Problems (and fixes): Shortened Battery Life Mail Stalls on “Checking for Mail”; Cannot Receive or Send Mail iPhone 3G Slowness Error 29 When Updating No 3G, EDGE or MMS Service iPod App on iPhone Crashes iPhone Reboots/Resets During Phone Calls No Wi-Fi Update Stuck on Backup or Extremely Slow Sync Errors

Poor iPhone Battery Life After iOS 4.0 Update? Check Location Services

We previously noted that although many iPhone users experience better battery life after the iOS 4.0 update, a number of users have reported decreased battery life after updating. We previously  noted a number of fixes for short battery life, including removal of problematic apps, turning off Push, closing extraneous Safari windows and more. It now appears that […]

iPhone 4 Troubleshooting Guide

General Guidance: The 4 Rs Determining Upgrade Eligibility Problems and Fixes: Signal Drops or Degrades When Held a Certain Way (“Death Grip”) Accidentally Hangs Up or Mutes During Calls When Held to Ear (Proximity Sensor Issue) Slow Downloads Over 3G Connection “No SIM Card Installed” Error FaceTime Doesn’t Work; No Option in Settings: Fix

iOS 4.0: Mail Stalls on “Checking for Mail”; Cannot Receive or Send Mail

A number of users have reported an issue in which the Mail app hangs indefinitely when checking for new messages after the update to iOS 4.0. In these cases, the “checking for mail” and the spinning progress indicator display persistently, never advancing to actually receiving mail, or the check for mail button produces no action. […]

iPhone 3G Slow After iOS 4.0 Update

A number of iPhone 3G users have experienced a significant degradation in performance after the iOS 4.0 update. iPhone 3GS users generally report across-the-board performance improvements with the new update, but original iPhone 3G users have reported slow app launching, delayed reactions to taps, and generally poor interface responsiveness. Fixes Perform a “hard reset.” Hold down the […]