iPad 3 (the new iPad) has disappeared? Is it an iPad 3 or an iPad 4?

Yesterday, many people were expecting the new iPad Mini. But Apple surprised nearly everyone by announcing the iPad 4th generation; Apple calls it the “iPad with retina display,” as nobody expected an iPad 4th generation.  This means that the iPad 4 was announced just seven months after the iPad 3. However, there are some issues […]

iPad troubleshooting, How to fix your iPad problems

Are you having problems with your iPad?  We compiled a list of common symptoms and basic troubleshooting tips. These tips are suitable for both iPad 1 and iPad 2. General Tips Make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes. Make sure that your iPad software is up to date. To check, first connect […]

“No FaceTime application on my iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch”

Several users have reported that FaceTime video calling service is not available. For instance, one user stated that: I live in India and bought a 64GB iPad 2 (WiFi + 3G) recently on my visit to Dubai. Shockingly, when I reached back and opened my device I found the FaceTime App missing…?? FaceTime isn’t available […]

How to Lock iPad Rotation of Display

On many iPad applications, when you rotate your iPad, the display will rotate from portrait to landscape mode or vice versa. In general this is a good feature. However, once in a while (say if you typically set your iPad down on a side table), you might find that the iPad rotates your display even […]

Adding an International keyboard to your iPad

You might want to add a international keyboard to your iPad so that you can type in other languages. 1. Go to “Settings -> General -> Keyboard” 2. Tap on “International Keyboards”. 3. Then tap “Add New Keyboard” 4. And select the international keyboard from the long list. 5.  Here, we see that we have […]

Elago P2 iPad Stand

I like when a product is simple but yet functional. I also like when the product does what it is supposed to do and looks are somewhat important as well. This is exactly what the Elago P2 iPad stand is. It is a stand for the iPad and the iPad 2. Elago was gracious enough […]

Still Looking For an iPad 2? Try FindOne

Are you still in the market for an iPad 2? Still not having any luck at your local Apple Store? Have you been waiting in line for a long time, only to find out that the iPad you are wanting is no longer available or did not come in last nights shipment of iPads? Donʼt […]

The Side Switches on the iPad

On the right side of the iPad are two switches.  Near the top is the side-switch and below that is the volume switch. The volume switch The volume switch is an up/down combo switch.  This switch is used to adjust the audio volume of the iPad.  Press the upper side of the switch to increase […]