iOS 7 Lag on iPhone 4

Apple Inc. says that their new iOS 7 will work just fine on iPhone 4 and all later versions.  But after visiting the Apple forum, we can see that the picture is somewhat different. Most of the iPhone 4 devices are somewhat struggling to keep up with the hardware demands of the latest iOS 7. […]

iPhone volume buttons not working, fix

Several users have reported that volume buttons on the side of iPhone do not work, meaning their iPhones are not responsive when they want to lower or raise the volume. Follow these steps to troubleshoot volume issues on your iPhone. Please note that after performing each step, please test to see if your iPhone volume control problems is resolved. […]

iPhone will not stay connected to Wi-Fi, fix

Several users have reported that they are experiencing some unusual Wi-Fi connectivity problems and issues. Mainly, the wireless connection seems to drop at random, or the iPhone won’t stay connected to a Wi-Fi connection for long. If you are having Wi-Fi issues, please try these tips to fix this  issue: Fix # 1 Tap Settings > […]

iOS: Lost contacts on iPhone fix

Several users have reported that all or some of their contacts disappeared after iOS update. If you consistently encounter this issue, try the following steps to resolve your issue. Here is how to recover lost contacts on an iPhone: Note: Before trying these tips, please upgrade your iPhone to the latest iOS firmware. iCloud iCloud stores […]

iPhone: “Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network”; fix

Several users have reported that they encountered the following error: Could Not Activate Cellular Data Network: You Are Not Subscribed to a Cellular Data Service. Follow the tips below to fix cellular data issues on your iPhone. After performing each step, please test to see if the issue is fixed: Turn on and back on cellular data (Settings […]

iOS 6: Keyboard shortcuts not working on iPhone / iPad

Several users have reported that their iPhone/iPad keyboard shortcuts stopped working after updating to iOS 6. If you are having this problem, please try the following tips to fix your issue. Try each step until you resolve your problem: Delete a shortcut and create it again. Try adding a new shortcut to your existing shortcut […]

iPhone 5 will not turn on, fix

Several users have reported that their iPhone dies, meaning they are unable to turn their device back on after they’ve powered it off. If your iPhone is unresponsive, try these troubleshooting tips to fix your issue: It may be that your battery has been drained completely; just plug in your device to a power outlet […]

iPhone stuck in headphones mode, fix

Sometimes iPhone gets stuck in Headphones mode preventing you from hearing the sound. The problem is that iPhone mistakenly acts as if headphones are plugged in. How to fix If you see the icon below when you adjust the volume buttons, there may be debris in the headset port. To remove, unplug then re-plug headphones […]

Will Siri run on my iPad 2?

Siri is a personal voice assistant that comes with iOS 5 on iPhone 4S. As of now (November, 2011), Siri for the iPad 2 is not an option. There is no official announcement from Apple, however, by some reports, rumor has it that Apple is testing the voice assistant on other devices; the iPhone 4 […]