iPhone shuts itself down even with sufficient charge

Several users have reported an issue in which iPhone powers off as if it has run out of battery during normal use (texting, browsing the web etc) or while not in use even though the phone is showing more than 5% battery life. If you are having this problem, here is how you can troubleshoot: 1.Although […]

iOS: Unable to Move Message; fix

You may see the error message below when moving or deleting an email on your iPad or iPhone. Unable to Move Message: The message could not be moved to the mailbox Trash. Fix: Please test after each step: 1.Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Your Account > Mail > Turn Mail off and then, […]

How to update your iOS device wirelessly

Apple regularly releases updates to its iOS software. These iOS updates bring new features and bug fixes. This article explains how you can update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch wirelessly (also known as ‘over the air’). Don’t worry, this process is rather easy. [related: How to update your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch using iTunes] Before you […]

Incoming iPhone calls go to voice mail without ringing

Several users have reported that they’re getting voicemails and missing calls, because their iPhones do not ring and calls go straight to voice mail. If you are having this problem, please try the followings: Make sure that iPhone’s Ring/Silent switch is OFF meaning ringer is ON. A bell will flash briefly on the screen when you turn on […]

iPhone iOS 7 Logo Glitch

Apple’s latest mobile OS software version iOS 7 is the most anticipated iOS the company has ever released. But unfortunately, it has gotten itself into choppy waters ever since its launch. Some users have been braving delays in downloading the OS, while many of the users who luckily managed to download are now battling severe […]

iOS 7 Battery Draining Solutions

Tech Giant Apple Inc. recently released their latest mobile OS, iOS 7 worldwide for the Apple users. Most of the Apple device users whose device supports the new OS upgraded to it. Like any other new OS, Apple users are facing some problems after upgrading to it. After visiting the Apple Forum, we can see […]

Restore lost or deleted contacts from you iPhone

Perhaps you’ve been unfortunate enough to have felt the horror as you quickly realize that the unthinkable has happend: you’ve lost all your iPhone’s contacts. Many of us have been there, and if you haven’t, consider yourself lucky. Whether it was as a result of poor backup practices, a thoughtless factory reset, or simply an […]

Customize your iPhone ringtones – Convert mp3 to m4r

Customizing your iPhone’s ringtone is an easy way to add some individuality to your phone, and yet I’m always surprised at how few people know how to actually do it. But I guess it’s not that surprising, given how horrendous iTunes can be to transfer content between your computer and iDevice. First you need to […]