iPhone, iPad or iPod screen will not rotate, fix

One of the t features of the iOS devices is the ability for the screen to rotate as you turn the device. Your device will show the screen in landscape mode when you hold it in landscape orientation (horizantally), and rotate to portrait  (vertically) as you turn the device. If you iPhone, iPad or iPod touch screen […]

iMessage says “Waiting for activation…” error; how to fix

Several users have reported that they are unable to use iMessage because they could not activate it. This short article explains how to troubleshoot iMessage activation issues on iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and iPod touch). Please note that activation may take up to 24 hours to complete. Leave iMessage enabled for 24 hours. Do not toggle iMessage off […]

App Store show “too many HTTP redirects” error; fix

Several users have reported that App Store is not working, specifically they are receiving “too many HTTP redirects” error messages. If you are completely unable to access the App Store on your iOS device; follow the instructions below. After performing each step, please test to see if the issue is resolved. Force the App Store app to […]

Wi-Fi sync not working, fix

Several users have reported issues with iTunes Wi-Fi syncing. If you are having Wi-Fi sync performance issues, cannot view your iOS device in iTunes or you are experiencing various error messages (such as “sync will resume when computer is available”), please refer to the following troubleshooting tips to solve your problem: Basics Ensure that your […]

iPod Nano (7th Generation) Review: Important Features

Apple has recently announced the premier of the seventh generation iPod Nano. Apple describes this as the “thinnest iPod nano yet”. Some of the key features are: 2.5″ multi-touch LCD screen FM Radio Bluetooth 4.0 Only 5.4-mm thin Easy-to-use controls Lightning to USB cable 16 GB capacity Accelerometer censor Up to 30 hours music playing […]

iOS6: Messages (iMessage) not working, How to fix

Several users have reported that iMessage has stopped working, meaning they are unable to send or receive messages after they upgraded their devices (iPad, iPhone or iPod) to iOS 6. Users are also reporting “Not Delivered!” errors in Messages. Here is how to troubleshoot your issue, please try each step until you fix your problem: […]

iOS 6: iTunes Match not working, fix

Several users have reported that iTunes Mach is not working, meaning iTunes Match is not loading any music after updating to iOS 6. Users have also reported that when they launch iTunes Match, it says loading, but nothing happens (blank main screen and a picture of a cloud). Fix: An Apple forum user suggested this, […]

iOS 6: Safari cache problem, fix

Several people have reported problems that Safari’s cache prevents them from browsing a web site’s current version; instead Safari loads pages from previous cached files  (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch). It has also been reported that clearing cache, cookies and history does not fix this problem. Fix: iOS update may have changed your Safari settings. […]