Mac OS X: How to use custom icons

Changing desktop icons is one of the easiest ways personalize your desktop. Icons in OS X look like the item that they represent. Personalizing your icons is a great way to make your Mac uniquely yours. You may customize application, file/folder, and document icons. Here is how: Steps 1. First we will create or find then copy a […]

How to maintain your Mac OS X

You are, probably, using your Mac constantly for your business or school work. Therefore, you heavily rely on your Mac’s performance. Thus, you really do not want any problems with your Mac. Macs are relatively hassle-free, still, you can greatly decrease your chances of having issues. 1- Keep your Apple software up-to-date Simply, go to […]

Energy Saver Settings – Mac OS X

If you would like to conserve battery power on your Mac, this tutorial is for you! Energy Saver settings on your Mac can be used for many things including conserving battery power and scheduling your Mac to shut down. While this tutorial does not require any additional software, it does require Mac OS X Lion. […]

Top Free Mac OS X Games

Now that the holidays are rolling around, you may have some extra time off to use your Mac or iOS devices. If so, you may want to try out some new games on your Mac—for free! In this article we will be highlighting a few of the best free games for your Mac. Keep in […]

Using Photo Stream

Photo Stream is an awesome feature that was announced with iOS 5 and iCloud. With Photo Stream, whenever you take a photo on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, it’s automatically uploaded to Apple’s iCloud servers and streamed to all of your Mac and iOS devices. Photo Stream doesn’t count against your iCloud storage. Lastly, […]

Mac OS X Lion Preview Highlights

Apple has recently announced the next update to the OS X operating system— OS X lion. The ideas for this update come from Apples features on iPad. Even without knowing that these ideas were geared around iPad features, it is quite apparent just looking at the layout of the new features that they are iPad […]

The State of Mac Security

Discovered on December 21, 2010, BlackHole RAT is the latest security threat that can affect OS X users. At one point, in the not-so-distant past, Mac users could tout the fact that there were no known viruses or trojans for the Mac platform…unlike the countless viruses and trojans that affect Windows. Last October, a Java-based […]

Mac OS X Desktop Icons Rearranged or Unsorted After Restart; Fix

Mac OS X desktop icons may spontaneously rearrange or become unsorted (scrambled) after restarting or force quitting and restarting the Finder. In these cases, items lose their alphabetical or other sorting, and may scatter to various parts of the desktop. Fix You may be able to resolve this issue by deleting the .DS_Store file on […]