Blurry Fonts in Safari 5.0; Fix

Some users have reported an issue in which Safari 5.0 renders some web pages with blurry fonts. Apple Discussion poster Peter Whysall writes: “Since installing Safari 5, I am seeing certain websites where the body text appears to have broken sub-pixel antialiasing. To confuse matters further, this problem can show in text on one part […]

Safari 5.0: Pages Load Slowly or Only on Second Try; Local Network Dies: Fix

Safari 5.0 may exhibit some odd DNS issues that can cause three problems: (1) hangs while loading pages or inordinate slowness; (2) pages do not load on the first try, but load properly on a second try; (3) disruption of a local router’s (wireless or wired) network connection. Anecdotal evidence suggests that this issue is […]

Safari 5.0: Slow or Lagged Scrolling; Fix

Some users have reported slow or lagging scrolling in Safari 5.0. In some cases, it appears that this issue is caused by the installation of Flash 10.1, which includes several security fixes but may degrade performance in some regards. Fix The fix for this issue is generally to downgrade Flash to the previous iteration (10.0), […]

Apple: Unsupported Third-Party Add-Ons May Cause Safari Crashes, Slowness

A few days ago, we noted that some plug-ins and add-ons may be incompatible with the newly released  Safari 5.0, causing crashes. We also noted that uninstalling APE may resolve some Safari 5.0 crash/performance issues. Apple has now echoed this advice in a knowledge base article entitled “Safari: Unsupported third-party add-ons may cause Safari to unexpectedly […]

Safari 5.0 Hangs While Loading Pages: Fix

Several users have reported an issue in which Safari 5.0 stalls in the middle of loading some web pages. We previously noted that some instances of this issue–and Safari 5.0 slowness in general–may be caused by the presence of third-party add-ons that are incompatible with Safari 5.0. It now appears that other cases are caused […]

Uninstalling APE May Resolve Some Safari 5.0 Crash/Performance Issues

Users continue to experience seemingly random crashes under the newly released Safari 5.0. In culling a few readers’ crash reports, it appears that APE (Application Enhancer) add-ons may be to blame for at least a portion of the crashes. As such, you may need to temporarily uninstall the APE system completely. Here are the instructions […]

Downgrade from Safari 5.0 to Safari 4.0.5

As a last resort to crashing and performance issues with Safari 5.0, you can downgrade to Safari 4.0.5. Unfortunately, although Apple maintains a Safari 4.0.5 download page, the Safari 4.0.5 installer installer will not run once Safari 5.0 is installed, stating that an older version of Safari cannot be installed over a new one. To […]

Safari 5.0 Slowness; Potential Fixes

A few users have reported slow page loading and other performance issues under the newly released Safari 5.0. Apple Discussions poster Douglas Fritz writes: “I downloaded Safari 5 andinstalled it last evening. Why is it so slow to open common URLs? I tried clearing the cache and deleting the history. But after opening my regular […]