How does iCloud work and what to do when iCloud doesn’t sync

iCloud has become so ingrained into the Apple ecosystem that most people don’t even realize they have it – and that’s exactly how Apple wants it to be. It “just works.” But, what about when it doesn’t? Untangling the maze of iCloud issues can be time consuming and unfortunately there are no easy answers. There […]

iOS: Difference between sync and backup?

One question we get asked frequently is, “what’s the difference between iOS backup and syncing?” . This short article explains the difference between the two: sync and backup. So what is the difference between doing a backup and doing a sync with iTunes on your computer for your iPad, iPod  or iPhone? Basically sync may mean […]

How to sync calendars with your iPad, iPod, iPhone, Mac and Windows PC

Managing your schedule can be difficult especially if you are using multiple devices. Apple makes this process very easy. You can wirelessly “sync” your data between your devices using iCloud. This means that by entering a new event on one of your iOS devices or Mac, you calendar will be updated on all of your […]

Safari bookmarks disappear on iPad/iPhone

Several users have reported that their Safari bookmarks have disappeared. Users have also reported that Safari bookmarks do not appear to be syncing properly. If you’ve suddenly lost your bookmarks, or your bookmarks are not syncing, try closing the Safari app. To do so: Double press the home button. Recently used apps will appear on […]

“Not copied to the iPad because you are not authorized for it on this computer error” – Fix

Several users have reported an authorization issue in which they receive an error message when they try to transfer their iTunes Store purchases from iTunes to their iPad. The error message is “[Purchase file name] was not copied to the iPad because you are authorized to for it on this computer.” Here is how to […]

iPhone Problem: Missing Ringtones After iOS 5 Update

Several people reported that their purchased ringtones became unavailable after updating to iOS 5. They further elaborated that the ringtones appeared to have synced as usual but did not appear on their iPhones. Fix: What can be done to counter this is to uncheck ‘Sync ringtones’ in iTunes. Then, sync your iPhone, recheck ‘Sync ringtones’ […]

“Required file cannot be found” error when syncing photos – fix

Several iPad users have reported getting “The iPad cannot be synced. The required file cannot be found” error message when syncing photos while everything else syncs successfully. Fix When transferring photos to an iPhone or iPad, the process creates a file called “iPod Photo Cache”. If the cache gets corrupted for whatever reason, the error […]