QuickTime: Recording Audio, Video and Screen

QuickTime X is a media utility that has many little known features including audio, video, and screen recording. Because QuickTime X is included with every Mac running OS X 10.6 or higher, no extra software is required for this tutorial. Recording Media With QuickTime X To start, launch QuickTime. Once it has completely launched, look […]

Watch and Record Online Video with Ustream

Have you ever wanted to show the world something, whether it be a 15 second video of your face, or a 20 minute video podcast; with the Ustream app for iPhone, you can do all that and everything in between. Interface: The interface is very aesthetically pleasing, and allows anyone to pick up the app […]

iPad: “This movie could not be played”

Several users have experienced an issue in which the iPad cannot play back certain movies purchased from the iTunes Store, despite the fact that said movies play properly on Macs and other devices linked to the same iTunes account. Fixes Convert to iPad format. Select the movie in iTunes on your computer, then go to […]

Preserving iPhone Data When Setting Up As New Device to Fix Problems

One of the most effective, albeit drastic, iPhone troubleshooting measures (as listed in our 4 Rs) involves restoring the device, but not from a backup. It appears that bad holdover data from iPhone backups (especially those created for previous iPhone models)  can cause various issues. This can be accomplished by connecting your iPhone or iPod […]

Safari 5.0: Netflix Streaming Does Not Work; Fix

Several users have reported that Netflix streaming does not work properly after the update to Safari 5.0. This problem appear to be the result of a conflict with the Microsoft Silverlight plugin, which is required to stream Netflix media in Safari. Fix This problem can generally be resolved by changing Safari’s user agent setting. To […]

iPad, iPhone or iPod touch: Slow YouTube, Fixes

A number of users have reported inordinately slow YouTube download speeds on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. In these cases, users have strong WiFi or 3G signals and experience fast throughput in Safari and other applications, but very slow, stuttering playback of YouTube videos due to poor throughput. Anecdotal reports from posters to Apple’s […]

iPad Freezes When Playing Video; Apple Replacing Units

Several users have reported an issue in which the iPad freezes completely during video playback, often requiring the device to be force-restarted by holding down the home and sleep/wake buttons simultaneously for several seconds. The issue occurs most often when playing back H.264 video, either via YouTube, sites such as CNN and Vimeo, or video-enabled […]