iCloud: No backups available; fix

While restoring your iOS device (iPad, iPhone or iPod touch) from iCloud, you may see the alert “No backups available.”. Here is how you can fix this issue: Make sure that you have backups. It is possible that you are attempting to restore a backup from a newer version of iOS (e.g., iOS 6) to a device using an […]

iCloud: The maximum number of free accounts have been activated (Q&A)

Q: I tried to create an iCloud account,  but I received this message: “Cannot sign in. The maximum number of free accounts have been activated on this iPhone.” What does this mean? A: Apple limits users to 3 iCloud accounts meaning you can only create three iCloud accounts on an iOS device. You are seeing this error because […]

Cannot backup. This iPad cannot back up to iCloud without verified email address, fix

Several users have reported an issue in which iPad stops responding while the screen is locked and an alert popup says: “This iPad cannot back up to iCloud without a verified email address”. Resolution Reset your iPad. To reset your iPad, simply hold down on the sleep/wake (on/off) and home buttons simultaneously for about 10-15 seconds until […]

How to login to iCloud.com on iPhone or iPad (Q & A)

Q: When I visit www.icloud.com on my iPad (or iPhone). I do not see any login option. Only options I see: Set up iCloud on this device, install Find My iPhone, install Find My Friends. There is no log-in button? I would like to login into iCloud.com from an iPhone or iPad? How can I sign in […]

How To Set Up iCloud

If you want to ensure every update you make to your data syncs instantly and effortlessly to all of your Mac or iOS devices, iCloud is exactly what you need. You’ll be able to store 5 GB of data in iCloud for free- and you can always pay for extra space. Moreover, purchases made through […]

How to find lost iOS or OS X devices

You lost your iPhone/iPad or Macbook Pro? If you believe that your lost device is nearby, iCloud may help you find it. Here is how: Visit https://www.icloud.com/ Sign in using your Apple ID Click “Find My Phone” (related: How to configure Find My iPhone: iCloud) Click “Devices” Select the device on which you want to find […]

How to sync calendars with your iPad, iPod, iPhone, Mac and Windows PC

Managing your schedule can be difficult especially if you are using multiple devices. Apple makes this process very easy. You can wirelessly “sync” your data between your devices using iCloud. This means that by entering a new event on one of your iOS devices or Mac, you calendar will be updated on all of your […]

iCloud: How to reset Photo Stream

You may reset your Photo Stream by logging into your account on icloud.com. Resetting removes all your Photo Stream photos from your iCloud account. However any photos that have already been streamed to your other devices will not be deleted. Here is how you can do it: Visit icloud.com and login to your account using […]