Is Apple peddling tickets to its WWDC?

Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) has always been a madly anticipated event and tickets have been picked up within moments of them going online. But the company has been apparently pushing unsold tickets to developers, indicating a completely reverse trend for this year’s WWDC 2014. In what could only be described as a strange turn […]

Apple tussles with Google for exclusive game titles, but won’t offer monetary rewards

Apple Inc. is apparently fighting an interesting war with Google regarding game titles. According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, there is increasing competition between Apple and Google to secure exclusive game titles for their respective Mobile Operating Systems. Game developers have been approached with special incentives in lieu of ensuring they develop […]

How Apple’s iron–hand policy allowed it to completely immunize itself against heartbleed

The Heartbleed Bug is perhaps the biggest threat to the internet world. However, Apple’s policies helped it to completely circumvent the issues, threats and ramifications that arose out of popular sites being left vulnerable due to Heartbleed. Related: Can you get an iPhone, iPad or iPod virus? Apple had decided way back in the late 1990s […]

FaceTime is not working for some users

We are currently receiving a lot of user complaints that FaceTime is not functioning properly. Users are reporting connection problems and call failing problems leaving them unable to make video calls. As of now, Apple’s system status page shows that FaceTime is not down. However if you are having issues, please see our troubleshooting articles: […]