Aerial photos of Apple Campus 2 (update # 5)

This is our fifth update on the progress of Apple’s new campus. We took these photos yesterday. The aerial photos show quite a lot of construction activity is already underway. Our previous updates: Latest aerial photos reveal rapid progress at Apple Campus 2 construction site – June 24, 2014 Aerial photos of Apple Campus 2 (update # 3) […]

Apple plans to open second store in Turkey (confirmed)

Turkish Trade Registry announced that Apple applied to the Department of Istanbul Trade Registry for permission to open its second store in Istanbul, Turkey. Apple’s request was approved. The documents reveal that Apple is preparing to open a second store in a shopping mall called Akasya. Istanbul, located on both sides of the Bosphorus – […]

Latest aerial photos reveal rapid progress at Apple Campus 2 construction site

Construction at Apple’s new ‘spaceship’ campus is progressing rapidly, as our latest aerial photos show. Previously we have taken aerial photos of the campus in March, April and May. Our photos previously showed that all buildings had been demolished, and the land had been cleared. Our last photos that we took in May showed that […]

Apple and the FDA have discussed FDA regulations regarding possible new mobile products, sensors and a glucometer

As reported before, Apple executives and FDA officials have met a few times in the past. The most recent meeting was in December, 2013. This last meeting excited many as they had speculated that the discussion may have been about iWatch. We were extremely curious to find out what exactly happened in this last meeting. […]

Apple’s new ‘smart home’ patent

According to a recent rumor, Apple is working on smart home features for its iOS devices. Apple reportedly will unveil this at the Worldwide Developer Conference on June 2nd. In line with this rumor, Apple’s new patent application titled “integrated home service network” describes a system, referred to as a ‘home controller’, to facilitate the integration of […]

13 years of Apple retail stores

13 years ago this week, Apple opened its first two Apple Stores on May 19 in Tysons Corner and the same day in Glendale, California at Glendale Galleria. What has changed since then? A lot. The number of  the stores has been growing significanly both nationally and internationally. As of April 2014, Apple has 424 retail stores in […]

Future iOS devices may feature smart high voltage rapid charge

Apple appears to be addressing long charging times for its mobile device batteries. An Apple patent application for “high voltage charging for a portable device” describes systems for safely charging a portable device using high voltage. Published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Apple’s application details techniques for using high voltage to charge a battery. The […]

Mercedes-Benz to revise its plan for aftermarket CarPlay solution

It was previously reported that Mercedes-Benz would offer an after market solution by the end of the year. We wrote that Volvo and Ferrari acknowledged that extending CarPlay compatibility to older models would be very difficult. We recently talked with an representative from Mercedes-Benz. We were told that “Mercedes-Benz is working intensively” to bring CarPlay […]