How to Troubleshoot iPhone 6

As is usually the case with Apple products, the release of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus was met with unbridled enthusiasm. In this latest rendition of the iPhone, Apple has chosen to follow the trends set by its competitors and has created a cellphone that has a much larger touchscreen than its […]

iPhone shuts itself down even with sufficient charge

Several users have reported an issue in which iPhone powers off as if it has run out of battery during normal use (texting, browsing the web etc) or while not in use even though the phone is showing more than 5% battery life. If you are having this problem, here is how you can troubleshoot: 1.Although […]

Here’s why Apple will retain 326 PPI screen density for iPhone 6

Apple, unlike Google has always been very particular with the Screen Resolutions. Though the next iteration of the iPhone may feature a larger screen, the question lingers what is Apple’s choice about the Screen Resolution and of course the Pixel Density. There have been consistent rumors with alleged images that show Apple may launch a […]

iPhone 5S: Touch ID not working after iOS 7.1 update, fix

We’re seeing a number of iPhone 5S users complaining that they are experiencing problems with Touch ID. Many iPhone users complained of Touch ID simply not working after they upgraded their iPhone 5s to iOS 7.1. Apple support forums have several threads created by users describing their Touch ID problems. For instance, one user wrote: “After installing […]

Is this Apple’s next iPhone? iPhone 6?

This set of images were shared by an anonymous Twitter user earlier today. Images appear to show both the interior and rear shell of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6. It seems that, as shown in the pictures below, the new iPhone 6 will be thinner than the current iPhone 5S. Also please note that it’s impossible to verify […]

iOS: Can a blocked number leave a voicemail?

With iOS 7, you can block calls and messages from unwanted contacts. One question we receive a lot from users is whether voice messages from a blocked contact are still accessible? The short answer is NO. Voicemails from a blocked contact will not be accessible. A call from a blocked number will result in that call being […]

Incoming iPhone calls go to voice mail without ringing

Several users have reported that they’re getting voicemails and missing calls, because their iPhones do not ring and calls go straight to voice mail. If you are having this problem, please try the followings: Make sure that iPhone’s Ring/Silent switch is OFF meaning ringer is ON. A bell will flash briefly on the screen when you turn on […]

iOS 7.0.4 upgrade disables Wi-Fi, fix

Several users have reported that their wifi was disabled following the upgrade to  iOS 7. Users have also reported that iOS 7.0.4 upgrade deletes or disables the phone’s Wi-Fi, and Wi-Fi settings may appear grayed out or dim. If you are having this issue, please try the following tips to fix: Test the Wi-Fi connection after performing each […]

Tips for buying a used iPhone

The iPhones are arguably the most popular smartphones on the planet. A lot of people want to buy an iPhone. Another fact is that iPhones are expensive. That is why a lot of people are looking for used iPhones. Used iPhones are more affordable and therefore easier to obtain. This article outlines what to watch for when […]

Bluetooth Not Working on iPhone 5

All the iDevices have a significant difference than other devices. That is, their very own Bluetooth Technology. Only an iDevice user can connect to another iDevice user, and no other device can connect to them. Bluetooth is essential in our day to day life, as we often have to transfer important files through Bluetooth. But […]