iPad Air: Safari crashing, fix

A lot of iPad Air users are having issues with the mobile Safari browser crashing frequently. In fact, this is one of the most common complaints that we receive. Fix: 1.Make sure that the latest version of iOS is installed on your device. 2.Tap Settings > Safari and tap Clear History and Clear Cookies and Data. 3.Restart […]

New iPad reboots itself, fix

We’ve been receiving numerous reports of users finding that their iPads (Air and other models) unexpectedly reboot (restart). If you are having this problem, here is what you can do to fix: Reset your iPad by pressing and holding the On/Off button and the home button together until you see the Apple logo. Do not […]

iPad Air frequent low memory crash, fix

The iPad Air is a more powerful and speedier tablet than its iPad 4 predecessor, thanks to the same A7 chip that also powers the iPhone 5s. Despite this significantly improved performance,  several iPad users are complaining about frequent crashes because of low memory. Note that the iPad Air has 1 GB of LPDDR3 memory (RAM). […]

iPad Air charging “very slowly” or “not charging”, fix

Several users have reported a problem that their iPad Airs show a message “Not Charging”. Users have further reported that they can not  fully charge their iPads after leaving the device plugged in overnight. If you are having problems charging your iPad (e.g., your iPad Air is charging slowly), here is what you can do to fix […]

4 Problems with the iPad 4

iPad 4 is currently the latest tablet from Apple Inc. iPad 4 users might have heard the rumors and hints about the upcoming iPad 5. Some of them might even start wondering if there is any chance you could upgrade to iPad 5 from your iPad 4. As soon as users get wind of a […]

iOS 7: Slow iPad, how to fix

A number of iPad users are reporting sluggish performance; acting slow, keep crashing / freezing frequently, lagging response; following the installation of iOS 7. Is your iPad running slow, then consider the tips below. Free Up Some Storage If your device is full, your iPad may experience slow performance  and crash from time to time.  If you […]

iPad Safari crashing regularly, how to fix

Several users have reported an issue in which the Safari app on the iPad crashes frequently. Users have also reported especially web sites that use JavaScript heavily cause Safari to unexpectedly quit. If you’re having frequent browser crashes on your iPad, there are a few steps you can take to try to fix your problem. 1. Update […]

Dead iPad mini: will not turn on, fix

Several users have reported an issue in which iPad mini stops responding. More specifically, iPad mini (a) does not turn on (b) appears frozen and (c) has a black (or blank) screen. If your iPad mini is “dead”, not working properly or not responding, please try the following tips: Related: iPad troubleshooting, How to fix your iPad […]

Poor wifi reception / signal on the new iPad

Several iPad users have reported that they have experienced issues with Wi-Fi connectivity (weak signal, random Wi-Fi disconnection etc). If your new iPad has poor Wi-Fi reception problems; try the following steps to resolve your issue: Make sure that your  router firmware is up-to-date. Make sure that your your iPad’s iOS is up to date. Fix#1: Tap Settings > […]