How to flush the DNS cache in Mac OS X

This short article describes how to flush (or reset) the DNS cache. DNS queries (ip addresses) are usually cached but sometimes it may be necessary to flush / clear the cache. Clearing (or “flushing”) cache will refresh this data. For instance, If you experience a lot of 404 (cannot find server) error codes,  you may want to reset your […]

MacBook battery won’t charge? fix

Yesterday, I plugged in my MacBook, but soon I realized that battery was not charging properly. If you are having battery / power related issues, here is how you can troubleshoot: Symptoms: MagSafe will not charge a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air The green LED light  doesn’t light up Your Macbook is plugged in and the […]

Mail – How to Create Annotations in OS X Yosemite

Now that the latest version of OS X (called Yosemite) has been officially released, many of you will be eager to discover and use all the new features. Almost every application on the Mac has been updated with a “flatter” look and hundreds of new features such as Continuity, iCloud Drive and the new Today sidebar. Mail has often been criticised as lacking features […]

FaceTime for Mac not working, fix

This article describes basic troubleshooting tips for fixing FaceTime for Mac if it is not working properly. Via FaceTime you place video calls or receive calls from other iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) or OSX (Mac) users via Wi-FI or cellular networks. The tips we describe here will help you address the most common problems, such as: FaceTime […]

Mac OS X: How to play old school arcade games in Terminal

This article describes how you can play old arcade games, like Solitaire, Snake, Tetris, Fortune, Dunnet, Spook and many others (see available games below), in your Mac‘s Terminal (command line). You do not need any other apps. Here is how: Related: Mac OS X: How to send SMS text messages from the command line Steps: 1.Open your […]

Mac OS X: How to send SMS text messages from the command line

You may send a SMS text message to any SMS-supporting cellular phone (e.g., iPhone) or device for free (and without ads), from the command line. To do this, you need TextBelt. TextBelt is a very simple, outgoing SMS API that uses carrier-specific gateways to send messages. To send an SMS (text message) from OS X command line to […]

How to find large files & items in Mac OSX

It is easy to find large files in Mac OS X.  if you are running out of hard disk space, you may want to compress, delete, or move them to another disk. Here is how you can locate the large files on your hard drive. Steps: 1.Open the Finder by clicking its icon from the Dock. 2.Click […]

Mac OS X: How to free up hard disk space

This article describes several ways to free-up space on your Mac so that you can increase available space on your computer: Related: Mac OS X: What is “other” storage and how to remove 1.Determine how much disk space you have Open Disk Utility (Finder > Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility), then click your disk then […]