iPhone: Slow Wi-Fi; Fix

Various iPhone models may exhibit extremely slow data throughput when connected to Wi-Fi networks. This can result in sluggish loading of web pages, YouTube content and more.


This problem can often be solved by simply changing DNS servers. On your iPhone, while connected to a Wi-Fi network, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings > Wi-Fi
  • Tap the blue arrow next to the currently connected Wi-Fi network
  • Tap DNS, then delete the current entries and enter the following:, (or you can try Google’s public DNS servers:,
  • Tap return


  1. says

    Hello appletoolbox,

    Because of your solution (dns entries), my wifi speed is up to speed, and equally fast as my 3GS, so thank you very much!!!

    What if your suggested dns entries stop working, are there any other ones that I can try? (is there perhaps a website with a whole list)

    At other wifi spots the dns entries did not appear to work, do you have any idea why that could be, and how it could be solved?

    Again thank you so much for all the help.

    Best regards,

    • Hannah says

      I would like to know what kind of phone you have and how did you do it I’ve tried and it didn’t work I’m sure I did it wrong will you explain it to me,

  2. says

    wow this worked thank you so much. i was about to head into the genius bar….i just couldnt fathom why my brand new iphone 4 would be so much slower on the iphone 4

  3. Awais Ali Khan says

    I have tried this, didn’t work :( I’ve tried so many other things as well but futile. help help help…I really want to keep my apple with me ;(

  4. Panther333 says

    The google DNS server worked! I can’t believe it! I was going to pick up the Galaxy 2 tomorrow but after solving that problem I’ll stay with the Iphone4. Thanks to whoever posted this!

  5. xdown says

    i have a iphone 4s with WiFi problem. i change the LCD and after this the WiFi option is grey. that means i cannot open WiFi. I restore the device and check evrything, but no success. please help!

  6. Mike says

    Is there are fix yet for the slow YouTube problem with iPhone 4? Is is very frustrating. I’ve tried everything that I can find on the web. Thanks

  7. John says

    Im having the same problem tried everything nothing works I have an old droid incredible busted screen an all and it screams this iphone4s is terrible I’ll be returning it in the morning and getting a android

  8. Melissa says

    Been having slow wifi problems for 7 months. Tried the first entry and from my quick check my browser is working a lot faster then before. Thank you, hopefully it keeps up!

  9. Todd says

    Worked great! For those of you wondering about how it works (or wary of changing your DNS settings to an IP listed on a random website – which is a very dangerous thing) you can read more about the project that provides the DNS servers here: http://www.opendns.com/business-solutions/premium-dns/benefits/

    Just in case the comment system deletes the URL just Google OpenDNS. Hope that enlightens some of you.

  10. says

    Google DNS and other mentioned working, you just must wait few hours for DNS population. It working faster, however, for me iPhone 3g wifi still is very slow. I had Samsung Wave I and here WiFi was same good as on my PC. You can also change your stationary computer DNS for google DNS, will be faster browsking.

  11. Tom says

    Did not help. So I have a smart phone that is worthless unless I want to use all my data. Thanks apple. Looks like a new phone that is NOT an ISlow. Can’t get any help from Apple support can’t find any real fix just excuses, funny they will not accept excuses when it’s time to pay them!

  12. GAIJININJA says

    I’m not tech savvy, hence the reason I’m here, but one obvious question arrises from reading all the posts about speeding up wifi. Why change the DNS settings for wifi? Isn’t DNS only used for mobile internet connections not wifi? So, by changing the DNS settings don’t you end up forcing the phone to connect directly via 2G, 3G, or 4G to the nearest mobile network, not via the local router? The idea of using wifi is to NOT use your data allowance.

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