iPad / iPhone: Camera shutter will not open; how to fix

Several people have reported a problem where the camera shutter stays closed and frozen while the camera app is still open.

How to Fix Camera Shutter

Some users have reported that their device was replaced by a new device after they contacted Apple support about this issue. This indicates that this is in fact a hardware issue. So if you are having this issue, you may want to contact Apple, especially if the fixes below do not work for you.

Or you may try the following fixes:

  • Some users have reported that covering the front facing camera with a finger results in opening the shutter. However, you may come across the same issue the next time you open the camera.
  • Restart the Camera app. Simply double press the home button, and swipe the camera app upward then re-launch the camera app.
  • Turn your device off and on again by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds.
  • Reset your device by pressing and holding the home button and the sleep/wake button together until you see the Apple logo.
  • Try resetting all settings on your iPod Touch: Settings > General > Reset. Note that this will reset all of your preferences and settings but this will not affect all your data and media.


  1. Daniel Young says

    Hello, I dropped my ipod 4th generation ios 6.1.3 into a lake. Ever since, all of the ipod functions work perfectly, except for the camera, I go to the camera app, and it either doesn’t open, or it does open, but the camera screen is black. I really need this fixed.

    Please respond ASAP.

    Daniel T. Young

      • Davew says

        Omigosh, exact same problem on exact same specs. Mine a lake.. .I dropped mine on the floor and cracked lots of the screen… no the camera just doesn’t open at all.
        Just finished a factory reset, no apple (pun). It’s really annoying!

        I was using it a month ago on a trip and both cameras worked great (AFTER the drop, mind you). Then I pulled out a spring and about 3 weeks later the camera just stopped. Any fixes?

  2. Elle Smith says

    Hi so one day as I was on vacation in Portugal my iPod touch 4th gen camera shutter didn’t open. Ever since then it hasn’t opened and when I open the camera app nothing happens it either shows the shutter closed or a black screen and it usually crashes. I need this to work! Please help me resolve my problem quickly as possible. Thanks!

  3. Diante Jackson says

    I dropped my iPhone 4S in a cup of water ever since then it has been perfectly fine except the camera sometimes it doesn’t open sometimes it does but when it does open it’s black

    Respond ASAP

  4. Jean says

    Same problem…my front camera is working..but my back camera is not working the shutter is closed and the screen is turning black…what should i do..pls…help me im suffering for almost a month..i cant take the picture of ma son..tell what yo do?plss reply me ASAP!

  5. Zak says

    Hi I have got a new iPhone 5 and from some days the camera is not working neither the flash can some one tell me if they had or have a same problem and how how to fix it


  6. Briar Manley says

    Um I didn’t do any thing to my iPod but its camera would just stop working and when I would go on the camera app it would just have a black screen, please HELP ASAP ME BEFORE I THROW MY IPOD

  7. Jenny Abson says

    I have a top of the line otter box case and I have never dropped it. The camera just stoped working! It like the shutter is frozen. I wish the camera would work so when I snap I can take a pic of whoevers butt I need to shove this up.

  8. Elise says

    My iPhone fell in my pool and everything has been fine with it but my back camera. It just goes black. My front-facing camera still works but i want to know if there’s a way to fix this without replacing the whole phone.

  9. Freda says

    Please help me I dropped my iPod 4th g in water and I immediately put it in rice for 48 hours and everything is working fine but the camera please help me please. I have tried everything even resetting it nothing works.

  10. Juan velasquez says

    Hi all. after screen was replaced and following the resetting recommendations both cameras are working perfect. Thanks

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