iPhone 4S overheating issue

Several iPhone 4S users have reported that iPhone 4S gets abnormally hot. Under regular conditions, your iPhone should be cool; however, it is normal for it to get warm when charging and under heavy use. If you experience your iPhone 4S getting too hot, you may try the following suggestions:

  • Reset network settings: Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

If this does not work

  •  Do a hard reset by pressing and holding both the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously for about ten seconds until you see the Apple logo.

If this still does not work

  •  You may try restoring your iPhone.

Further reading:
iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch (4th generation): Keeping device within acceptable operating temperatures

iPhone Heat


  1. Bilal says

    How much time i restore or reset network setting???everyday i do this bt i get the same problem overheat:(

  2. Tobi says

    Hi, My white Iphone 4s brings a problem about the temperature and am planning to restore it. I just downloaded the lastes i.o.s 5.1.1 . My question is that how do I restore it if it is having temperature problems. Am afraid it will shut down or act up during restore process. Please enlighten me on this issue

  3. Ronald says

    Disable 3G. Browsing. That’s the real culprit under normal use. The other culprit isn charging the phone. Both culprits are normal so no worries. And oh. But a cover for it if I don’t like to feel it hot.

  4. shazee says

    my iPhone always overheat
    today auto overheat then shutdown …
    and 30 mins cant on …
    and my full battery is finish …

  5. me says

    my white ipod touch keeps popping up with temperature every few minutes and i cant even finish listening to a song or typing something with out it popping up, can someone help me, i only got it on August 29th 2012, and i have tried deleting all my apps that i have downloaded but it kept popping up, what do i do?

  6. Wei Ling says

    I also have the overheating problem with iphone 4s
    especially if i use the navigation seems the navigation is the biggest
    heat causing culprit
    like so many users complaining .why is it the users problem and not iphone trying to solve this issue
    we spend lots of money getting these devices and we expect it work properly

    dissapointed in the iphone 4s

    Wei ing

  7. Laura Allan says

    I have never had a mobile overheat like this. It was only 29 Celsius and phone was on a white surface. Overheated to point of not running. This is a serious design flaw. Now have to consider another phone for deployment. Guess the iPhone is only good for cooler western climes. It should not be purchased by any people who live in tropical regions. Very disappointed as the iPhone is a very expensive investment.

  8. Robb says

    This will be the demise of Apple for a decade or so when it hits. They’re probably bracing for this. The right thing to do would be to design a better rodict and give real value for trade in

  9. britto raj says

    sir, i am using apple iphone 4s with upgraded os 7.1.1. Now i had a overheating problem on my phone while using camera with video option. please give me a good suggestion to rectify the problem to avoid overheating and loosing battery.

  10. DebiHIS says

    same here, my iphone 4s overheated while charging, to the point of throwing up a temperature warning…..would not function until cooled down :( first time it has done this, have had the phone almost a year.

  11. Apple Billy says

    IPHONE HEAT ISSUE SOLVED: Here’s exactly what to do….follow these steps EXACALLY and 95% of you should be able to overcome the overheating/warming up issue. Works for 4, 4s, 5, 5s on ios 7.0 and up.

    1. On desktop PC/Mac open iTunes, plug in iphone, go to backups, DELETE all saved backups.

    2. Unplug iphone from iTunes, Plug WALL CHARGER in and charge phone to 100%. Once fully charged, go to Settings – General – Reset – Erase All Content and Settings. This will delete everything and restore to factory condition.

    3. Phone will reset. Follow Welcome screen instructions. Once home screen appears, plug into iTunes. Setup as NEW IPHONE. Go ahead and load up your music, etc. Then unplug from iTunes.

    4. Soft reset your phone (hold down home & power button at the same time until apple logo appears).

    5.Start using your phone like you normally do, BUT make sure your battery COMPLETELY drains and phone shuts off. YOU MUST DO THIS 2 TIMES. DO NOT BE TEMPTED TO PLUG IN WHEN IT RUNS LOW. IT MUST COMPLETELY DRAIN & SHUT OFF BY ITSELF!! Once you complete 2 discharge cycles…you will be good to go and should not notice any more heat issues.

    6. If there are any future heat issues (ie: iOS software update) complete the above steps again if you notice any heat issues returning.

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