Server does not allow relaying email error, fix

Several users have reported that they are unable to send emails on iPhone and receiving this error message:  “A copy has been placed in your Outbox. The recipient [email address] was rejected by the server because it does not allow relaying.”

How to fix

  • If this is an AOL issue, try these: go Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > select your account > SMTP from the Account Info Page > SMTP from the SMPT Page > make sure that the Server is ON, make sure that the Host Name is Further make sure your username and password are correct and added in the Outgoing Mail server; make sure that Authentication is set to Password and make sure that Server Port is 587
  • If this is not an AOL email: go Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Accounts >Account Info > SMPT> turn off primary server, turn on other (e.g. AT&T) SMTP server.
  • Go into Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Your Account > Outgoing mail Server SMTP > Primary Server then turn Server ON and fill in both User Name and Password under Outgoing Mail Server.


  1. lee says

    FIANLLY………SOMETHING THAT WORKED!!! Have a “OTHER” email “POP” account
    and ever since upgrading to the the OS7, I could GET email, but couldn’t SEND OR REPLY to any. FRUSTRATING to say the least. I’ve been fussing with different setting for DAYS and nothing. AGAIN, THANK YOU!!!

  2. Unbelievanle says

    Tried for two days with Apple and Verizon tech and couldn’t figure it out. This worked instantly! Thank you.

  3. Rosie says

    Every time I go overseas I cannot send emails from my iphone or macbook. I get the message the sever does not allow relaying. When I am home in Australia I don’t have any problems sending mail!
    email address and passwords are correct. Can you help me please?

  4. rose jergens says

    I have a yahoo account and my outgoing mail will not work, even with the above suggestions. I have had this account for years and only stopped working about 3 weeks ago. I’ve made no changes to my settings. Can you help me?

  5. Debbie Thune says

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled my work email on my iPhone dozens and dozens of times in the last 11 days. NOTHING helps with sending. I get the “copy placed in outbox, your server does not allow relaying” EVERY time, but my incoming email works perfectly. I have followed our IT department’s instructions to the letter with no success. I have followed your advice as well, with no success. I am 100% certain I have typed my user name & password correctly. I am using the correct SSL codes. Is there ANY OTHER fix? If it matters, I have a 2+ year old iPhone 4.

  6. says

    Yes! Actually works now! Thankyou!! I’d deleted and reprogrammed several times too, my settings were correct but could not send mail. My servers advice was useless as always lately! So glad I found this from apple! Follow instructions to the LETTER then close and restart your email prog. Then it worked for me :)

  7. says

    My emails kept getting stuck in my outbox. Struggled for ages then Quickly managed to fix the problem after reading the instructions…!!! My sanity is saved! Thank youuuuu!!!

  8. Lyn says

    Receiving/sending emails from my iphone4 has always worked perfectly, until inexplicably in the last couple of days (without having touched/changed any settings) I now cannot send emails. I’m getting the “unable to send email – sender address was rejected by the server” error message. Why, can anyone tell me? And how do I fix what i didn’t break. I’ve deleted and added the account but to no avail.

  9. visit website says

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  10. Jaco van der Merwe says

    I tried it on my iPhone5s. No luck. Now it says ‘The SMTP server does not support password authentication.’ #FML

  11. Laurie says

    This worked!!! I am extremely “technology-challenged,” however the instructions to fix this problem were simple enough for me to follow and fix! Thank you!

  12. Lisa says

    Do you have any other ideas? this is not working for me with gmail as many of the features are disabled under primary server for gmail. I tried making a new connection for gmail but it did not work either.

  13. Hallie says

    Neither my iPhone nor my iPad will allow me to turn off my primary (gmail) server. When I try to do so, the “Done” button is grated out, and the only active link is the “Cancel” button. Also, I can’t write in any field of the primary server, even when it is turned on. Any ideas for me? Thanks!

  14. monica says

    I get to this part successfullly:
    SMPT> turn off primary server, turn on other (e.g. AT&T) SMTP server

    but I’m stuck here; when I toggle primary server to OFF position, the options below are grayed out and DONE is not an option above, only CANCEL, which of course does not save my change.

    Anyone else have this issue? Any solves?

  15. P. Dale says

    Excuse me but HOW exactly do I turn off my Primary Server? I am using iOS 7…I CAN’T!!!! I brag about Apple all the time, but what a ****ing SNAFU this is for something so simple (having developed mail servers in the old days).

    I have tried a dozen ways to get this working and NO luck.

  16. Amy7974 says

    I had this same problem on my ipad4. It went from sending without difficulty to this message for no apparent reason. I was able to fix it by powering down and restarting the ipad. I actually tried to do the above suggestion first, but the field for username and password were in grey scale and already completed. Also, it wouldn’t let me turn off the primary server— when I manually switched it to off, it had DONE only in grey scale, and when I hit the left sided option (not sure what it was) it reverted to ON.

  17. GJ says

    had same problem recently after years of accessing 2 gmails without a problem
    lost only 1 email access (go figure)
    after much research this worked for me:

    go to and hit Continue

    go to Mail etc tab under on iPad Settings
    click on email Account affected
    click on email address
    in Outgoing Mai Server fields click on Advanced
    if IMAP Path Prefix is blank type in:

    thats it
    you may have to restart the iPad but this works

  18. Mitch says

    I am not tech savvy at all, but followed those instructions and it worked. Thanks alot mate, it was doing my head in.

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