iOS 6: Safari cache problem, fix

Several people have reported problems that Safari’s cache prevents them from browsing a web site’s current version; instead Safari loads pages from previous cached files  (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch). It has also been reported that clearing cache, cookies and history does not fix this problem.


  • iOS update may have changed your Safari settings. Tap Settings >Safari >Accept Cookies and change it to “From visited” or “Always”.
  • Tap Settings> Safari > Advanced > Website Data and select “Remove All Web Site Data”
  • If you are still having problems, it has been reported that setting the time one or two days in the future, and clearing Safari’s cache and cookies, then resetting the date back to the actual date fix this problem.


  1. kevans says

    None of the listed fixes worked on my phone. I am still unable to access certain webpages that have always been problem free prior to the update.

    • Ian says

      There is also some kind of problem with chrome on ipad – I updated one of my sites and one of the graphics in the page footer was updated.

      I tried refreshing it half a dozen times which didn’t help, so I opened just the image and after 2 refreshes the new graphic appeared. So I went back to the main page but it still would not show the new graphic.
      I then cleared the cache – old graphic still there.
      I then cleared everything – old graphic still there. In fact it’s still there now 3 days later. It’s a bit worrying because it seems clearing everything, isn’t actually doing that.

  2. Christian says

    The problem is that Apple thought it would be a good idea if the browser would actually cache POST-requests to servers, which violates the http-standard.
    Good move, Apple, good move indeed.
    When will they fix it though…?

  3. Kim says

    This may have worked for me. The iPad 2 seems to be working a bit better now. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll give it a workout. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Adrian says

    Can clear cache and delete browsing history.
    Next time I go to my companies website need to do it all again to get new data (updated twice daily!)

    Have tried the above fix many times but does not correct the problem.

    This has turned my iPad 2 into a hunk of useless time consuming junk.

    Back to windows!

    Now to research how to take back to ios 5.1

  5. Rik says

    i tried, but it does not work. My iPhone 4S with iOS 6.0 does not permit emptying the cache memory. Under “settings”, “safari” the button to empty cache is missing.

  6. says

    Hello. After upgrade to IOS 6 I have the same problem Safari can not load some Pages. Please Apple let me downgrade to IOS 5. iTunes has broken my IPhone 4S and my New IPad , Thanks Apple Team now I’ lost with your maps

  7. Mrs K says

    This fix did not work for me on an iPad. Safari still incredibly slow. And now all my login data for website has been deleted. Any other ideas?

  8. Paul says

    Safari, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.
    Absolutely useless.
    Tried all the fixes listed, nothing worked on a permanent basis.
    Downloaded mercury browser. It’s free, fully featured and so far no issues.
    Until apple fix safari, forget it, waste of time and space.

  9. Paul says

    I cant get my Safari to load pages and my MacMail will not accept or send emails since I installed updates.
    Looks like problems similar to Microsoft are appearing in Mac. Sad to see. Maybe because Microsoft owns such a big share of Apple now. Who knows.
    My Mac is now virtually useless unless this can be fixed and I do not have time to spare to fix these problems. The Programming staff need to take more care and think things through before unleashing them on us

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