How to completely disable Game Center: Remove your account

Game Center is one of the great features of iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod) or OS X. However, many users find Game Center notifications, prompts and greetings annoying.  When you open Game Center, you can sign in using your Apple ID. It seems that once signed into Game Center, there is no way to completely disable it. However, you can disable your Game Center account. You have a few options:

  • The first option is disabling your Game Center Account. This way you can remove all of your account info. To do this, launch the Game Center, tap Me > Account: > View Account. Turn off your Public Profile. Then tap your verified Email and select “Remove Email from Account.” You may also want to change your username to something else. After that, sign out of Game Center by tapping Me > Account: > Sign Out.

Game Center Account

  • The option described above will remove your public profile and email addresses. But when you launch a game, a Game Center will still show up asking you to sign in. You can disable Game Center notifications. To do so tap “Settings” and select “Notifications.” Find Game Center and turn off the Notification Center for Game Center. (related: iPod, iPad and iPhone Notifications: What you Need to Know)

Notification Center for Game Center

  • Both options described above will not eliminate the sign in pop up when you launch a game. Every time when you open a game, Game Center will ask you to sign in. To get rid of this, first sign out of your Game Center as described above. Launch a game and when Game Center welcome popup shows up, tap cancel. Perform this step three times meaning launch a game and tap cancel once the Game Center Welcome popup shows. After 3 times, a new pop-up will come up asking if you want to disable Game Center, then simply tap disable. Now you will not see any pop ups or other notifications.

Game Center disable

Note 1: you can also disable Multiplayer games and Adding Friends in Game Center by turning on restrictions. To do that simply tap Settings > General > Restrictions. (related: How to Setup Parental Controls)

Note 2: Game Center is part of the iOS software and thus cannot be removed.


  1. Rob says

    Sadly this does not work for me. I have lost count of how many times I have disabled Game Center after hitting cancel 3 times, but it just keeps popping up anyway. Sigh…

    • Michael says

      It does work but only after the first two steps mentioned above , otherwise you can cancel forever and it comes back

      A great relief to be rid of it thanks

    • Nicole says

      It worked for me. I don’t care that the icon is still there, but I don’t get the prompts every time I play a game now. Thank you!

    • Michael says

      I have done everything described above but the Game Center keeps asking me to log in every time I start a game. I must have “disabled” this annoying pop up hundreds of times – it keeps coming back. I’m seriously thinking of getting a different tablet.

  2. Mike says

    Me too – I have cancelled / declined / closed / cancelled game centre dozens of times, and it keeps popping up. Getting rid of my iPhone as a result; why do Apple have to ruin a perfectly good device? *sigh*

  3. Caitlin says

    Not worked for me :( i have an ipod 4th generation 32 kb andthis won’t work!!! I’ve wanted an ipod mainly for games and on my friends 4th generations i have never seen game center pop up! This is ridiculous! I have tried everything!!!! (Sorry to sound rude but I’m furious)

  4. Porter Jervis says

    I’ve found that after disabling notification and I download apps from the App Store it restarts the Game Center.

      • Beth says

        Yes, this is why it seems to work for some people and not others. If you sign into your apple account for any reason, like to purchase an app, you are automatically signed back into Game Center as well, so that you have to go through the whole disabling process again.

        On older ios versions, there was a way to disable it through parental controls. Sadly they’ve closed that “loophole”… To many grown ups thinking they have the right to control their own social networking as well as their kids’.

    • Beth says

      I’ve figured it out! You need a second Apple ID just for Game Center:

      1. Go to the sign in page for GC (sign out first if you need to – you can’t change the ID or email you are signed in with from the account page within Game Center).
      2. If you have an existing second ID, sign in with that.
      3. If you don’t already have multiple ID’s, click on “Create an Apple ID” and go through the process using a different email from your main Apple ID.
      4. Sign out of Game Center.
      5. When you are asked to sign in again when you start your game, select cancel 3 times and then disable.
      6. Never look at it again.

      This will not change the default Apple ID you are using for other Apple services, so you can make purchases from iTunes or the App Store with your regular ID and password, and it will not log you into Game Center. This has been working for me for a while now, no problems.

  5. Madi says

    I was trying to get rid of it so I could make a new gamecenter with my same apple ID. But it still isn’t working…

  6. Heliotrope says

    Not effective. Following all steps above has done nothing to curtail log-in requests from game center. I’d probably be less perturbed by it if wasn’t so damn laggy (seriously, it takes too much time for it load).

    I don’t care what the “braintrusts” over in Cupertino say, this Game Center app is nasty bit of malware that the manufacturer will not even allow you to delete.

    Think different, my ass.

  7. edward says

    I cannot go pass the step “..Then tap your verified Email and select “Remove Email from Account.” I tap my apple ID and a new screen opened up for me to edit the information. There was no ‘remove Email from Account’ message.

  8. natallia says

    Game Center is part of the iOS software and thus cannot be removed” – that is the real problem. nothing else works! Really annoying. whoever genius thought it would be s good idea to add GC to be part of the original sortware should be fired.

  9. Gino says

    Disabling Game Center can only be temporary. You get logged back in automatically when you purchase any app or even when you check your apple id in settings under the iTunes / Applestore menu. It would appear that once you give you apple id password for things totally unrelated to Game Center, iOS 6.1 considers that an opportunity to log you back in without your knowledge and reenable it if you had previously disabled it. Also any changes of settings related to Game Center under settings will cause the login prompt to start reappearing. At this point Apple does not seem aware of these hidden features and there seem to be no plan to change this.

  10. says

    this is the worst app that Apple has for the Apple Iphones, everyone that has one needs to make a complaint to Apple to get rid of this app.

  11. lanceb says

    what i did was this.

    since my iPhone is jailbreaked i opened iFile and whent into the Applications folder and looked up “Game” and “” and renamed both by adding a – like this “Game” “” and respringed my device, now the GS isnt poping up when playing games, its app icon doesnt even show up on the device anymore 😉 im sure apple done like this but was the only way for me to get rid of that spamming crap app

  12. says

    Just wanted to add my thanks for the instructions. I failed to follow the first steps around removing my email address from within GameCenter. Once I did that and logged out the 3x rule worked fine!! At long last!!


  13. Paul burnett says

    This is a security problem as when you log out it will automatically log you back in with your password when you don’t want it to.

  14. Treecy says

    I completely agree.This didn’t work for me either. I think you should be able to delete the stupid game center. Its just another way for apple to get info

  15. massachusetts refugee says

    Doesn’t work for me either. Step 1 I don’t get the option to see any profile information. All i see is the screen with my apple id and the password. Thsi really sssux.

  16. psh says

    One of the great features of IOS? How much did apple pay you to say that. You mean one of the greatest blatant invasions of privacy rammed down consumer throats.

    What nerve apple has not providing an option to remove this useless piece of crap.

  17. Me annoyed says

    Didn’t work for me. Fed up with Apple imposing this on me. At beat it should be entirely optional. My next phone will be an android

  18. Lorenzo says

    Whenever I try to press cancel on the pop ups it doesn’t cancel. U can press it multiple times but it doesn’t do anything

  19. Camila says

    So, I also had the annoying game center messages appearing on my games.
    My solution:

    1) Turn off all notifications for game center (settings>notification> turn off > etc etc)
    2) I couldn’t sing off my game center account (I have an Iphone 5S) so I deleted the game I didn’t want to be bothered with game center> games >go over the game you want “game center free” slide your finger to the left and a red delete message will appear. Select that, and a message will pop up: it will ask you if you are sure about deleting info from game center. Say yes to delete! Later a second message saying “you want game center to delete this game from your device” , press the no thanks option.

    I hope this can help!

    • Laura says

      No it didn’t unfortunately still can’t install updates I’m so angry with myself for getting an iPad now

  20. cp65 says

    How can Apple have come up with this evil, evil piece of crap? Don’t they realize thousands and thousands of users will switch to Android phones just to get rid of this!!! I have always loved my iPhone but I positively hate it now, just because of this annoying, annoying horrible piece of bloatware. GET RID OF IT APPLE!

  21. Laura says

    Does not work my game centre doesn’t even have an account option it has the me then no account options its fucking stupid and its fucked my iPad mini can’t even download updates!!!!

  22. carol says

    I deleted my game center account and it has removed my game progress for Hidden Artifacts. Can I restore this data?

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