iPad: Weak Signal/Slow Wi-Fi Internet; Fixes

Several iPad users have reported weak Wi-Fi signals and/or inordinately slow transfer speeds. In these cases, users report fast connection and throughput from Macs, PCs, iPhones and other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network, but significantly degraded speeds and/or fluctuating signal strength on the iPad.

One poster to Apple’s Discussion boards, powerguru, ran a speed comparison using the free speedtest.net site. He writes:

“I used speedtest.net app both on iPhone 3GS and the new iPad. I clearly see the difference.

  • iPad download speed is 1.83 megabits/sec whereas
  • iPhone 3GS download speed is 14.77 megabits/sec

“Upload speed seems comparable. Also, iPad uses 802.11n and iphone 3GS uses 802.11g. I do have N router.”

Potential Fixes

Turn router off then on Try turning your wireless router off then back on.

Change wireless security You may want to try toggling the settings on your wireless router, switching from WPA to WEP or vice versa, or, as a last resort, turning wireless security off altogether.

For AirPort routers, this can be accomplished with the AirPort Admin Utility. For other routers, this can usually be accomplished by accessing the router’s configuration page — open a browser and enter the address

Reset network settings. On your iPad, open Settings, then navigate to “General” in the left-hand pane. Scroll down and tap Reset, then select “Reset Network Settings.” This will delete any stored WiFi passwords and other information, but may result in a more stable connection.

Change thresholds in router settings Access your routers configuration screen (for most routers, open a browser and enter the address, then change the fragmentation threshold and the CTS/RTS threshold as described here.

Some users have found success with the settings Fragmentation= 2048, RTS = 512.

Similar issue? Please let us know at info@appletoolbox.com.


  1. says

    My iPad consistently tests out 14-17MB on an n-Router and 4-5MB on a g-router. I suspect these issues are draft n implementation dependent.

  2. says

    Fixes listed are fine until you try to connect to a router you don’t own or have access to. Apple need to pull their finger out. How could they release this device without thoroughly testing the wifi? It’s kind of important..

  3. says

    I had this same issue and was able to “fix” it completely by switching to an unsecured wifi network. Internet speed was restored completely. It’s some kind of iPad glitch related to secured networks.

  4. says

    I’m using the Linksys E3000 router (dual radio band). I set my 2.4 Ghz band to wireless G-only, gave it a different SSID, and had my iPad forget the wireless N network. Bam! it went from .1 Mbs to 3 Mbs download. Kind of a kludgy fix, but I’ll take it.

  5. says

    I had same problem. what i did, changed my router setting
    to shared 64bit key. as i can see for now, it began to ect
    normally. waiting for a change.

  6. says

    I just changed my router from wireless N mixed mode to
    wireless G mixed mode and the iPad is flying. Initial speed tests
    on wireless n mixed mode was 0.14mb download. Once I switched to
    wireless g mixed mode, speedtest was at 10.00mb download, way
    faster. Not a big deal for me to switch from N to G because I don’t
    do much file sharing or streaming across the network, but I agree
    that apple has to fix this problem. I was ready to return this iPad
    because of slow Internet speed, ridiculously slow Internet

  7. says

    Thanks guys! I had the same issue with iPad and after I
    switched my router to G only, my download went through th roof.
    Went from max of 280 kbs to 2700 kbs…lol!

  8. John says

    Thanks all! Very helpful. Changed to wireless-G only and switched security to WEP2 TKIP and iPad went from 884/90 Kbps to 2113/419 Kbps!

  9. Rob says

    Could someone tell me hopw to change the settings on my router through iPad pls as struggling with internet speed also.


  10. Trono says

    Hi , OpenDNS greatly increased browsing speed for me. Changed the DNS addresses for my wifi network in iPad settings to, I did write down the original addresses.

  11. Mark says

    I know this is an old post, but my iPad 1 is very slow on Wifi, seems worst with the latest OS. My wifi strength shows fairly strong on my first floor, the Wifi router is on the second floor, 20 second plus web displays are not uncommon. I installed a repeater on my first floor, it is located another 15 feet away, as the crow flys, from where I sit using the iPad. The iPad now runs normally. I discovered this by accident walking by the wifi router on the second floor, all of a sudden things improved, greatly. Now I know wifi is strange stuff, a white board on a wall, or an aquarium can block an amazing amount of the signal, i.e. changes the line of sight of the signal can mess you up. However, where the repeater is located and turned off, I get the poor wifi transfer rates. Back on, the wifi is as it should be. A few things come to mind, the repeater might just be more powerful and can see the router better, the iPad hardware may no longer have to deal with the weak router signal, the repeater does (a guess), aka it ask for resends or is just hardware wise faster, or I am just win closer to the repeater and that wifi strength ICON that is display is incorrect or overly generous. Try using you iPad while 2 feet away from it and see that performance you get.

  12. Bob says

    Four suggestion and three are for the router…including turning off wifi security!!! Are you nuts?!? How about suggesting that Apple fix their iPad!!!

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