iPhone Battery Drain After iOS 4.0 Update; Fixes

Although many iPhone users experience better battery life after the iOS 4.0 update, a number of users have reported decreased battery life after updating. A sampling of reports from Apple’s Discussion boards:

  • shafeen: “Losing about 1% battery life every few minutes.”
  • Graham Powell1: “Upgraded 3G last night and bettery useage is through the roof. Getting less than an hour from full charge, phone very very hot.”
  • vatkins1906: “[…] Horrible Battery Life after iOS 4. Before going to bed my 3GS had 100% battery power. With no applications running in the background, I awoke with the phone completely dead! Before installing iOS 4 it would be at around 95%.”


Check Internet tethering. Some reports indicate that the iPhone may be persistently attempting to establish a tethering connection, thereby draining the battery. Navigate to Settings > General > Network and tap Internet Tethering, then tap “cancel” if you it is trying to connect, or turn off tethering altogether. You may need to turn Wi-Fi off then back on to stop the tethering connection attempts.

Bad apps to blame? Anecdotal evidence suggests that apps incompatible with iOS 4.0 or otherwise problematic under the new release can cause battery drain issues. Backup your iPhone in iTunes, then delete apps from the device in groups (you can always sync them back from iTunes later). After each group, restart your iPhone and check for the battery drain problem. Via this method, you can isolate the problematic app and remove it permanently.

Also, make sure all apps are up to date; developers have released a flurry of iOS 4.0-compatible app editions in the past few days.

Turn off Push. Navigate to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars and tap “Fetch New Data.” Turn off Push.

Calibrate the battery. Fully charge your iPhone, then allow it to drain until completely empty (device powers off on its own and displays a spinning progress indicator). Then recharge your phone and check for excessive battery drain.

Close open Safari windows. One iOS application that consumes memory and processor time (and therefore battery life) in the background is Safari. Close all unused windows in the application by pressing the page switch button in the lower right portion of the screen then clicking the X at the top left of each page. See this page for screenshots.

Restore, but not from a backup (use as a last resort). As is the case with some other iOS 4.0 problems, one less-than-ideal fix for the battery drain issue involves restoring the iPhone as a new device rather than from a backup. It appears that bad holdover data from iPhone backups can cause excessive battery use. Restoring as a new phone will delete contacts and other data, but may resolve this problem.

To do so, connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your computer, click “Restore” in iTunes, then choose “setup as new phone.”

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    I’ve found that iOS 4 kills my battery as well…..after looking around on the web, I’ve noticed that if you have “push mail” turned on, it will drain the battery at a rate of about 1% every 2 minutes. I turned off “push mail” and have it fetch every 15 minutes and the battery seems to be working like prior to the update to iOS4. For anyone with a rapidly decreasing battery after installing iOS 4, I wonder if “push mail” is turned on or not for the folks experiencing this battery drain issue.


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    My iPod touch 2nd gen is also down on battery after update. Think this may be due to wifi now being active during sleep, which seems crazy.. Wish I had held off update and urge everyone else not to update, since there are no benefits anyway.

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    Well I’m glad that I’m not paying to do Apple’s QA for them. Then again maybe this is just a tin foil hat conspiracy to make everyone buy new phones :)

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    I have the battery drain issue also. My battery was fully charged and drained quickly.. I plugged it into my car charger and if I am using the web browser the charger can’t even keep up! I honestly think it’s Apple’s sneaky way of getting people to upgrade their 3G and 3GS phone to the new 4.

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    My 2G iPod Touch is rinsing the battery in a few hours, since upgrading to iOS4. I have put a little app on it that monitors the battery, and also looks at the system to tell you what tasks are running and how much CPU they are using. This shows that most of the time, the CPU is 96% idle, so I came to the conclusion that the wifi transmitter is being left on, even when no app is looking for a network connection. So I went into “settings”, and manually shut it off. This seems to have halted the drain issue, but is of course, inconvenient. I am hoping that Apple have made an error here, and it’s just a bug that will be patched. If not, then for me, it has spoilt the operation of my iTouch …

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    Check and see if you have to many apps running in the background (Multitask feature).
    Double click the function button to display running apps and then hold down on the icon to stop app.

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    My fairly new 3GS went from 100% at 5:00 pm when I left work to just 16% a few hours later, and it was in standby mode the whole time not even being used. And I take great care of my battery, I do ‘full cycle’ charges at least once every 2 weeks. This is ridiculous !

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    Update on my post from yesterday. Shutting off the wifi has definitely halted the battery drain issues. Standby battery is totally back to normal. As well as turning off the wifi, I have also turned off Location Services

    , , , “OFF”

    as apparently, this can cause the wifi to remain active even when the device is sleeping, if there is an app trying to communicate its whereabouts to some remote host site. You can check if any apps have tried to use this facility, as it tells you on the last page of the above menu tree, which have (or are doing). In my case, The Weather Channel desktop app was showing as having been recently active in this regard. It has also been suggested to me that ‘notifications’ should be set to off

    , , “OFF”

    So I currently have this done as well. Later today, I will try turning just the wifi back on, and retry my news apps or go to the Apple store or whatever app that makes use of the wifi, but should completely drop it on exit.

    Hope this is helpful so far to anyone else with battery life problems after upgrading a 2G to iOS 4, and I will post another update if I get to the bottom of which issue is causing the problem.

    (find me on usenet sci.electronics.repair)

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    Apparently, the text on here can’t handle left and right arrows as a printable character. At the two places in my previous post, where it says


    it was intended to read

    (settings), (general), (location services), “OFF” for the first one, and

    (settings), (notifications), “OFF” for the second one


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    after the update i lost all my songs on itunes the next day when i turned my computer on. it wanted me to choose a library:S. Anyway this is annoying because it will take me a whole day to get all the album artwork ect.

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    this is pathetic apple…thats why it is free! id rather pay for a good update, unlike this one with iOS 4. iSO 4 is a battery sucker!

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    I had this problem myself – the wifi was staying connected, even when the device was sleeping – after doing a clean restore this isn’t a problem anymore. If it’s not to much trouble, I would suggest doing a clean install between major OS releases… just because of weirdness like this.

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    OK. Final update. I have finally gotten to the bottom of what’s rinsing the battery on my iTouch 2G after upgrading to iOS 4. It is “Notifications”. If you have the battery problem, and have no need for this feature, just turn it off in “Settings”. Battery standby time will then return to whatever it was before you installed the upgrade.


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    I have same issue, losing 15-20% per hour in sleep mode. I noticed that Internet Tethering option keeps spinning and spinning and I can not shut it down. Help Anyone?

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    I have the same problem with my OS 4.0

    I think it has something to do with location services (the little purple arrow icon). While this service should only be activated when the app is open, I believe the service stays on because of the multitasting feature.
    Is there a way to remove any/all apps from the multitasking bar?

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    I’ve just woken up to a dead iphone which has never happened. I plugged it in about half an hour ago and it’s still giving me the low battery warning. iOS is lame…after my app updates are finished i’ll disable push mail and that will hopefully help.

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    I had the same issue – batterry drain after OS 4 upgrade on my 3GS. Called Apple support and she could not find a reason. Googled and found this informative link.

    Followed these instructions and it worked for me..

    1) Closing Apps running in the background – Multitask feature
    Double click the function (home) button to display running apps at the bottome and then hold down on the icon to stop the apps (red ‘minus’ symbol appears on holding down on the icon)

    2) turned off “push mail” – Settings > mail,Contacts, calendars > Fetch New Data > off

    3) If you have facebook app – settings >facebook> push notifications > off

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    I had the same issue – batterry drain after OS 4 upgrade on my 3GS.

    Followed these instructions and it worked for me..

    1) Closing Apps running in the background – Multitask feature
    Double click the function (home) button to display running apps at the bottome and then hold down on the icon to stop the apps (red ‘minus’ symbol appears on holding down on the icon)

    2) turned off “push mail” – Settings > mail,Contacts, calendars > Fetch New Data > off

    3) If you have facebook app – settings >facebook> push notifications > off

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    I started this morning at 8:30 with 100% charge on my 3GS battery. Last night I checked to make sure all apps were closed, location services disabled, and push disabled for mail. I left it alone until now, 14:15, and I am down to 40% battery life. This is incredibly terrible. Next try is to eliminate all but the essential apps….probably only leaving those that come with the iphone and eliminate any potential rogue app that may be draining it. The phone worked fine along with all the apps until I did the os4.0 upgrade. I am reluctant to the the full reset but will try as a last resort.

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    I had the same problems but this FIXED IT!!

    I ran it all the way down to 1% and let it shut down. Then charged it all night. Now it works perfect – better than before actually in regards to battery life. I used it all day with phone calls and pandora and am only at 65% yesterday it would be dead by now.

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    After turning off Push, my battery no longer drains. My battery has run completely out, and been fully recharged numerous times, yet still drains ONLY if Push is on.

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    I thought is was just me. I have the same problem with poor battery perfoance after OS 4 upgrade. It also toasted my keychain so I have to enter password to get phone messages. I really don’t want to retort to original state.!!!

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    I’ve experienced the battery drain as well. I’ve done all of the above, spending a few hours on all of this over the weekend, but nothing seems to work.

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    I shut down all the apps that were running and had no issues from then on. Push still activated, Tethering and all. The multi-tasking feature is a battery killer if they are not turned off.

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    If you have trapster, or any other app with location service required, will keep draining battery life. To disable the Location Service option from settings – general – location services. The arrow next to the battery icon will disappear.

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    My new iPod Touch is also experiencing significant drain since going to OS4. Goes to less than 20% in 5 hours while in sleep state (push off, mail recommendation as noted above). I called Apple and they told me I may need to do a full restore. UGH! Wish I had not updated OS!

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    i upgraded to OS4 on my 3g and i feel like i’m getting longer battery life but the battery life display is always in the red.

    Prior to after normal usage (email and web throughout the day and games during lunch break during an 9 hour workday) i would have to charge. But it seemed to last through all of that with no charge. However the battery life indicator was always in the red and i never got the 20%battery life warning. It just shut down on its own.

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    Had this problem start right before travelling and created a major pain. I turned off 3G but it didn’t help. Never thought about App updates being the issue but that appears to be what fixed it. Had 4 app updates as follows: Facebook, Dragon Dictation, Allpoint ATM Finder, and AOL Radio. Not sure which one was the battery hog, but all is well now.

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    This may explain the battery drain, at least for those who have Microsoft Exchange accounts set up on their iPhones: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3398

    I found this out yesterday after my email Exchange provider disabled ActiveSync for my email account without notifying me. In the process of sorting this out with our IT consultant, I got this message:

    “In addition to these issues the bug in iOS4 causes significant artificial load on the Exchange servers which may result in performance issues for users using Outlook or OWA. Microsoft’s current way to mitigate the issue is to disable Activesync for IPhone users with iOS4. ZZZZZmedia is closely monitoring usage of ActiveSync and we have proactively disabled a number of devices that are causing artificial load due to this software bug.” (emphasis mine)

    I downloaded the configuration profile fix yesterday, but I haven’t been able to directly test whether this improved the battery life as I was able to exchange for my 3GS for a new one in the interim. But our IT consultant thinks it is related. And the Apple Genius Bar technician also thought it was a software issue. He suggested erasing the phone and then setting it up as a brand new phone (not restoring if off a backup, as I’ve done multiple times). I think he is right, but Apple Care had already agreed to exchange the phone (they blamed the battery), and I didn’t want the hassle of setting everything back up and organizing all the apps.

    A hint for for those downloading the configuration profile. I could not do it off Safari on my iPhone. I did it on my Mac, and then emailed the configuration profile to myself. On my iPhone I opened the attachment, and the the iPhone took care of the rest. Don’t forget to to a reset (I did a hard reset for good measure).

    I hope this helps and saves others hours of frustration.

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    My 3GS battery lasts about 14 hours since the update. I also noted the processor gets HOT!!! I killed the multitask apps, rebooted a dozen times, and then gave up. The heat issue is mostly gone, but battery life still is worse than it used to be. Could be worse, I could have a 4G with antenna issues (HA)!
    Anyway, maybe I can call Bill Gates. At least Win7 works and I get to view Flash files and WMA video. I wonder if I can port that to my iPhone.

    I guess the Apple has only one bite for a reason. Goodness knows we are tasting it now.

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    Think I solved my battery draining problem. I installed the app Fonehome, which will locate my 3Gs if lost or stolen. It kept location services on all the time, makes sense to locate the phone. I turned off locations services for Fonehome and the little purple icon disappeared. Hope this works.

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    I also woke up more than once to a drained iphone 3GS after having installed iOS 4.0 and having a fully charged batttery in the evening.
    This is fully related to OS4.0 and indeed rediculous. I can not work with an unreliable phone and am angry at having to look into online fora to get hints about how to ‘maybe’ solve the issue.
    If apple does not solve this issue through an OS update soon, I will be swapping my Iphone for another brand.

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    Has tried all of the above options on my 3G, even resorted to a complete scrub and reinstall…solved my problems with apps freezin and closing mid open…also cured that serious lag time I was having with entire OS…stand by time seems ok, but with even just a little use today… Usage time 1 hr 23mn standby time 2hrs 12mn…data sent 657kb received 11.8 mb…battery is at 40% remaining…and I powered cycled and hard reset it after restoring everything. I’m gonna try power cycling again…oh yes wifi, bt, and push are off, data fetch is set to 1hr….will keep checking

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    I have a 3G which I recently updated to 4.0.
    The phone is constantly hot (while charging or not) and as a result, the battery life is worse than crap!!!
    I haven’t scrubbed it and reinstalled everything yet but based on the comments above, this may be the only way.

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    This might be a hunch but idk. Maybe it’s the fact of multitasking.. The os 4 update is what I like to call the jailbreak update because they got some ideas from jailbreaking hence multitasking.
    For all jailbreakers you you mos likely had backgrounder and such.. You had to quit the app for it go away.. Maybe the multitasking in the update is the problem.. For people without multitasking abilities it’s still enabled idk.. Jus a thought.. Most likely wrong but I’m in da dame boat as everyone else.battery was never dis way until I updated. On 3.13 I was jailbroken running many things at te same time and I could last on one full charge for about two and a half days.. Hope they fix this and again. My idea was a hunch..

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    I tried every reasonable suggestion (not including deactivated necessary features like 3G); backing up and restoring my 3G iPhone got may batter back to its usual state of inadequacy, which I’ve learned to live with.

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    Mine also died overnight, which has never happened before. It drains in a few hours.

    Alerts or notifications from Facebook, CSPAN, etc — these were features I previously relied on, why should I have to turn them off with OS 4?

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    I am having problems with my touch. When it is in sleep mode, the battery drains out. This happened after installing the update. I called apple care, they said to take it to the store. I did. A nice young man reinstalled my software and told me to go home and sync it like it was a new ipod. I did and it worked for one day. Now it’s back to draining the battery while in sleep mode! I called apple care again – this person told me to turn it completely off and see if the battery drains then. I told him irregardless of what is causing it, I want my ipod fixed! (It is still under warranty). I have read everything about the notifications etc. and will try that. But, shouldn’t the ipod work the same as it did before the update? This is crazy. I have purchased so much from apple I don’t understand why they didn’t offer to replace it. Now I am stuck diagnosing the problem.

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    I went to get my 2007 ford serviced and worked on in order to keep it performing at a top level. They even did it for free! Now it’s nearly indriveable? I guess I should just buy one of their new cars. Or maybe I’ll go look at those new cool looking droids, I mean hondas.

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    Ipod Touch 2nd Gen with 4.0 IOS. I saw that battery life was horrible after I did a FULL restore from factory defaults and set it up as a new iPod to 4.0. Going to bed at 95% battery I would wake with 40%. I just turned off Push inside the MAIL section and set it to fetch every 15 minutes. I have been at 72% now with the screen on for about 10 minutes.
    Note: airplane mode fixed the issue to as its been 75% all day. This is def. wifi usage related.

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    Had the same issue as Matt above. Did a full restore from backup and as new to no avail. Turns out it is the wifi for me and my 2nd gen Touch. In airplane mode, my battery life increased back to how it was before. The wifi at my university usually disconnects you after 5 min or so of inactivity. Under the previous OS, I had to log back in frequently. Yesterday I noticed I was constantly connected to the university’s wifi, which meant it was always accessing/connecting with the wifi. If I forget to turn of the wifi, it completely drains the battery before the day is over. I wish I could go back to the previous OS.

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    Deleting my exchange account helped my battery issue. I was having the same problem with 1-2% dropping off every couple of minutes. I believe my company was having issues and I’ll wait until they resolve them before adding my account back to my phone.

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    The best thing Apple could do for obviously thousands of affected users would be to provide an option in iTunes to revert to iOS 3.1.3, at least for 3G users. We were all happy with what we had, or relatively so, but now most are unhappy following the iOS4 update. From discussion groups it appears many are trying messy ways of reverting, so at least Apple could provide an ‘unmessy’ way to achieve that. It would make a lot of people happy again!

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    This has gotten pretty ridiculous, don’t we think ? There is no doubt a serious problem with the impact of the iOS4 on the 3GS and earlier phones on battery life. The folks who aren’t having a problem haven’t turned off their phones yet. One reboot and they will become victims like the rest of us. Latest sta. my phone has been plugged in since noon , when it was at 17% and its now 5:35 and I’m just at 94%…because I’ve avoided using it. Apple needs to get us a fix or a reasonable pathway back to the previous OS. Whole point of this phone is its functionality. No one should be satidfied that a fix included shutting down applications and capabilities that were running fine a day or week or 1 operating system ago. More noise, less acquiescence please !

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    After the upgrade to iOS4 my battery was drained in 3-4 hours, even if I shut down all the background apps and just had the phone laying there. I did not have push mail active.

    I discovered that the problem was related to either Notifications or the Location Service, since the battery drain problem disappeared completely when I disabled both completely. (I didn’t have the patience to disable them separately and see which one was the source :)

    I carefully enabled these two services again, but disabled notifications for all apps in the notifications list, and similarly letting no apps be allowed to use the location service. Then I turned on notifications and location services for selected apps and tried to see which was the culprit.

    My conclusion was that it was one single app called Latitudie that caused the battery to drain in my case. It is a program that automatically updates your location in Google Latitude. However, it seems that this program has something going on in the background even if the app is not started and there is no sign of it in the list of background apps.

    Anyways, I uninstalled Latitudie and the battery problem was gone; even when I had turned on notifications and location services back to the level I had them at before the problem started.

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    After disabling PUSH in ALL aplications (facebook, mail, etc) my itouch suddenly decided that actually, instead of having less than 20% i have nearly 70% battery time remaining. thats a whopping 50% difference thanks to PUSH.

    It should be noted that the battery bar does NOT indicate the level of the battery, rather the level of the battery according to current usage, (so if the iphone/itouch is actively doing something the battery level reamining will be lower than if the iphone/itouch is doing nothing). Not quite sure how the calculation is done but its similar to that of laptops.

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    I was getting about 3 hours on a full charge and the phone was running hot. After trying several things, I finally did a restore of the software, but did not load my backup. I set it up as a new phone, reinstalled everything, setup my mail accounts and I am now back to where I was with notifications and location services on and I am getting better battery life than when running 3.1.3

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    My 3GS started doing the same thing after installing the Facebook app. It dies in 6 hours. Tried a restore, deleted some apps, nothing helped. I called the Apple store, made an appointment. They looked at the phone and had no ideas, so, they replaced the phone. The new phone seemed fine until I got it home and restored it from a backup. I am now trying out the phone with push changed to fetch and with minimal apps loaded on the phone. We’ll see what happens. I guess those Geniuses aren’t so genius after all.

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    Hi everyone!
    Had the same issue as rest of you with the battery draining 20% per hour, until today!
    I hade the phone on charge over the night, about 7 hours of charge, and today, playing with the phone, from 8 AM til’ now at 8 PM, the battery is at 71%.
    This with 3G, push, notifications and fetch on with all supported applications installed on phone.
    Give it a try!

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    I am laughing because the Apple support guy was not useful but a complete BSer on the situation. After the OS update, I had this issue and he stated that my memory utilization is very higher. iPhone OS is a “closed” OS which means we can’t tell it how to install apps, etc. And he stated that only thing I could do is restore back as a new phone. I told him, it can’t just be working fine and then go through battery guzzling on its own 2 days ago (especially when I didn’t have this issue and seems like after it was low on battery and went off). So what you write is as I expected

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    I found that going to the Settings\General\Network tab there is a setting called CELLULAR DATA, and have switched it off and now the battery last for ages, after update 4 my battery would not even last a day, I had mail push switched off and all other things I could switch off. It has fixed my battery problem, also to note that this setting is not on an iPhone with operating system 3.

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    the battery got worst after i updated to iOS4 and still having heat problem with my 3gs i could not even get through the day one charge..it will be flat when i reach home. So is it i had a defected battery units?

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    i have tried all of the “fixes” for my 3G. i ditched apps, turned off my push notifications, and it still seems to be draining at an obscene rate of speed, on a fully charged battery i get maybe (if lucky) 4 – 5 hours of life out of my phone, my wife’s 3GS can get more than a full day out of a battery charge, me not so lucky…i am seconds from seeing if throwing against the wall will fix it, oh and it is still working super slow after the 4.0 and 4.0.1 update…i have had an iphone since the day they hit the streets in 07′ and never plan on having another phone, but come on these os updates are making my iphone experience unbearable…sniff, sniff

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    the internet tethering on my 3gs keeps searching and i cant stop it, iam on 4.0.1 i tried everthing spent 4 hours on it still nothing and still eatting my battery.. go apple go

  55. says

    OK, i thought i had turned off “Push notifications” but i didn’t i turned it off..turned it off, and it worked, thanks for the heads up and i am sure the “NEXT” update will fix this problem, problem is we are going to be too scared to install the next one…LOL

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    I had a problem with battery drain, and after an intensive test i could conclude that the wifi was eating up my battery, and this was only when wifi was connceted to a router. This didnt happen when you had wifi on and not connected to a router/accesspoint. I had checked if the push, sbsettting, mobilesubstrate and all the other solution found in this thread and none of this helped me. Then i found an acticle below that about the wifi and mobile devices:

    Your Smartphone Battery’s Worst Enemy? The Wi-Fi Radio – http://www.enterprisemobiletoday.com

    I started to look at my router, as this happend that my phone will drain the battery during the night on the standby, useually 10-20 %. I today had an extra router and tried to setup one for my wifes iphone 4 on the old router: Zyxel, and the router iphone 4 on the new router: Netgear, and guess what i found out that mine on the new router only dropped 4% while hers were still dropping 15%. So i must have someone in this forum to try to test this, if they have a spare router (or borrow one).

    My setup which works: I have sbsettings, 3 email accounts (2 exchange, 1 on them google) and hotmail pop3, all set to fetch 30 min. I have no unlock, only JB. 3G and data off, as i am always on wifi.

    Test methods i used to find out if you have a wifi/fetch/push problem, where all background programs were closed:
    1) Turn on wifi and not connected to router overnight, and check – GOOD
    2) Turn on wifi and connect but put mails on manually check – NOT SO GOOD
    3) Turn on wifi and connect delete some of the mail accounts, to see if one of them could cause your problem, and add one by one.
    4) Turn on wifi and connect to a router with no security,password or mac filters – (Remember to turn on the security again!)
    5) Finally change router and test – WOHAA nice battery GOOD. (Only connect your iphone, as the above article say something about that all devices connected to a access point could maybe not be served to put in standby thats why you see a problem)

    Hope you guys find the same results.

    • safiek says

      mine also same problem , iphone 3gs ios 4.3.3, after using wifi , my phone gets heat , and battery drains, if wifi is not used it is proper.. , wat to do ?

  57. says

    Wifi/Push seems to be the only issue I have noticed with battery life.

    Question: I was getting problems with using the “other” for e-mail while using a Hotmail account. I had the option to turn off push while under that account.. I just found out I am able to use MS Exchange. I switched to MS Exchange and it makes me push to inbox.. Will this hinder my battery life?

  58. says

    read a lot of posts and this helped considerably for me:
    – bought BatteryDoctor to (trickle) charge battery cycles
    – bought system activity memory, which frees memory (!)
    – switch off most settings, especially 3G and WIFI
    – close all running applications at night

  59. says

    I have the same problem after upgrading my 3GS to ios4, the battery life is unbearable.
    So what you are saying is that in order to fix it, we have to turn all of the services off on the phone?? The reason why we have the iPhone is so that we can do all these things….what sense is it to have them turned off?? This is unacceptable. It’s getting tired if ya ask me.
    We are forced to get the iPhone 4 because the 3GS can’t handle the update. But oh..the iPhone4 has reception issues. So why get that??
    Cool phone but it might be time to abandon the ship. Damn it’s gonna suck buying an itouch!

  60. says

    My iPod Touch 3rd Gen used to be “pocket luggage” – always there, always ready. It was neat to be able to flip its case open and just use it, without thinking about the battery life other than charging it every few days.

    Since the iOS4 upgrades, most times I go to use it it’s mostly dead (red lightning-bolt) or really close to it (20% battery warning), even it it was charged the previous day and not been used since.

    I was quite looking forward to getting an iPhone, but after this experience, I think I’ll head for an Android instead.

    It’s not the bugs in the release – annoying but they can happen – it’s the lack of acknowledgement from Apple, or any tips on how to work around them. Is there any serious expectation of getting these problems fixed, other than waiting and *hoping* that the next upgrade?

    The walled-garden approach is supposed to fix these woes, but we can’t even downgrade back to 3.1.3 – which worked well, and (for me) had solid Wifi performance that didn’t drop out every minute or so, as iOS4.1does.

    I’d resisted entering into the walled garden but once I bought the iPod Touch I could understand the appeal. It WAS a really nice bit of kit. Now, as it’s usually dead or close to it when I come to use it, that’s no longer the case.

    I hadn’t wanted to jailbreak the phone – I just want it to work. Apple, if you’re not going to address these problems at least let us downgrade.


  61. says

    My iPod Touch battery life also took a dive with the installation of OS4 exactly like most of the comments made here. I turned off “push” and turned “Airplane Mode” to on. I now use “Airplane Mode” exclusively to go on or off Wi-Fi. My battery life appears back to normal as before the update.

  62. says

    iphone 3gs (unlocked from apple) keeps connecting to internet every 15 minutes or so. I have push turned off, fetch on manual, no email accounts, location turned off, wifi turned off, tethering turned off. Trying to find solution to stop unwanted connections as its running my battery down and i really dont like idea of not being able to control phones connections.

  63. says

    I never had a problem on the old os but now i have no battery life at all. I am sick of reading switch this off switch that off if I would do that I should have bought an old £10 Nokia not a frigging £700 so called smartphone. F U Apple and all your unborn children! Android here we come (unless they let us all dowgrade back to os3)

  64. says

    I have an iPod touch 3rd gen. I upgraded to iOS4 when it first came out and had no problems. For the last week (no new apps added except the Camera good beer guide) the battery goes flat within 6-8 hours e.g. over night. If I disable WiFi then the problem goes away. The problem does not occur at work where it also has a WiFi connection all the time. I have since disabled notifications and all push activities with no result?

  65. says

    I don’t know which gen. of iPod I have … but I just recently upgraded it to the 4.0 & my battery drains within a 6 hour period!! WHY?? I have a cell phone that is 3 yrs old and the battery lasts longer in that then the iPod – which is less than a year old!
    This seems to happen during every upgrade but this time it is 10x worse… it’s just aggravating!

  66. says


    At least once a week i go to bed with my phone charged to 100% and an alarm set using the default clock app…and i wake up (at whatever time) to find my 3GS is dead…we’re talking 5-6 hours…from 100% to nothing. I do the same routine before going to sleep; wifi off, phone on standby…and it’s totally random. I have never used push or notifications for any app and i always switch off wifi…thing is, during the day even with the wifi connected at work, i never drop below 80% unless i’ve made a lot of calls.

    It seems random; what’s really worrying is that different people had different experience with the same phone…which would suggest it’s a hardware fault, probably specific batches off the production line…except that everyone now has O.S4…and we’re all now having problems…

    I’m a PC…always have been…the iphone is the only thing that has ever tempted me over to Apple…and as great as it is, my 4 year old Sony Erikkson walkman mobile holds a charge for 3 days…

    I’ve seen on ebay the battery upgrade kits…anyone had any experience with them?

  67. says

    I am not sure if I am correct or not but I also faced the same problem with battery with my iPhone 4. When i went to sleep battery was 100% at mid night when i woke up battery was 37%.

    One thing which i have noticed is that due to alerts battery drains more faster. Alerts like calender alerts or something. After alert pop ups on lock screen try responding it, like opening the calender entry and closing the calender back or something.

    the above has happened twice with me and in both occasions calender alerts were the culprits.

    did any one else also noticed this?

  68. says

    Does anyone know if the most current release 4.1 solves the battery drain? I have just kept my ipod on airplane mode and the battery life is as before.

    It is quite annoying.

  69. says

    Rich Alger: to my experience 4.1 is worse than 4.0, my ipod drains within a few hours when turnoff if I forget to put it in airplane mode.

    If I could down grade to before 4.0 I would do it…

  70. says

    Haha, I’ve had this problem ever since I upgraded to 4.0
    I go to sleep with 80% battery, wake up with 1% and it shuts down in like 15 seconds of usage at minimum brightness

    tried to fix all the wifi-related issues, hope that works..

  71. says

    I have same problem here with a 3GS. After updating to 4.0 a while ago I already noticed more poor battery life.

    2 days ago I updated to 4.1. The same night I went to bed with about 35% battery life. The next morning I overslept as I missed my wakeup alarm. Battery dead.

    I dont use push email. Wifi is off. 3G is off.
    This is completly insane. Before going to work I charged battery back to 40%. In the afternoon my phone was dead again. I did’nt made 1 phone call the whole day. No 3G. No Wifi.

    This is totally unacceptable to me and if this continues i’m forced to use Nokia again.

    And is switching off everything an Iphone is capable of the solution for their crappy updates?

    My most terrible issue is that stupid multitasking. I want an option to switch it off. I never use that function. Many times I use my gps navigator and when finished driving I switch it off normally. But many times I forget to switch it off in multi-tasking, restulting in the navigation app to keep running and drain the battery for gps use.

    Completely stupid.

    And is this to get us into an Iphone 4? Come on, guys, this will get us into the latest Nokia or Samsung or whatever. If not fixed I never buy apple products anymore. This is an expensive phone and you may expect something in return for that.

    I want to be able to return to IOS 4.0 or even lower. Battery life was always good. Usually around 2 days. Since 4.0 it’s much worse but 4.1 really killed it. 5 hours with all apps switched of, 3G off and wifi off!!!! Back to the stoneage time? Get an Iphone from Apple.

  72. says

    Same problem as everyone else on this blog, bad battery life after 4.0 & 4.1 update. Why have 3GS iPhone if features have to be disabled to maintain standard battery usage? Frustrated by update and will have to consider other options when contract is up next month!!! Someone want to suggest iPhone alternative?

  73. says

    I have switched off locations service now. 3G is off. Wifi is off. Haven’t made any phonecalls these last days.
    Still my battery is draining like hell. Where the hell does it go to? What the hell is going wrong here? 3 days s ago, just before I update to 4.1 I could last 2-3 day with this kind of use.

    Now all of a sudden the location service should be the problem? I haven’t changed my use, or installed any apps since the update.

    The only thing I did was to upgrade to Ios 4.1.

    This is the beginning of the end of the magic Apple smartphone monopoly. For sure all the other manufactures are laughing out so loud I can even hear it from here. Nice all that new features like multi tasking and so on. But the battery only works for 5 hours if we switch all these features off. If switched on, the batttery is dead in 3 hours.

    For a year long I had no problems with battery. So on a monday everything is ok. On monday evening you do the upgrade to Ios 4.1 and on theusday morning your battery is dead. And then suddenly it has to do with hidden apps that use location service? Or you used the wrong charging procedure?

    All we want is to have the option to downgrade to 3.x or 4.0.

    Nokia N8, here we come? Or we give Apple one more chance to fix their shit?

    So my 600 euro Iphone was a complete waste of money.

    Just wondering now if the Imac’s are also this lousy shit quality. Offcourse it’s great that it looks nice, but if it does’nt work it’s still a failure.

    I buy a phone to make use of it. Not to show off.

    Switching flight mode on to keep your battery alive for 8 hours….what the F*ck is that for solution?

  74. says

    I have an iTouch 30G that’s about two years old. Shortly after upgrading to iOS4 it starting eating power in sleep mode. Over night it would completely drain. I thought it was perhaps the battery. So I decided to buy a new iTouch 64G and keep the old one docked and use it as an internet radio. As soon a I upgraded the new iTouch to iOS4 it too would lose all its energy (from 100% to 20% in about 12 hours in sleep mode). I’m hoping Apple soon acknowledges this problem and supplies a fix.

  75. says


    Guys, I had same problem, turned all notifications off, Wifi Off, phone still continues to access internet non-stop and drains battery at very fast rate. You can check that by keeping phone close to sound speakers, there is a sound confirming transmitting activity.

    I solved it this way:

    Open http://km.support.apple.com/library/APPLE/APPLECARE_ALLGEOS/TS3398/SignedDefaultEASTaskTimeout.mobileconfig

    OPEN THIS LINK FROM YOUR IPHONE, install and this background transmitting stops. Thats it!



    P.S. (you can also read information and get this link from http://support.apple.com/kb/TS3398)

  76. says

    to save battery life use http://www.EcoZi.org, its just a black verson of google. its only for mobile phones but the idea is it will use 4x less battery than normal google (which is good for people like me) and its supposed to use less bandwidth (so it uses less data and saves money on wireless plans).

    it helped ive been using it for a couple weeks and the difference is huge. thought id share it.

  77. says

    HI all i try all think to fix that problem but it not fix it i try to downgrade my iphone 3G from 4.1 to 3.1.3 but it’s same so i think after all that the problem come from MODEM FIRMWARE

    anyone try 4.2 if it fix that problem with new MODEM FIRMWARE come with New IOS 4.2

  78. says

    I just got the Iphone 4 about a month ago. I can’t believe I’m having this issues with such a new phone. I called Apple about it and they said I could send the phone back for a fix but it will cost me about 50 dollars!!! plus I will be without a phone for about a week, I should of stay with Verizon… anyway, thank you all for all your suggestions, I will try a few of them, I just updated the phone to the new 4.2.1 but I still have the battery drain issue.

  79. says

    I have a 3G that I upgraded to 4.2.1 yesterday. I did not use it at all and it was dead by 7pm yesterday. Left it on charge all night. It had a 100% at 8 am, received one call and made one call 10 minutes long. It was down to 22% by 2.00pm. WiFi is turned off, 3G now turned off, location services and push all off. There is no quick charge working. Been on charge 2 hours and now only just reaching 60%. Up until yesterday, I was only having to charge every three days or so. Dont use it that much I guess.
    Anyone got any answers?

  80. says

    Hi Guys,

    I wasn’t having a problem with my iPhone 3GS battery until about 4 or 5 days ago. I don’t think it has anything to do with the IOS because I’ve had it since it came out.

    I plugged in my phone to charge it, and I picked it up and it was dead. I saw that it was actually unplugged the entire time I thought it was charging. I plugged it in, turned it on, and it said it was 100%. I thought it was odd but I went with it. I put it on sleep and went to bed. Usually the next morning it’s at about 95%, but this time it was dead. Ever since then I’m losing about 20% an hour.

    Does anybody know if I could have maybe tricked the battery into thinking it’s fully charged but it isn’t? Also, how can you check a history of app updates? I remember updating some Apps the night before.

    I’ve tried alllll the above tips and tricks, I can’t figure it out.

  81. says

    Hey Guys,
    My iPod touch 3G has worked fine with no problems till recently when I updated to iOS 4.2.1, now it’s fully charged when I go to bed only to find it practically completed drained by the time I wake up.
    Any suggestions? I’ve tried the suggestions above but no luck…..please help me!!!!

  82. says

    Guncha’s advice a few posts above works!

    Well done Guncha for discovering this for yourself and sharing.

    The wifi now disconnects automatically after switching to standby (or leaving it to turn itself off). It then reconnects when you turn back on. This is of course exactly how it should be, and was until v4.

    Shame on you Apple for letting this run for almost 6 months and doing absolutely nothing, despite so many frustrated customers posting on so many forums. You should hang your heads in shame.

  83. says

    ** solution **

    you need to close all apps running in the background. press the ‘home’ button twice and it will show you all active apps.

    apparetly iphone4 allows multitasking so if you running a program and press the home button, it does not exit the app – it continues to run in the background

  84. says

    internet tethering is clearly the problem, but I cannot turn it off with the method described above. turning wifi on & off does not help. Internet tethering just continue to work.

  85. says

    internet tethering is clearly the problem, but I cannot turn it off with the method described above. turning wifi on & off does not help. Internet tethering just continues to work.

  86. says

    I upgraded to the latest jailbreak / unlock on my 3g iphone and now my phone charges quickly and dies extremely quick no matter what settings I have turned off. I tried all the suggested advice it seems like but it still dies quickly. The phone will also beep constantly when plugged in unless you reset it while plugged in. i heard their was some cydia SAM fix but couldn’t find it and not sure it would help either. Anyone else having this?

  87. says

    Dear Apple Team
    I recently purchased iphone and got it upgraded with the latest software

    Post that my battery life is amazingly terrible – it is draining in almost less than 2 hours without using –

    It is actually considered to be a pride to own a iphone here but given the situation your friends laugh at it – and say why dont you buy some local or Chinese phone – it works and serves better

    Please can you help me out here

    Many thanks!


  88. Nicole says

    There is a website where you can download the old osx you want and then it loads into itunes. you can select restore to ___ old osx (whichever one you downloaded. It’s my understanding though that it deletes eveything on your phone, so make sure you’ve backed up EVERYTHING. I can post the link to download the old versions if anyone wants it? I have to get it out of the history of the other user account i used yesterday on this comp. i haven’t tried it yet…i can’t get my phone to even turn on right now, but i plan on downgrading to osx 3 as soon as I get my little phone charged enough to turn on and last through the update!

  89. Ess Bee says

    Had the same problem. Do this

    Wifi off
    notification off
    location off

    tap home button twice>
    all open apps will be seen on bottom row >
    hold any 1 app for 3-4 sec>
    a ‘minus’ sign on top left will appear>
    select minus sign>
    this will close the app completely
    it will not delete the app, so dont worry>
    close all such apps, so nothing remains
    on the bottom row>

    charge iphone and verify how long charge remains>
    if resolved,
    can start using all apps 1 by 1 till the culprit
    is caught.


  90. says

    Dear, pls help me to resolve the issue. My iphone 4 gets switch off with 40% battery automatically. Pls suggest wht is the issue. Even i cant litsen songs on.

  91. says

    no luck. i tried all the thigs but it is still draining the battery. Even when the phone is on standby mode. it becomes very hot from the back side. it just started to happen when i changed the sim card. before that it was working like a charm.

    I dont even have email account or any applications running at the backend. Even tried with WIFI off.

    ANy more help will be appriciated.

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