How to check your Apple support coverage: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac

So you are having problems with your Apple device (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac). You may check your service and support coverage online easily by entering your serial number here:

After you’ve logged in with your serial number, you can review your Apple warranty status and eligibility for support.

How to find your serial number

There are various ways to locate your serial number (or IMEI, MEID, CDN, and ICCID number), depending on the product; the number may be located on the back of your device’s surface, in iTunes or inside the product.

If your product is not working, you should look for the serial number on the device surface (usually the serial number is engraved on the back of the device like on the iPad and iPhone). It can also be found on your invoice, your original box and documentation; serial numbers are printed near the barcode labels that come with the device. It can also be found in iTunes (if you sync your device before). If you want to find your serial number in iTunes:

  • Launch iTunes then choose iTunes > Preferences (Mac) or choose Edit > Preferences (Windows)
  • Click devices
  • Mouse over your previous backup(s) to display the serial number.

If your device is operating, you can also locate the serial number:

Mac computers: from the About This Mac window (Apple Menu > About This Mac)

iOS devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone): Simply tap Settings > General > About


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