Q&A: Where are iMessage files stored?

So you are trying to find your old messages? To access your old conversations, launch the Finder from the “Go” menu hold “option” on the keyboard and press “library” from the menu. Then Click the “Messages” and “Archive” Folder.



  1. Mike says

    Jay is correct in his answer, even though it doesn’t really answer your question in particular:

    On OS X there should be an attachments folder (or archive) folder here:

    On iPhone/iPad, with the help of something like iExplorer (http://www.macroplant.com/iexplorer/):

  2. says

    I wrote a self executing and very user-friendly shell script that will safely and effectively remove any and all iMessage logs on your OSX computer. It finds and deletes both native iMessage logs, as well as any inadvertantly saved from iOS syncing.. It will not let you delete the files unless you tell it to- first it will alert you to any logs currently present. Download the zip file here:


    Then just double-click the file “remove_chat_logs” and it will walk you through a couple of steps to completion.

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