iPhone stuck in headphones mode, fix

Sometimes iPhone gets stuck in Headphones mode preventing you from hearing the sound. The problem is that iPhone mistakenly acts as if headphones are plugged in.

How to fix

If you see the icon below when you adjust the volume buttons, there may be debris in the headset port. To remove, unplug then re-plug headphones several times (at least 7-8 times).  Some users have reported that they fixed this problem succesfully by using a hair dryer or sucking (hard) on the headphone port. You may also want to use a toothpick and clean the port to remove any remaining dirt / particles.

iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode

If the above does not work

Reset your iPhone by pressing down the sleep and home buttons until you see the Apple logo.

If you are still having this problem, contact Apple support.


  1. rio says

    ok, i have tried everything on here…..nothing…. when i blow into the speaker on the right side tho, i get sound….as soon as i stop, it goes away…. i bought this phone secondhand so i can’t get it replaced…help!

    • rio says

      rio i just solve this problem! Dont panic its nothing serious problem, dirt or wather or swet enter youre earphone jack and automaticly stuck the tiny ball in the jack! Hear me out! U need to take a wooden teeth stick and alchohol ! Put the woden teet stick little in alchohol just from the top and take the iphone and gently push two tree times the little tiny first ball in the jack of the iphone ang rub on it from the sides also little! The problem will be GONE ! :) i solve mine

    • says

      Had the same problem, when I unplugged the headphones, the sound was off. Tried everything suggested, and finally the problem resolved so that now when I removed the headphones I just press the play button and the sound returns :))

    • Paige says

      I had this problem as we’ll so I looked at comments on YouTube and found this one so I’ll tell you how : Blow into it or about 5 seconds then get a q tip and with the cotton on it go into the headphone jack but don’t go all the way down then just like twirl it to remove dirt or anything that is in there then plug your headphones in and out about 8 times then power off your phone about 3 times then go into settings and go to sounds and look to where it says ringer and alerts slide it up and down for a while and that’s it . You will have to wait 15-20 minutes then it should work good luck

  2. Guy says

    OMFG THIS WORKED, after dropping the phone down the loo (clean) I took my wife’s phone to the local phone shop and after charging £90 they fixed the whole phone. but since then it was dropped in the bath (just clean water no bath gel) I hate apple myself I’m a Microsoft person, and I don’t want to pay out again. after making love with cotton buds and sucking it off for about an hour it worked.

    many thanks

  3. Devin dugan says

    This helped me alot I just sucked the debris out of the headphone jack and now it is back to normal

  4. Al Shrout says

    Worked instantly for me. I had turned my phone off twice to no avail. I carefully and heterosexually sucked on the headphone port for a couple seconds and boom. Problem solved. Chhhyea

  5. Tyler says

    I dropped my phone in the pool with a lifeproof case and some water got in I have literally tried everything unplugging replugging, air, sucking, rebooting, and still in headphone mode help me

    • says

      hey if u got water, a couple of weeks ago i got water in my phone and it qwas stuck in headphone mode so i gave up after i tried evrything then the next day it randomly fixed coz theres water in the phone that needs to dry

  6. Chantel says

    I tried all of these but they didn’t work, what did work was taking a small piece of dry paper towel and twisting it so it was thin and gently pushing it into the headphone hole thing and twisting it in there etc. Absorbs anything in there and cleans it. Now I have a headphone plug in it to prevent dirt or water from getting in there again.

  7. Katie says

    This worked, thank you! I sucked on the headphone jack and then I plugged in and pulled out the headphones a few times and it worked.

    • Mark b says

      Yup I reset mine about 5 times no good . Cotton tip no good sucked it for a few seconds perfect .cant believe it.

  8. Chintoo says

    My iphone was in headphone mode from 3 hours, tried many tricks. but sucking the jack hole worked for me… thanks…

  9. Charlie says

    This actually does work. I basically don’t know why it happened but I sucked on the headphone hole (no homo) and it worked thanks.

  10. Tiffany says

    It worked!! I was freaked out.. I really did not have the time or money to get my iPhone fixed.. It worked.. Thank God.. It worked!!! Sucking on an iPhone is never recommended unless this happens.. Lol :)

  11. Wes G says

    So i tried blowing (didn’t work). I tried unplugging and plugging headphones (didn’t work). I tried sticking a toothpick inside (didn’t work). I got all those ideas off other sites – then I sucked repeatedly for several seconds and yahoo it worked! Thanks! And the posts on here are hilarious!

  12. Alice in lalaland says

    Cleaned it with alcohol and q-tip (i had to cut off end so used the stick. Rubbed for about 45 seconds then pushed volume Ctrl at home screen and plugged and unplugged headphones several times while the volume screen was illuminated. Had to still plug the headphones in after cleaning.

  13. Riaan says

    Fixed mine like this (nothing else worked even after trying a few hours!)
    Took a earbud. Cut the cussion part in half, then cleaned the jack out with that.
    Took me a few seconds using this…. Cheers

  14. Brandon says

    OMFG nothing had worked sucking plugging and unplugging rest nothing then I stuck a pice of napkin in the jack and turned it a few times and it now WORKS thanks for the advice!!!!!!!!

  15. Charlotte says

    I’ve tried everything, I’ve turned it on and off, sucked at the jack hole, repeatedly pulled the headphones in and out, etc, and it still won’t work, but it doesn’t matter too much, I usually have my phone on silent. I think it happened when I was drinking a cup of tea, and spilt some. It landed on my phone, but I have a case on, and I’m pretty sure none got in, it’s only happened in the past hour or so, as it was working earlier & I haven’t used headphones since yesterday?

  16. aaron says

    nothing worked paper towel cotton ball hair dryer nothing sucked the coloring our of the the screen worked like a charm!!!!!

  17. Tom says

    Yep, dropped my iPhone in a snowbank, and sucking on the headphone port worked, even after waiting, warmimg, trying to dry the port out with a paper towel failed. So your advice sucks, but in a good way… Thanks very much!

  18. Melisa says

    Tried all of the above, in the end sucking on it once for a couple seconded worked for me. Good luck everyone, it was frickin annoying!!

  19. Charlotte says

    Omg thank you!!! I did everything i could and then saw this
    it works when i suck it lol
    I’m so happy!!!

  20. Amanda says

    I took a piece of a waterbottle the arrowhead and i just dug down after trying everthying and this worked i never knew that a tiny blue thing of a water bottle would save my iphone

  21. Tc says

    Woooo Hooooooo!
    After 3 hours of Qtips, You Tube Videos, blowing, sucking, turning bluetooth off/on… I went back to sucking and it finally worked. I did sucked in butsts several times and BAM! All of a sudden all my sounds were back (text, on/off)!!! Thank you sooo much! WOO HOOOOO

  22. claire says

    poked with a paper clip, blew in it, tried the hairdryer, pulled jack in and out….nothing! blew in it a few times and it worked!

  23. Samantha says

    After trying many times to reset, putting the jack in & out many times, toothpick, paper towel, sucking…. All of it. Finally I sucked and put jack in and alternated that a few times and sucked like I never have before… Viola! It works now. Sucking was the trick!!

  24. nathan says

    I tore a small piece of paper into a cylinder and repeated push it bak and forth it eventually dislodged a large piece of dust/dust particle and the sound started working again.

  25. Barva says

    Try resetting your phone (holding lock button and home button down at the same time until you see the apple logo) while your headphones are in the headphone jack. I did this and when I took the headphones out the problem was solved.

  26. Chellbryan says

    Thanks! The sucking worked! I was starting to get worried that I would not be able to fix my phone. Thanks again!

  27. Bea says

    Oh my god I can’t believe it but my sound is back!!!! Just persevere and something will work! I spent the better part of an hour blowing, using qtips, sucking, resetting and everythi g else suggested and finally something stuck.

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