iPhone stuck in headphones mode, fix

Sometimes iPhone gets stuck in Headphones mode preventing you from hearing the sound. The problem is that iPhone mistakenly acts as if headphones are plugged in.

How to fix

If you see the icon below when you adjust the volume buttons, there may be debris in the headset port. To remove, unplug then re-plug headphones several times (at least 7-8 times).  Some users have reported that they fixed this problem succesfully by using a hair dryer or sucking (hard) on the headphone port. You may also want to use a toothpick and clean the port to remove any remaining dirt / particles.

iPhone Stuck in Headphones Mode

If the above does not work

Reset your iPhone by pressing down the sleep and home buttons until you see the Apple logo.

If you are still having this problem, contact Apple support.


    • Samir says

      Amazing! I sucked hard inwards like you said and it worked but the repeatitive Plug solution didn’t work for me. Thank god I found this idea

    • Laney C says

      What worked for me after dropping my phone in bath water & drying out by leaving (turned off) in a Ziploc baggy full of “Do Not Eat” packets I have been saving for Months & being stuck in headphone mode…I took a Qtip, tore the majority of the cotton off the tip & cleaned inside the headphone input on my phone. This worked!

    • thomas zaleski says

      NOTHING works. This really pisses me off. Tim Cook, take some of the nearly $200 billion in cash on hand and FIX this problem now, or resign.

    • Jaclyn says

      Yay! I was so scared that this was the end of my much loved IPad. Sucking and the toothpick did not work but the hairdryer set on cool was the key!!! Thanks so much!!

    • Number1Turk says

      Well bro I just read this article and it nothing worked I dropped my iPhone 4s in a bucket of water just this morning when I took it out I had to suck blow shake and dry everything on the phone and everything was fine till an hour or two later.

      I thought if I left it a few hours it might work but nothing so I read this thing and it diddnt work so I go kinda worried. I just baught this a few weeks ago I got no insurance and dont know the warranty for my service provider so iv been crapping myself but I
      Nt a give upper so I got a tiny bit of tissue and twisted it unti it was like a stick then folded it again and made it around the same fattness of the headphone jack thing and pushed and twisted like I was cleaning and it worked try that bro.

      • Jenna engel says

        Omg thanks!! My husband dropped his phone in the dog bowl ad everything was fine except it was in headphone mode. He tried rolling tissue up into a pin tip to fit in the jack and put it in there an it worked! Thanks!

      • says

        Yr a genius!! Giv yrself a gold star!! Ps i wet the tip wth a bit o spit for xtra cleanability n hey presto!! Buy u a beer wen yr in sydney:-)

      • Jida says

        Thank u . I tried blowing and sucking and unplugging and plugging and when I twisted the piece of tissue it worked. Thankssssss

      • Pia says

        I used the alcohol and it worked. My phone dropped out of my back pocket into the toilet. I was surprised to see that it worked, but then it was stuck in headphone mode. When I got home I sucked on it and blow dried it on cool. That didn’t work. I twisted up a thin piece of paper towel dipped it in alcohol and jammed it in there. As soon as I took it out the volume was on. I guess the drying of the alcohol worked!

        • Pia says

          BTW I was extremely hesitant about sucking on due to me having to grab it out of toilet lol. I did wait until I got home which was 4 hrs later and I cleaned it with Lysol and prayed that I wouldn’t get toilet mouth disease lol.

    • Don says

      Tried it all , then the ” air in a can ” worked . The stuff you use to clean key board . One good shot did the trick !

  1. Frank says

    Thank you very much for your advice. My iPhone had gone into headphone lock mode for the whole day and i have just Reset it as you advised by pressing down the sleep and home buttons until I saw the Apple logo. My iPhone is now perfect well…For the whole day i have been trying to plug in and out my headphones and also blowing in and our my iPhone but it was not working until when i reset it. Thank please

  2. Frank says

    lol it has gone back in the lock after just a few minutes..don’t why its like..i have not plugged in my headphones at all but it has lock itself again..what can that be?

  3. Jinny says

    blowing inward, plugging in and out and resetting iphone doesnt work for me any other way? Much appreciated.

  4. Azab says

    i had the same problem.. I played game last night and got up in the morning. I saw when increase the volume by side button it says ‘ringer-headphone’. So i went through all the community forums to solve this issue..
    I pluged and unpluged the headphone several times, blew harder inside the jack port(sometime dirts will be there)
    i restarted the phone, nothing worked for me!
    Finaly i did one experiment! It did wonder! My iphone is working asusual!
    I on the automaticaly lock option after one minute! I pluged the headphone, went to music, played a song, i let the phone automaticaly locked(standby mode). After that i menualy went to music again and stoped the song! Then went to the main screen then remvoed the headphone! And i pressed the standby button! Wow i got a click sound! Then i pressed the wakeup button, slide it, I could listen the unlock sound.. Its realy work!
    Its a small technical error..Between the hardware component and software,
    Dont worry

  5. Azab says

    in simple words this the magic:

    Solution: (fastest) play a song
    from iPod or any lengthy
    duration audio clip and allow
    phone to completely lock. Insert
    iPhone compatible headset jack.
    Unlock phone. Stop audio.
    Unplug jack.

    It works!

  6. Tessa says

    None have worked for me, I’m 12 and I bought this iPad with the money I have saved up, and I’m not planning on spending another 2 years to save up for another one, and I would really areas heat it if it could be fixed

  7. Page says

    Tried a million suggestions. Tried. Headphone in and out a million times. Tried all the playing song stop etc. nothing worked.

    Then :

    Hair dryer into jack

    Didn’t work.

    Wait an hour

    Hair dryer into jack for about ten seconds


  8. says

    K here’s my problem I have this and another problem too, my other problem is my headphones won’t click into place and I already tried others so that didn’t work, the volume says headphones when they’re not plugged in and in order to listen to music I have to hold my beats wire jack inside my iPod/iPhone input to listen to a song, qtips didn’t work, toothpick didn’t work, blowing inside or sucking on it didn’t work hair drier I didn’t try yet but I have my doubts what should I do I don’t want to trade my iPod for a new one because all my data gets lost/ money that I spent for in app purchases so… Any help ???

  9. Philippe says

    None of the above worked for me, but this did :

    1) Connect via BlueTooth to a speaker system
    2) Play a song
    3) Switch from speaker system back to ‘iPhone’

    This worked for me ! ! ! Hope this helps.

  10. taylorf says

    what if none if this stuff is working for you and you’ve tried it all repeatedly! cuz i am getting really frustrated with my phone and just want it to work propperly

  11. Merp says

    A pressurized air duster (I used WooshDuster), with an extended plastic nozzle worked really well for me. You can stick the nozzle right into the headphones jack and give it a punishing flow of fluorocarbons. Instantly cleared it up and worked for me. U can buy these at computer stores, office stores, etc…

  12. kaye says

    i had this problem yesterday and tried every suggestion above with no success. then i tried something i saw somewhere about putting the phone in a baggie and placing it in the freezer for 3 minutes. i only kept it in the freezer for about 90 seconds – but it FIXED IT!!!!! i dont know how or why but i thought id share with others for whom the sucking, blowing, cleaning, plugging, unplugging, etc suggestions didnt work. FREEZE IT!!!

  13. Kolrick says

    Well I did that my phone now said it off headphone mode but music and clicking still don’t sound real has not change help please

  14. Vijay says

    Locked in headphone mode during a dental X-ray
    iPhone 4s was in my front pocket
    unable to get out of headphone mode
    have to answer phones using speakerphone
    Ringer works
    It was thexray for sure

  15. Hackroot says

    I was eating food and i accidently spilled pepsi into the headphone jackbox.. I tried heating nothing worked.. Then in tried sucking the jackbox and it WORKED!!!! 😀 TRY SUCKING

  16. GettingANewPhone says

    I tried the reset, tried plugging and unplugging headphones repeatedly a million times, sucking and blowing into the headphone jack… none worked. I put it in the freezer in a zip lock bag for a couple minutes then sucked on the headphone jack hard again a couple times. And it worked as normal again.

  17. Will says

    tried everything – nothing worked until…. placed a hairdryer over the headphones out socket for about 20secs. now works fine. thanks!

  18. Huiting says

    ARGHH I TRIED EVERYTHING BUT THEY DONT WORK . I even tried the freezer one ! The only thing left that I haven’t tried is the hairdryer one, as I don’t have a hairdryer at home.. Please help ! I’m only 13 @_@

  19. Huiting says

    ARGHH I TRIED EVERYTHING BUT THEY DONT WORK . I even tried the freezer one ! The only thing left that I haven’t tried is the hairdryer one, as I don’t have a hairdryer at home.. Please help !

  20. Huiting says

    I tried everything but they don’t work ! T.T I even tried the freezer one ! The only thing left that I haven’t tried is the hairdryer one, as I don’t have a hairdryer at home.. Please help !

  21. john96 says

    Thank you guys so much 😀 . After dropping water on my iphone i couldn’t exit the headphone mode. I tried all of the above and nothing worked but the twisted tissue method.
    All having the same problem with dropping water SHOULD try this it really works:)

  22. Abdul Wasay says

    I tried all of the above finaly azabs trick helped for me

    Try again and again with all of the above one should work

  23. Satty says

    Put an ear bud in the headphone jack and slowly remove the lint. It is almost always the lint from your jeans/khaki pocket.

  24. Serge says

    I had the same problem and I was able to fix it by pairing a new bluetooth device (in my case it was my MacBook Pro), and the sound came back. I had recently “Forget this Device”d a bluetooth device and perhaps this is what caused my problems in the first place. The problem began when I was near the forgotten device (handsfree in my rental car, a Ford Edge, using Microsoft Sync).

  25. Iceman says

    I was gettin Realy frustrated doing all of this then tried blowing in the bottom part where the charger plugs in worked first try

  26. Jamie says

    Thank you!! I did the reset & blew/sucked on the head phone jack and still no luck…but when I rolled a tissue up and put it in the headphone jack, PERFECT!!

  27. ravdaveed says

    Had this issue and nothing was working… Tried one last ditch effort, plug the headphones in and the held the sleep and home buttons again to reset. When it came back up I unlocked the phone and unplugged the earphones. Back in business.

  28. gemmylou says

    i have tried all of these things and nothing has worked :(, is there anything else that will work before i take it to be fixed? if it can be fixed ? thanks :)

  29. RandomHelper says

    Ok so here’s my iPhone’s story. It’s a 3GS about 4years old, I think. About a year ago it was influenced by water T.T I got it fixed (new battery) but now the speaker isn’t working. I connected it to a speaker which short-circuited very quickly (never use cheap speakers T.T). At that point, my iPhone rebooted. From there it’s stuck in headphone mode. I did open it up and take a look, it didn’t seem like any cables were damaged. I took out the motherboard so I could see the 3.5mm jack in greater detail and no visible damage, to that or the cables. From that I’m guessing my speaker is working (the 3.5 jack may have died D: I tried all the suggestions above except the freezer thing. So can anyone help, I have large amounts of XP with electronics, although I’m just 15. so absolutely ANY suggestions will tested. H3LP. T.T

  30. RandomHelper says

    Also, my home button and wake button aren’t functioning properly; I switched to assistive touch and activator commands.

  31. says

    Today was my first time having a problem with my iPhone 4 being confused about whether the headphones were in or not.

    The ‘Azab’ solution did not work for me. (playing a song, letting in lock, unlocking it and on and on).

    I am lucky that I have access to compressed air at work. I sprayed air into the headphone jack and that seem to solve the problem — but only for a moment. My phone would then revert to the same problem. I repeated spraying the air into the jack, it worked again but this time I immediately plugged in my headphones. So far so good.

    Funny enough — I did get a dental X-ray yesterday and my iPhone was in my front pocket. I did wear a protective lead shield that should have covered it; I do find this to be an interesting coincidence however.

    My advice — get compressed air and spray it in there. If that fixes it, plug your headphones back in. Thanks for the help to all who posted previously!

  32. Rhian says

    Tried all the above over and over no joy at all so I got a tiny clean make up brush and gave the headphone hole and charger hole a good brush and I worked straight away. Xxx

  33. Rhian says

    Tried all the above over and over no joy at all so I got a tiny clean make up brush and gave the headphone hole and charger hole a good brush and I worked straight away.

  34. Rhian says

    Tried all the above over and over no joy at all so I got a tiny clean make up brush and gave the headphone hole and charger hole a good brush and It worked straight away

  35. Rhian says

    Tried all the above over and over no joy at all so I got a tiny clean make up brush and gave the headphone hole and charger hole a good brush and It worked

  36. Dave says

    Azab’s way deff works. Well, I was playing the music while writing down what he wrote and my 4s started to lock(the screen dimmed). So I tapped the screen and the audio for some reason just came back. Now I have all my keyboard clicks, sounds, no more “headphones ringer volume” when pressing the volume buttons. But I did Azab’s solution just to make sure. Everything is good now. Funny thing is my phone just fell off my leg onto my carpeted bedroom floor and that’s when it started. It was even in the otter box it’s been in since the day I got the phone. It’s only been taken out once when my clip broke and I had to send pictures to otter box of the case and the broken clip, cool thing is they sent me 3 holsters. Rep said just incase it happens again, I have a few back ups.. lol. Anyway, thanks Azab!!

  37. Dave says

    Azab’s way deff works. Well, I was playing the music while writing down what he wrote and my 4s started to lock(the screen dimmed). So I tapped the screen and the audio for some reason just came back. Now I have all my keyboard clicks, sounds, no more “headphones ringer volume” when pressing the volume buttons. But I did Azab’s solution just to make sure. Everything is good now. Funny thing is my phone just fell off my leg onto my carpeted bedroom floor and that’s when it started. It was even in the otter box it’s been in since the day I got the phone. It’s only been taken out once when my clip broke and I had to send pictures to otter box of the case and the broken clip, cool thing is they sent me 3 holsters. Anyway, thanks Azab!!

  38. Elizabeth says

    When you drop your iPhone in sink (like my daughter just did) and nearly have a heart attack just blow into headphone port and the press either + or – sound then lock phone and DONT GIVE BACK TO DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!

  39. Michell says

    I tried blow drying, unplugging and replugging my headphones nothing was working.. I sucked really hard and presto it went back into ringer mode THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

    • Gabriella says

      I had to try every trick and finally with one last try at sucking it really hard it finally worked! thank you

      • RickySg says

        Mate, this is bizarre…such an expensive and state of the art phone and such a cheap fix..Tim Cook must have really cooked it with a hair dryer.

    • Mariahhhh says

      OMG okay so none of these things were working for me either but then i tried sucking the phone jack as hard as i possibly could and it fixes it!!

    • steve says

      been trying to fix my daughter iphone 4 all evening, tried cleaning the headphone socket with a cotton bud and alcohol, tried numerous resets and playing with software, tried inserting headphone in and out a dozen times, then came across this page… suck it?…. it actually worked!! ridiculous but it worked!

      • melissa says

        WOW, I have been trying for two days to find a fix for my iphone4, and then I see this post . . . it worked!! Thank you Thank you Thank you I did not want to have to reset my phone and lose all my data.

      • ron says


  40. Jimmy c says

    Hahaha too funny, been driving me nuts & I’ve been driving everyone around me nut, hey presto, I sucked the headphone jack and now it works

  41. poyan says

    do this steps will work for sure
    1. Plug in headset when iPhone is locked.
    2. Hold down the power button so that the “slide to power off” bar appears.
    3. Remove the headphones.
    4. Push the “Cancel” button at the bottom of the screen.
    5. Go to the phonepad and see if pressing the buttons now produces sound.

  42. Ecneret says

    My iPhone has the same problem. Honestly, I tried to suck the headphones jack, blew the headphones jack, rebooted the iPhone, unplugged and plugged in the headphones again and again, but, it did NOT work. Finally, I was quite frustrated and wanted to buy a new one, so I tried a new way: Use a narrow cottenstick and spray (or pour) a SMALL amount of alchohol on that cottenstick. Remember not to pour much, because the headphones jack would burn if it senses water. Just try it on the iPhone, anywhere (I tried it next to the headphones jack) if there has water on it. If not, then it is excellent. If have, then you might have poured too much. Then put that cottenstick with small amount of alchocol on it to the headphones jack, and rub it a few times, wipe the headphones jack clean, jab it once or twice, then see if it works. My phone did.

  43. Julia says

    I had spilled a drink and I guess some of it went into the headphone jack and I only noticed until I received a phone call and turned the volume up that it said “headphone” that I didn’t have in. I tried sucking very hard, I tried rolling a napkin up, I tried blowing into it. Nothing worked. What DID work however was taking a Q-Tip and taking the cotton off the end and putting the stick into the headphone jack until it hits the bottom. And then wiggling it around a bit, and voila! It worked! Hope this is helpful!

    • Dayna says

      This worked for me, accidentally spilled milk from my cereal on it this morning! However it did take several q-tips (with the cotton ripped off), like 3 or 4, so don’t give up if it doesn’t work on the first one.

      • Brandee m says

        This totally worked for me! The qtip with the cotton ball ripped off worked. I did everything else…
        Thanks for saving me a trip to the apple store!

      • Ginger says

        Phone got wet during Blizzard 2013. I tried the sucking, plugging in and out, vacuuming and a qtip. Thanks for telling me not to give up after just one qtip. It finally worked.

    • KAri says

      I tried all the other stuff and I almost gave up because they didn’t work, but Julia was right! the end off a qtip did it first try!!! thank you so much

    • Fred says

      Its absolutely worked, what a miracle, saved my butt from getting ripped at the apple store. I had to use two q-tips to get it to work but it works!

    • Ashley says

      You are a life savor! I tried EVERYTHING that was suggested on here and other sites and nothing worked except this! Thank you so much! It took 2 Q-Tips to get it to work!

    • Gabe says

      I have a 3gs and had it on my lap in my car, got out, and it fell (completely submerged)in a dirty puddle for about 2-3 seconds. When I pulled it out, the earphone speaker didnt work, and the bottom speaker was faint, but working. After an hour the bottom speaker was completely functional, but my earphone speaker didnt work because it said it had the “headphones”. I stuck the Q-tip to the bottom, wiggled it around for about 10 seconds, didnt work. Used another Q-tip and it worked!!!!

    • Cj says

      Thank you so much… Gave myself a headache from blowing and sucking on it… Stupid idea… Qtip worked first go!

  44. Dave says

    Couldnt believe it… Tried the vacuum on the earphone socket and it worked…saved a trip to the apple shop the weekend before Xmas 😉

  45. Alex says

    My son’s ipad was not working, tried the air blower and didn’t work. I read about the sucking, so I thought that using the automatic nose sucker of my baby would work, and it did (I changed the tip for a new one before using it). It might sound gross but actually is better than just suck on it.

  46. Martine says

    Tried everything else and was starting to get desperate as I wouldn’t be able to get to Apple shop over christmas…..sucking the headphone jack really worked!!!

  47. Lyman says

    Just dropped my iphone in the snow while playing catch with my dog. Ended up having to suck very hard but I got it. Thanks!

    • Jack says

      How this worked beats me! Dropped mine (iPhone 4) in a touch of water earlier today and I’ve tried everything! Put it in rice (usually works when they get wet) and then before reading I tried the qtip (worked wonders on old Nintendo games ha) and read all these and finally decided to give in and suck off my phone and not only did it work but now I’m a “sucker” for apple!

  48. Libby says

    I haven’t used headphones on my iPhone 5 yet, so it confused me when it said I had some in when I went to turn the volume up on my music, I tried sucking the hole where the headphones go in but that didn’t work, but then I took the end off a cotton swab and stuck it in the hole till it reached the end, then wiggled it about a bit, it took a few times, about 7 or 8 bit it worked!! Hope that helped x

    • Kal says

      Tried everything – freezer, headphones, blowing, sucking.
      Finally tried cotton bud but it was too wide so i removed the head and poked the plastic bit into the earpiece socket. Voila!!!!

  49. Mite says

    My phone is fucking stucked in headphone mode….I tried EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING…..nothing works for me…This is making me angry….can someone help me with this shit ??????

  50. Samantha says

    Omg this had me rolling…. I had to blow mine for it to work… LMFAO I no this shit sound funny but its true n it works… @ first I suck it n it didn’t work so I had to blow it n @ first it didn’t work so I blow dry it n that didn’t work but I didn’t give it I was determined to fix my iPad so since most of the comments say blowing works I tried it again but hard n man oh man it work… Yea I no crazy but it work… It was so funny I had to make a post on my FB page… LMFAO

  51. Yurok says

    Spray headphone jack with WD40 and then unplug re-plug headphones several times. WORKED FOR ME!!!! I work outside, suspect contacts got corroded because of moisture or maybe rain drop got in headphone jack.

    • Nikki says

      Yes !! The cotton bud thing worked after 3-4 times . I would like to thank my parents and all my fans out there for your support. Haha I’m kidding thank you guys anyway !!

  52. Muffy says

    Tried EVERYTHING. Phone in the freezer worked. Took it out of the freezer..a few minutes later the sound was back. Thanks whoever suggested that!

    • donnie says

      I was having the same problem as everyone else and i tried everything. The only thing that worked was sucking out the ear plug hole on the iphone. I took a straw a little smaller then the plug in and set it in just enough so no air would leak. After doing that,i sucked so hard I think i swallowed a couple screws and maybe an app or two but it worked.lol. Just the sucking through the straw. Not blowing into it or shoving things down there. I dont know for sure but putting things down the earplug holes , who knows what else could happen, just a thought. But anyway, the straw trick is what worked for me. Good Luck.

  53. rosie says

    heyyy thanks a lot for all the info, I blowed really hard and it came of headphone mood…. I didn’t think it would work but it did…. thanks guys…..

  54. Jenn says

    Thanks! Tried plugging and re-plugging headphones, resetting, q-tips, with no luck. Blowing actually worked- go figure.

    • Jenny says

      The only thing that worked for me was taking the cotton off both ends of a Qtip sticking it in and sucking hard!

  55. says

    twisting tissue and sticking it into the jack WORKED, just like picking your nose, dirt came out of the jack and that was the problem. It worked.. thanks to this thread… SUCKING did not worked for me though ^_^….

  56. Sydney says

    Thank you somuch!!! I thought my parents were going to kill me! I tried putting my phone in the freezer, cleaning it with q tips, plugging and unplugging the headphones, but the sucking is what worked! Thank you!

  57. Paco says

    Maybe its something about the charging conector. I used to charge my ipad to 100%, but one day before i had the problem, i didn’t allow it to 100%. The day i lost the sound, i started looking for a solution on the web, and everything i tried didn’t work. So my last try was to let the ipad go to 0% and connect it charging to 100% all night long. When i tried the ipad in the morning, it had sound without headphones like always.
    Some people has suggested the problem is something about the charging connector. Im one of them.
    Hope this helps you and you understand evrything i said (english is not my mother language).

  58. Lizzie says

    The Q tip without the cotton worked! I tried everything! But then i tried that for about 10 seconds and then got a new one and now it works again! thank you so much!

  59. Kosic says

    Was about to reset my phone, as I was backing up my phone. I came across this.
    Sucking on the headphone jack actually worked. Like a bunch of small sucks of air unclogged what ever was causing the issue.

  60. rocky says

    idk what to do nothing works ;C help i went to a eletronics store they told me itll cost 2500rub ps im from russia thats like almost 100 bucks ;C

  61. rocky says

    idk what to do nothing works ;C help i went to a eletronics store they told me itll cost 2500rub ps im from russia thats like almost 100 bucks ;C
    P.S.S scared of doing the freezer

  62. Satya says

    Try blowing air hardly right on to the headphones port! It worked for me. There will be a sensor inside the headphones port which will detect whether a headphone is connected or not and switch its speaker mode accordingly. If something obstructs its working, the phone may be set to headphones mode and may not change to speaker mode.
    I tried uffff uffff…(blew air hardly 5-6 times)..
    WORKED :)
    Good Luck!

  63. Roberta says

    Thanks, the reset….nope….the blow dryer…..nada…..unplug/replug headphones7 or 8 times….nothing…..suck real hard on the port….amazing!

  64. Andrew says

    Everything I tried did not work. Than I sucked as hard as possible on the headphone jack
    And it actually worked. I swear that is so amazing.
    Mine was broke because I spilled lemonade all over it.

    I simple sucking of the headphone jack port thing and BAM! It’s in ringer mode as I type this!

    Thanks 😀

  65. Brianna says

    I tried everything. I tried putting the headphones in when it was locked and holding down the lock button until the turn off thing popped up then taking them out and pressing cancel and it didn’t work. I tried the Q-tip thing twice, and it didn’t work. But sucking on it, SUPER hard, actually works, but it takes more than one try.

  66. Michele says

    Omg.. Tried everything after spilling lemonade on my phone.. Q tip worked on second try!! Thank you thank you thank you !!

  67. Neil says

    The main thing is don’t give up. it will fix eventually…. For me it was the sequence of q-tip with alcohol to clean, several hours later sucked it with my mouth, then the hold both buttons for 15 seconds straight to put it in sleep mode, plugged it in and then held the power button for 15seconds to relaunch it.

  68. rio says

    ok, i have tried everything on here…..nothing…. when i blow into the speaker on the right side tho, i get sound….as soon as i stop, it goes away…. i bought this phone secondhand so i can’t get it replaced…help!

    • rio says

      rio i just solve this problem! Dont panic its nothing serious problem, dirt or wather or swet enter youre earphone jack and automaticly stuck the tiny ball in the jack! Hear me out! U need to take a wooden teeth stick and alchohol ! Put the woden teet stick little in alchohol just from the top and take the iphone and gently push two tree times the little tiny first ball in the jack of the iphone ang rub on it from the sides also little! The problem will be GONE ! :) i solve mine

    • says

      Had the same problem, when I unplugged the headphones, the sound was off. Tried everything suggested, and finally the problem resolved so that now when I removed the headphones I just press the play button and the sound returns :))

    • Paige says

      I had this problem as we’ll so I looked at comments on YouTube and found this one so I’ll tell you how : Blow into it or about 5 seconds then get a q tip and with the cotton on it go into the headphone jack but don’t go all the way down then just like twirl it to remove dirt or anything that is in there then plug your headphones in and out about 8 times then power off your phone about 3 times then go into settings and go to sounds and look to where it says ringer and alerts slide it up and down for a while and that’s it . You will have to wait 15-20 minutes then it should work good luck

  69. Guy says

    OMFG THIS WORKED, after dropping the phone down the loo (clean) I took my wife’s phone to the local phone shop and after charging £90 they fixed the whole phone. but since then it was dropped in the bath (just clean water no bath gel) I hate apple myself I’m a Microsoft person, and I don’t want to pay out again. after making love with cotton buds and sucking it off for about an hour it worked.

    many thanks

  70. Devin dugan says

    This helped me alot I just sucked the debris out of the headphone jack and now it is back to normal

  71. Al Shrout says

    Worked instantly for me. I had turned my phone off twice to no avail. I carefully and heterosexually sucked on the headphone port for a couple seconds and boom. Problem solved. Chhhyea

  72. Tyler says

    I dropped my phone in the pool with a lifeproof case and some water got in I have literally tried everything unplugging replugging, air, sucking, rebooting, and still in headphone mode help me

    • says

      hey if u got water, a couple of weeks ago i got water in my phone and it qwas stuck in headphone mode so i gave up after i tried evrything then the next day it randomly fixed coz theres water in the phone that needs to dry

  73. Chantel says

    I tried all of these but they didn’t work, what did work was taking a small piece of dry paper towel and twisting it so it was thin and gently pushing it into the headphone hole thing and twisting it in there etc. Absorbs anything in there and cleans it. Now I have a headphone plug in it to prevent dirt or water from getting in there again.

  74. Katie says

    This worked, thank you! I sucked on the headphone jack and then I plugged in and pulled out the headphones a few times and it worked.

    • Mark b says

      Yup I reset mine about 5 times no good . Cotton tip no good sucked it for a few seconds perfect .cant believe it.

  75. Chintoo says

    My iphone was in headphone mode from 3 hours, tried many tricks. but sucking the jack hole worked for me… thanks…

  76. Charlie says

    This actually does work. I basically don’t know why it happened but I sucked on the headphone hole (no homo) and it worked thanks.

  77. Tiffany says

    It worked!! I was freaked out.. I really did not have the time or money to get my iPhone fixed.. It worked.. Thank God.. It worked!!! Sucking on an iPhone is never recommended unless this happens.. Lol :)

  78. Wes G says

    So i tried blowing (didn’t work). I tried unplugging and plugging headphones (didn’t work). I tried sticking a toothpick inside (didn’t work). I got all those ideas off other sites – then I sucked repeatedly for several seconds and yahoo it worked! Thanks! And the posts on here are hilarious!

  79. Alice in lalaland says

    Cleaned it with alcohol and q-tip (i had to cut off end so used the stick. Rubbed for about 45 seconds then pushed volume Ctrl at home screen and plugged and unplugged headphones several times while the volume screen was illuminated. Had to still plug the headphones in after cleaning.

  80. Riaan says

    Fixed mine like this (nothing else worked even after trying a few hours!)
    Took a earbud. Cut the cussion part in half, then cleaned the jack out with that.
    Took me a few seconds using this…. Cheers

  81. Brandon says

    OMFG nothing had worked sucking plugging and unplugging rest nothing then I stuck a pice of napkin in the jack and turned it a few times and it now WORKS thanks for the advice!!!!!!!!

  82. Charlotte says

    I’ve tried everything, I’ve turned it on and off, sucked at the jack hole, repeatedly pulled the headphones in and out, etc, and it still won’t work, but it doesn’t matter too much, I usually have my phone on silent. I think it happened when I was drinking a cup of tea, and spilt some. It landed on my phone, but I have a case on, and I’m pretty sure none got in, it’s only happened in the past hour or so, as it was working earlier & I haven’t used headphones since yesterday?

  83. aaron says

    nothing worked paper towel cotton ball hair dryer nothing sucked the coloring our of the the screen worked like a charm!!!!!

  84. Tom says

    Yep, dropped my iPhone in a snowbank, and sucking on the headphone port worked, even after waiting, warmimg, trying to dry the port out with a paper towel failed. So your advice sucks, but in a good way… Thanks very much!

  85. Melisa says

    Tried all of the above, in the end sucking on it once for a couple seconded worked for me. Good luck everyone, it was frickin annoying!!

  86. Charlotte says

    Omg thank you!!! I did everything i could and then saw this
    it works when i suck it lol
    I’m so happy!!!

  87. Amanda says

    I took a piece of a waterbottle the arrowhead and i just dug down after trying everthying and this worked i never knew that a tiny blue thing of a water bottle would save my iphone

  88. Tc says

    Woooo Hooooooo!
    After 3 hours of Qtips, You Tube Videos, blowing, sucking, turning bluetooth off/on… I went back to sucking and it finally worked. I did sucked in butsts several times and BAM! All of a sudden all my sounds were back (text, on/off)!!! Thank you sooo much! WOO HOOOOO

  89. claire says

    poked with a paper clip, blew in it, tried the hairdryer, pulled jack in and out….nothing! blew in it a few times and it worked!

  90. Samantha says

    After trying many times to reset, putting the jack in & out many times, toothpick, paper towel, sucking…. All of it. Finally I sucked and put jack in and alternated that a few times and sucked like I never have before… Viola! It works now. Sucking was the trick!!

  91. nathan says

    I tore a small piece of paper into a cylinder and repeated push it bak and forth it eventually dislodged a large piece of dust/dust particle and the sound started working again.

  92. Barva says

    Try resetting your phone (holding lock button and home button down at the same time until you see the apple logo) while your headphones are in the headphone jack. I did this and when I took the headphones out the problem was solved.

  93. Chellbryan says

    Thanks! The sucking worked! I was starting to get worried that I would not be able to fix my phone. Thanks again!

  94. Bea says

    Oh my god I can’t believe it but my sound is back!!!! Just persevere and something will work! I spent the better part of an hour blowing, using qtips, sucking, resetting and everythi g else suggested and finally something stuck.

  95. Nitesh says

    Cant believe it but it worked for me as well…I have become a sucker as well…I was geting worried that it wont be fixed…then in frustration, I plugged and unplugged Headsets several times…then i sucked at the headset Jack very hard for 1-2 mts…many a times…suddenly, it started working…God..

  96. Melanie Palmer says

    I tried all that was suggested, blowing the phone jack hole and cleaning with cotton tips, using the headphones, changing the settings etc to no avail.
    I blasted the phone jack with the hairdryer (on cold setting) and it cleared it. I now have volume I can hear! So if all else fails, get the hairdryer out!

  97. Pauliina says

    Thank you for this post. I was terrified at how badly I was going to get it from my better half, as I knew I had to come clean as to how careless i had been with my iPhone 6+. Boo to me, yay to you. I even tried taking it to a shop to see if they could disassemble it while it was wet an hour after it took a bath. Their technician would be coming in hours later, and I was stuck at work. I did the suckie and blowie trick, to no avail, cotton swab (No alcohol), and had to get back to work. Tried to turn on my music and let it turn off. ‘Not a chance underpants’, I spoke to myself out loud. Then, back to work, had a meeting, picked up my phone, turned up the volume again, and instead of it reading ‘Headset’, it miraculously read ‘Ringer’. I made a courageous call the the husband and heard him properly through the earpiece, and will not have to come clean after all! HA HA! you’re the most, and thank you to everyone for the rest of the feedback.

    My trick was most likely that it had only a moment to take a swim, immediately unclothed it, and dried it as best I could in the time I had. I was in the middle of an appt, so I had to fix it 30 minutes later. I swabbed and, did the ear bud, in and out thingie, shook it like a baby to see if there was water swashing around inside; no problems there. I think it just needed to be dried out and left be, with my arms in the air and take a few steps backwards. Like I said, just later, maybe an hour or so, it is right up to speed again.

    Good night, and good luck

  98. Kyle says

    I had this same problem with my Iphone 6. I tried everything ha. I use spotify for music and don’t have music on my itunes but i went and opened my itunes and played music from the radio station and boom, it worked and fixed the problem. Ii closed the itunes app and went to spotify and music played right away. I appreciate all the info on here!

  99. Kelsey says

    Omg I tried everything like 50 times each than I started to blow- nothing than I blew harder and I blew harder finally it worked thank you omg I almost threw my iPod out the windo like for real I got so mad when nothing worked >:~<

  100. Amrit says

    None of these options worked for me and I just started to do stupid things and when I pressed the Bluetooth button, the ringer and speaker started working again!

  101. shane says

    I sucked, blowed, poked around with a qtip and tried to reset two times, but it was still stuck in headphone mode. Finally, I gave it a quick shot of electrical contact cleaner…that did the trick!

  102. Wench says

    I set the phone next to the sink while I get ready & brush teeth/do makeup…I suspect I got some moisture or powder in there…Qtip and headphones worked for me! Lifesaver! Thanks!!

  103. Alissa says

    My phone fell in water and it was stuck on earphone mode for 10-20 minutes after that i turned it off and on and it was still stuck so I let my phone rest for a bit and it’s works fine now

  104. Nixie says

    omg so i had this problem after putting my iphone 4s into a plastic bag with with a water bottle. i tried all of that stuff, didnt work. then i connected it to my bluetooth speaker, then unconnected it and it worked. guess it was just stuck in headphone lock or something. Def try to connect it to bluetooth!!

  105. Jay says

    Omg!!!! That sucking thing really worked! I was about to lose hope but then I said why not try sucking, it really works!!!!!!

  106. Fred says

    The sucking hard didn’t work. I used a toothpick as you suggested, and pulled out pocket dirt! Woks just fine now. Thank you so much!

  107. says

    I dried my phone with the hair dryer and used the headphone plug method and nothing worked, not even the soft reset. I used a tissue to wipe inside headphone plug and it worked! Thanks!

  108. Josh says

    I tried everything and I still is stuck in headphones mode I cleaned the jack and blew in please help me!!!!!

  109. Rose says

    No wait never kind! I found out an easier way so go to YouTube and they’re should be a icon that looks screen with diagonal lines on it and you press it and use the one that has the random letters and numbers sorry for the bad explanation

  110. Alton says

    There was a one two combo of “blowing the hole” and using the headphones to trouble shoot It worked wish I would have got online 5 hrs ago. I usually don’t post but I had to give u your props!

  111. habtegebrael melaku. from ethiopia says

    Good God, when i switch the accessibility mode to ‘white on black’ it works!!!!…then return back to the normal appearance..z sound comes..try it

  112. Victor says

    I tried the plugging in and out the headset and didn’t work. I tried the Q-tip trick and no luck either.

    I used compressed air I use to clean the keyboard and this worked.

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