Software Update Problem: Unable to check for update. An error occurred while checking for a software update, how to fix

Several users have reported that they are receiving error messages when they try to update their device’s (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) software wirelessly. They get this error message: “Unable to check for update. An error occured while checking for a software update”.

How to troubleshoot. Try each step until you resolve your issue:

  1. You may want to try updating your software via iTunes. Updating your software may fix this problem.
  2. Settings > Wi-Fi and turn Wi-Fi off and then on again.
  3. Restart your iOS device.
  4. Reset network settings by tapping Settings      > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.
  5. Change your DNS settings. To do that, simply tap Settings > Wi-Fi then Tap the blue arrow next to your current Wi-Fi network. Tap the “DNS” field and enter the DNS servers;, (Google’s Public DNS). After this, try a software update.


    • says

      I just tried it and it WORKED! I did not do the final step, the DNS entry, because once the wifi picked up the networks after the reset, I simply redid the password for the router, the password for iTunes (I reset it last night while setting up my wife’s new MacBook Pro), and away we went!

  1. Greg says

    Doesn’t work. I’ve tried everything… Reset, changing the DNS, restating the settings etc. I cannot download the update to iTunes on my pc either. always gives me a timed out message after downloading for a half hour.

  2. Alfredo Schiavo says

    I had tried to install ios 6 everything seems to run, but after 2 hours the process do not finish. It keep showing the apple and the bar filled almost till the middle.
    Someone can help?

  3. olebogeng says

    Same problem here.I tried to use itunes for update but it also gives error message “you do not have permission to access the requested resources”.

  4. says

    I have followed exactly what was explained… Step by step & it didn’t work for me. So you mean to tell me only one person out of all of us got it to work? ! Please if anyone has gotten it to work let us all know… Thx so much…

  5. GP says

    I got it to work! I followed Step 5, and then when to software update. It showed ios7 ready to download but I kept getting an error message when downloading. I changed my DNS back to what it was before by clearing the DNS and going back to the main wi-fi page. Once reconnected to my wifi, I went back to the software download page. I tried a few more times after getting the error message, but after about the third time I got it to download! As expected, it took a little while because of the overload of people.

    Thanks for this tip!! Really appreciated.

  6. Marie says

    Followed steps 1-4. When I checked my I-phone 5s, I had no internet access, so I had to enter my network security key to reestablish my wireless connection. Once I did that, I went back to settings and was able to download the update. What a process, but it finally worked.

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