How to add and delete/clear reading lists on Safari on iPad, iPod and iPhone

Apple’s Safari browser includes a Reading List feature which lets you quickly save web pages for later reading. To save a web page, first visit the page you want to add to your Reading List, then tap Safari’s Bookmarks menu and choose the “Add to Reading List” option.

How to add reading list

To clear your reading list, go to your Reading Lists, swipe left to right or right to left over the link you want to remove, then tap Delete.

Delete reading list


  1. NCUSTA says

    That was very helpfull, u r the best. Tried other forums, they dd nt really help. I think illustration r much helpfull.

    Tx Ncusta SA

  2. Leo Loureiro says

    So do I… “Bookmarks are being synced. Please edit the bookmarks once syncing has completed.” and it never is…

  3. Arven says

    Is it possible to add reading lists under a certain bookmark? I have saved a lot of pages under reading lists, but I need them under certain headings to easily find them, instead of scrolling down all the time…


  4. Janice says

    iPhone 5c will not delete items from reading list. I swipe left to right.. Hit delete, still will not delete

  5. bill stacey says

    how do you get rid of the gray area on my iMac,when i click safari then preferences the book mark icon won’t come up???

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