Battery drain problems after iOS 6

Several users have reported battery drain problems after they have updated to iOS 6, meaning that their device (iPad, iPhone, or iPod) depletes its battery more quickly than it should according to Apple’s specifications.

Note that we receive reports of numerous battery problems after virtually every iOS update. If you are having this issue, please try the following solutions:

  • Let your battery drain completely (your device will shut off) and then fully charge it.
  • Restart your device.
  • Adjust your devices settings (see this article and this).
  • Reset your device by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.
  • Try disabling Siri if you have it.



  1. Ian says

    I also had terrible battery life on my iPhone 4S and iPad 3. After updating to iOS 6. So I did a restore and set up both as new iPhone etc. then I restored from backup. That was 3 hours ago and the battery is still 100% I’ve been out on Facebook and used the phone normally…. I noticed that the phone charged very quickly so this might have something to do with it. My iPad battery is on 74% and that hasn’t changed for quite a while. I’m using the iPad to surf the net and write this post. I’m going to try the maps on my phone and see what happens, I’ll reply shortly.

    • Ian says

      I’ve tried maps battery went down by 3% in about 15mins I also noticed that a number of podcasts downloaded automatically. iPad no change still on 74%

    • Tony says

      Exactly!? How moronic is that advice? Had a friend go into the apple store yesterday to look at the the 5. He asked about the maps and a couple of other things that have been reported to be not so stellar on the new phone. The apple worker just kept telling him to ‘not worry about it!’. Yes that’s their advice.

      • Jeff G says

        I do not believe that for a second. If there is an issue with the phone they first thing is to schedule a genius bar appointment to diagnose and correct the issue. No one at the store would just dismiss someone by saying “don’t worry about it.” If you really are having an issue, and are not just a trolling Fandroid, why not go there yourself and see what they do. Schedule a Genius Bar appointment first so you do not have to wait.

        • Tony says

          I’m not a trolling fandroid even though you’re coming off as a trolling appledroid. I’m pretty much all Apple with my electronics but situations like this annoy the hell out of me. There is simply no excuse for the problems or the responses from Apple and their store associates. They (Apple) haven’t even acknowledged the issues. It comes across as arrogant and it is arrogant.

          • Steve says

            I also have never heard of someone going to Apple (store or online) with an issue and being told, “Don’t worry about it.”

            I don’t believe that’s verbatim. Either you or your friend is lying. Perhaps that’s just how he perceived the help he got.

      • Kris says

        Did you stop to think that most of the world has absolutely no use for Siri to start with? So for everyone who doesn’t speak any of the languages supported by Siri disabling this option could be good advise.

        • Lyn says

          I use Siri everyday, it is why I got the phone. Last week I didn’t have this problem, one update and poof, no battery. If you read Apples article about this it says to just turn off things. Why did I pay a high price to turn off things.

    • Lyn says

      Exactly, I agree. Why should we have to suddenly change our settings because Apple did this. They need to send an update to reverse the last update. No I am not resetting my phone.

  2. Tony says

    So I’m supposed to disable certain high profile apps (like Siri – which is useless anyways) to save battery life??? Seriously?? WTF? Apple has never done an update to OS that hasn’t f***ed up something on the previous generation phone. Go into an Apple store and they’ll tell you to just buy a new phone. Pretty much done with Apple at this point. I used to tolerate their arrogance but now there’s devices just as good, and in some cases better. They need to be knocked down a few pegs.

    • Jeff G says

      That is not true about Apple store employees just telling you to buy a new phone. Just buying a new phone would not correct the issue because it is a software issue and not a hardware issue. You would end up restoring a backup onto the phone and the problem would persist. They know this and are trained to not recommend this as a solution unless there is a hardware failure and you are out of warranty or Apple Care. They would schedule you for a Genius Bar appointment to try and correct the issue.

      • Tony says

        Believe what you want Jeff. This is what the associate told me. You love for Apple based on your comments is a little creepy. And juvenile.

  3. Kim says

    Since installing iOS 6, Safari runs EXTREMELY slow. And some pages refuse to load at all. I have a very strong WiFi signal, so it’s not that. It acts the worst when on Facebook. I hope Apple fixes this problem soon!!!

    Also, the battery drains much quicker than it used to.

  4. Sean Hargreaves says

    Having the same issues with battery drain and thinks its unacceptable that i have to sit there for two hours restoring factory settings, restarting as a new phone, rearranging all my info and contacts that have duplicated, downloading all album covers in itunes, etc etc etc

    Other issues since i ‘upgraded’ to IOS6 are….
    * facebook freezes
    * slow browsing
    * ‘unable to connect to app store’ every time i visit yet does in a roundabout fashion???

    I have 12 of 4S models which i allocate to colleagues and thankfully i have only upgraded mine…

    Totally agree with aforementioned comments about poor response to issues and suggested fix’s to turn off funtionality / programs that essentially were the rationale behind why most users purchased in the first place…grrrrrr

  5. Yukon M says

    I have a pair of identical iPhone 4S’s loaded with the same apps. Only one was upgraded to IOS6; as soon as it was upgraded, it started using more than 50% of CPU continuously, from shortly after Safari was started until the next time the phone was power cycled. This occurred even if Safari was stopped via the task bar. The fix for the power drain in my particular case has been to disable Safari using General>Restrictions.

    The simplistic suggestions in the article are fine but limited. Please leave open the possibility that some bugs will require significant diagnostics – any app or background daemon, not just Siri, could potentially be the culprit.

  6. Roberto says

    It is absolutely frustrating !!
    The battery drain issue that came along with the IOS 6 upgrade is definitely not acceptable.
    And, considering that Apple states that QUALITY is one of the top drivers for their product design, it becomes more disappointing.

    • Sarah says

      Since updating to iOS 6 my battery drains before my eyes. I have turned off all notifications, Siri, maps etc etc. I have loved my iPad since buying it in April but am now very frustrated at having to turn everything off. Apple need to get a fix ASAP. Oops there we go another 1% just whilst typing this and my typing is not that slow!

  7. Rick says

    I had bsttery isue when i upgraded my iphone 4. I made 2 appointments at 2 different apple stores. 1st one told me it was a problem with 3rd party apps.

    2nd appointment happened 2weeks later when my phone died for 24hrs. At this point I told the employee that I want to use the apple care and get my battery replaced. I was denied my right to use apple care. They reset my phone.

    I left the store disapointed. My wife who was with me also felt that it was wrong of apple employee to deny me my right to use apple care that I paid for.

    I have since sold my iphone and bought a Samsung Galaxy S3 using my corporate discount.

    My wife sold her blackberry and got a Galaxy S2X.

  8. Ronni says

    My iphone 4s started dying at 78% Battery. So taking Apples advice i did a factory restore and backup. That was almost 4 hours ago and my phone is still on 100%. I’ve played pandora for hours, Facebook, games, text, an phone calls. My last charge was 4 hours ago. Can someone shine some light on this??

  9. Ronni says

    My iphone 4s started dying at 78% Battery. So taking Apples advice i did a factory restore and backup. That was 4 hours ago and my phone is still on 100%. I’ve played pandora for hours, Facebook, games, text, an phone calls. My last charge was 4 hours ago. Can someone shine some light on this??

  10. Chad says

    I also suffered from the same problem but have since fixed it pretty easily. After reading many posts I read, turn off siri, turn off location…bla bla bla…these people obviously do not know the kind of battery drain I was suffering….What I did was this. Go into your mail accounts in setting and I deleted my icloud account entirely. Instantly my battery life was right back and my phone stopped being 1,000 degrees…But then I noticed all my contacts were gone etc… so I added my icloud account back from the icloud under settings…I disabled safari and passbook and it still works good as new again….I read some stuff later in the day that said there is an error log in safari that is the bug…so maybe for you I would first try to go into icloud and have it 1. stop syncing safari and 2. have it delete whatever it is keeping for safari on your phone and see if that works first. You will be able to tell immediatly if so..when I took off the icloud stuff my phone instantly cooled and stopped loosing 1% every 10 minutes. I just read that in another blog that a safari log error loop with icloud was the problem. I would try that first…but for me deleting icloud and everything from the phone and then putting it back stopped the drain…dont worry your contacts and everything come back after you sync again with icloud.

  11. Ronald says

    The iPhone 4S from my wife also has battery issues after upgrading to IOS6.
    Called Apple Helpdesk and they advised to create a backup with Itunes and also do a complete reinstall with Itunes. Result is a working iPhone 4S and no more Battery Drain issues.

  12. jake says

    I open the appstore on my ipod 4g (on ios 6.0.1) and my battery (from full) drains till it dies in around 1minute and if I play any games that might drain the battery (like 3D games) it will last (from full) 2-3hours…

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