New Fix for iPad Wi-Fi Issues

Wi-Fi issues, including dropped connections and forgotten passwords, sudden cessation of data throughput, inability to reconnect to networks after sleep, and weak signals and slow transfer continue to affect iPad owners.

We’ve outlined a number of potential solution for these problems in our iPad Wi-Fi troubleshooting guide, but several users are now reporting success with a simple new fix.

Switch DHCP to manual

Tap Settings, then go to the Wi-Fi section. Tap the blue, right-facing arrow next to the Wi-Fi network to which you are currently connected, then tap DHCP. In the HTTP Proxy section, select “Manual.” You don’t need to enter any additional information.

Exit Settings, then check for alleviation of Wi-Fi issues. You may need to restart your router after making this change.

Interestingly, other users have reported that switching to Auto is of benefit (the default setting is “Off”)

A number of users on Apple’s Discussion boards report success with this fix. Among them:

  • jefisher: “WOW. I will say putting it on Auto made my max speed shoot waaaay up (1 MBps previously max using speedtest app, 6 Mbps after). Your post doesn’t make me so optimistic that will hold, but thanks for the temporary relief.”
  • Kris Selvig: “Bless you! I was about to return my iPad to the store but finally found this thread. Changing DHCP to Manual did the trick, at least so far. I was dropping nearly every minute but I’ve been online now for 45 minutes and it has been rock solid. Knock, knock.”
  • Ragoric: This is what i’ve had to do to keep my iPad connected to the net. my router is an old school G and N band Belkin N1. I had to turn off notifications and set the proxy to manual before I could reconnect to the net after sleeping. This is the first time that I have been able to reconnected upon awaking. Thanks Mr. Internet.


  1. says

    I am eagerly looking for feedback that confirms my experience using a MBP 13″ – I have miserable luck at home with a Netgear router. Never know when the MBP is going to drop the signal, fail to see the network, etc. No impact on the wife’s late 2K9 MacBook 13″, nor my 3G iPhone, and my own MBP works fine away from home. After many calls to Apple and Netgear, this iPad thread suddenly seems to explain my problem. I wonder if it may not be a wider Apple WiFi issue. So far I settle for turning Airport on and off and can usually recover the connection. Will be experimenting with Manual DHCP very soon and report back.

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    I had really bad connection problems with my iPad2 (iOS 4.3) and my NetGear Router (latest firmware). But the simple trick of switching th eproxy to manual did it for me :-)
    Thank you!

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