iTunes Store: “Your Credit Card Was Declined. Please Enter Valid Credit Card Information”

Several users have reported an issue in which their credit cards are declined by the iTunes Store. Users experiencing this issue receive the message “Your Credit Card Was Declined. Please Enter Valid Credit Card Information,” on otherwise valid cards.

It appears that this issue is occurring on an account-by-account basis. Some users have reported success in emailing the iTunes customer support center.


  1. says

    I had this problem last week and when I contacted my bank they said it was because the address associated with my credit card didn’t have the plus 4 on the zip code. Apple had recently started matching zip+4 in their verification. My bank added that information to my credit card account and iTunes was happy.

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    I found out that itunes was “placing money in a hold status” using the credit card it kept claiming was invalid. It did this everytime I clicked on submit credit card info. I had several one time charge/hold payments for a $1.99 app I was trying to purchase. My bank called me three times to verify that my card wasn’t stolen.

    Ater a few days of confusion, I ended up buying an itunes gift card and removing all of my credit card info. I always keep an available balance for purchases and have had no problems ever since.

  3. says

    I am unable to verify my credit card. I have used more than one and all giving me the same message. Really don’t know what to do anymore!!! Please help (

  4. says

    This happened to friends of mine. They had two iPhones but were using the same iTunes account to buy stuff. If both phones were logged in with iTunes at the same time (this can changed in settings), any credit card would automatically be denied. The solution was to make sure only one phone was logged in at a time. I suppose you could create two separate accounts but you might end up paying twice for the same app.

  5. says

    We just bought iphone 4s and can’t even get free apps for them because itunes won’t accept our money. This is why we hesitated to do anything with Apple. It’s always a hassle and it always seems like they are trying to prevent us from using their products or using our purchased content the way we want. I’ll just buy our content from Amazon now and if we can’t get apps soon, we’ll switch to a Droid phone. What a rotten way to treat customers!

  6. says

    Same problem here. Today, suddenly, after updating iTunes I was asked to again agree to the terms and conditions. After that my account didn’t work and it’s the SAME account I’ve used for YEARS continuously. Edkroket may be right on the multiple login thing. I’m on laptop #2 now and my laptop #1 is sitting in another location, on the internet and logged into the same iTunes account I’m using on #2 now. As soon as I can get to laptop #1 again I’ll test this theory. All I know is that if I could get hold of an Apple rep right now I’d totally JUNK PUNCH him…

  7. says

    Hey, my problem is when i try to use my credit card; ,it responds as “Yor credit card was declined please enter a valid credit card info.” Even when i try to get a account for a free app without credit card i am failing. I just bought an iPod touch 4G to play some games but now i m stuck with it. Such a shame for a company like Apple.

  8. says

    I’m getting the same error “Your credit card was declined please enter a valid credit card”. We’ve tried 3 different cards to create our itunes account and ALL cards gave us the same error. So frustrating! Anyone know of a solution??

  9. says

    I’ve read it’s due to IP geolocation. Apple are legally only allowed to distribute based on zone so travellers are finding this denied issue more and more. However, I’m not a traveller, have always had a UK credit card entered and used the UK localisation in Itunes and now I’m getting it. I’ve spent £100’s in there, which I guess will be going to Amazon or other etailers now. Definitely not renewing my contract with the iphone either – tired of this walled garden and big brother tactic of telling me what I can put on the phone I paid a fortune for. You’d think Apple’d have the sense to see what happened to AOL and Compuserve before them for their walled garden approach.

  10. says

    Whatever the reason, +4 zip, IP localization, multiple phones, Apple should post a solution in their customer service section, or provide a phone number for support and resolution. We have all bought into this “Think Different” line of BS, and now we’re trapped. Divesting from all Apple products and switching has a very high cost, since iTunes is the only way in, there should be adequate support. We are expats, living overseas, and the degree of difficulty of resolving anything is extremely high and frustrating. Microsoft was accused of creating a trade monopoly and has had to defend itself for years, but their alleged violations of free market principles, seem like nothing compared to this.

  11. says

    Same credit card account for quite some time, same Apple or Itunes account for multiple years. No it gives me problems. No matter what the problem, they need to work it out, they’re missing money.

  12. Natalie says

    hi im really struggling with my Ipad2.
    It keeps sayin my credit card is declined.
    I have tried a couple.
    I want to create an ID where i dont need to put in credit card details.
    We dont have an istore where i live.

    • Sam says

      @Natalie, Open the iTunes store (make sure your not logged-in to any account), search for a free app (Say…Twitter app) > download the app > iTunes will prompt you to “Sign in” or “Create an account” > Go ahead and create a new account [Notice iTunes will give you an option of “None” in the credit card details > Complete the registration > verify your account….. your free iTunes Account!

  13. Hario Santoso says

    Indonesia has always been banned from lots of website due to fraud. But, when there’s one (or more) who is eager to follow the rules and willing to buy from their own pockets, iTunes banned me by declining MY OWN credit card. Checked with my bank, and there’s nothing wrong with my card. I don’t know how they (Apple) think in treating its customer. I have 2 imacs, 2 mbook airs, 2 mbook pros, 1 iphone 5 and 1 ipad, and now they treat me like shit? And after all complaints above, there’s still no answer how to solve this problem.

    They just reply me with “If you are still unable to add a credit card to your account after following the above steps, you may wish to use an iTunes Store Gift Card for your purchases. Gift cards are available at many retailers, including the Apple Store.”

    What’s the use of having iTunes account then? What a disappointment.

    • sayid akhmad fauzi says

      bang, jd gmna akun nya? sudah bisa belum?
      saya baru td malam kena masalah ini…

      sepertinya dari temen2 forum belum ada solusi nya yah??

      payah apple….

      • hario santoso says

        Blum…bolak balik email, jawabannya masih blm ada yg solved. Tp usaha mrk utk ttp kontak saya, cukup diacungi jempol. I’m getting tired having this issue.

        • Sayid AKhmad Fauzi says

          wahh.. payah bener..

          sudah nelpon, kirim email…ujung2nya saya disuruh ganti kartu kredit…


          kartu kredit cuma ini satu2 nya..

          saya uda cari2 semua forum tentang masalah ini, ternyata jawabannya hampa semua… not solve….

  14. James says

    i keep getting card declined, and i cant really call my bank because as it has nothing to do with the bank as i get the same message with many different cards. i really need help, i cant even update my apps or download free apps, its rediculas and apple need to sort it out! if you have any help please email me – – please help me !!!!

  15. Genny says

    i get card declined all the time, and i cant really call my bank because as it has nothing to do with the bank as i get the same message with many different cards. i really need help, i cant even update my apps or download free apps, its rediculas and apple need to sort it out! if you have any help please email me – – please help me !!!!

  16. Andre says

    I have the same problem…all of suddent the credit card was declined, try to change with others also didn’t work…. Somebody from apple should contact me soon….or anybody know the support from apple? I’ve been using apple since 2009 without any problem, but today is really bad….

    Apple should put FAQ related this issue…

  17. David says

    I had problems using a prepaid debit card on my iTunes account and my App Store for free apps. If you’ve got a negative balance on your card or zero balance, it will not allow you to download apps, whether free or not.

  18. Vladrake says

    Same here, I Came to apple after some years of over using android, people keep telling me how good apple is and what not, so I bought the new ipad… I must tell you that I am big disappointed, I can’t download any music that been legal or illegal, I can’t buy anything that I want because of this mistake. Apple has a big name but all it does is trap their customers in custody in a big monopoly game… I’m seriously considering selling my ipad and return to a new big android tablet where I have the freedom to customize it detail by detail to my likes and hear the music that I want when I want.

    • Lesley says

      I have an android tablet and I am getting the same message after months of using the same card with no problems. I tend to think it may be our bank refusing to pay debits under $5 as someone stated. I don’t think it matters what the device is, if payment is being processed for an apple app.

  19. Kazz says

    Please tell me someone has a solution for the credit card being declined issue. I’ve got money in my account and its still happening. All I want is a free app and its not letting me download it. Apple sucks.

  20. Sami says

    Screw apple ….. Never ever got this kind of BS when using Andriod devices I’m regretting listening to my son and buying him iPad mini when there are loads of Droid devices with the same screen size and better spec’s.. It’s a bran new iPad mini and I can’t use it .. what a totall rip off!!

  21. Scrump says

    Same issue here, nil issues until today, same card, still valid, no it says I owe 1.99 for an app I purchased. Plenty of cash on my card and still decline. I’m in Australia. I brought ipad for kids. I hate apple tactics now I can’t even access free apps. The paid app says it took my cash in my bank account. Ah apple couldn’t organise a r**t in a brothel with a fist full of hundreds. Their dictatorship is gonna come down hard on them. Get head out of butt apple.

  22. Michael says

    same problem, i bought an itunes card loaded my device with credit and now cant use it or even download free apps anymore. Once my current apps need updating i wont even be able to use them anymore. I need to get a new tablet provider because apple sucks, now I just have three expensive paper weights.

  23. rakesh says

    I am unable to verify my credit
    card. I have used more than
    one and all giving me the same
    message. Really don’t know
    what to do anymore!!! Please
    help (

  24. Carlene says

    I’m experiencing this problem now too :(. Got a free trial on Spotify, and it expired on 15 July, which is fine, but it’s paid through Apple, and I can’t go back to free, which is frustrating! I also bought a weight loss app for £4.99, but no problems with that. I removed Facebook to re-establish lost connection, now I can’t download it again, even though it’s free. Phoning the customer support when it opens, really frustrated now x

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