iMessage not working – how to fix

Several people have reported an issue in which iMessage service is not working properly on iPhone, iPod Touch and/or iPad. For instance, iMessage doesn’t send or receive messages.

How to resolve this problem:

Turn off and on (restart) your iOS device (press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds, then slide the slider.)

If restarting doesn’t fix it:

It has been reported that changing your DNS settings fixes this issue. To change DNS servers, follow these instructions for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad):

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Wi-Fi on the left-hand side
  3. Tap the blue arrow next to your current Wi-Fi network
  4. Tap the “DNS” field and enter the DNS servers; (Google’s Public DNS). For more information about Google’s public DNS, please see this:

Please also see these articles:


  1. Peggy says

    I also was having problems with my iMessage and FaceTime not working and this has fixed the issues surrounding iMessage (and FaceTime, too). In order to do this, go to Settings -> General -> Date & Time and toggle the switch on Set Automatically to ON. It worked. I have been working on it for almost a week.

  2. says

    Double tap unsent message … Progress bar will be unfinished and in blue .. and in contextual pop up menu choose send as text message .. Progress bar and message will turn green to show this is an SMS and not an iMessage :)

  3. jas_mangat says

    hi on ipod i cant send messages it keeps saying “message send failure” can someone please help with this its been like 1 year and i cant get it to work

  4. sean says

    Double tap “Unsent message”? No, it doesn’t even give the courtesy of saying that. Mine just closes out and leads me to believe that it’s been sent. Or, it’ll close and then say that my “i message” is turned off. NO it isn’t! I even lost the pictures I took and included in the messages to family last night. This ALL has happened since I downloaded the latest IOS fix. Too bad for me.

  5. sean says

    Turned it off. Back on, tried to re-send pix to my brother. Got this info: “iMessage needs to be enabled to send this message.”
    1. Okay, going into “settings” again. There goes the message, NOT SAVED in unsent messages.
    2. Went into “settings” and put “”. There were already two other addresses there…then what? There’s no “enter”. Close out? What to do next? These directions are vague. So, I’ll do that (close out) and re-try sending the message, for the 4th time…doubting it’ll work, because I didn’t really get instructed on what to do…
    3. GUESS WHAT?! It says, once again, “iMessage needs to be enabled to send this message.” Wow, thanks apple. Sort of wanting a different smart phone due to this constant pain. You are NOT helpful. Would love you to contact me, but I know you won’t.

  6. Deej says

    Tried to send a video to grandson, message said I needed Imessage, Purchased imessage but it just shows a big green and black mess. Tried swiping to move it, nothing. Followed every direction in here, nothing, still can’t send the video to my grandson.

  7. Jessica says

    My daughters iMessage not working right. Her name is in blue & when I send it it’s blue but don’t say delivered then it goes to green. Her iMessage is on. What to do next?

  8. Iphone user says

    Go to settings-> i messages -> set iMessage on/off to on.

    This works just in case if your iMessage was reset to off, which happens most of the time automatically without our notice.

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