iMessage not working – how to fix

Several people have reported an issue in which iMessage service is not working properly on iPhone, iPod Touch and/or iPad. For instance, iMessage doesn’t send or receive messages.

How to resolve this problem:

Turn off and on (restart) your iOS device (press and hold the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds, then slide the slider.)

If restarting doesn’t fix it:

It has been reported that changing your DNS settings fixes this issue. To change DNS servers, follow these instructions for iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad):

  1. Tap Settings
  2. Tap Wi-Fi on the left-hand side
  3. Tap the blue arrow next to your current Wi-Fi network
  4. Tap the “DNS” field and enter the DNS servers; (Google’s Public DNS). For more information about Google’s public DNS, please see this:

Please also see these articles:


  1. Annesia says

    Ahhh THANK YOU SOO MUCH. I just bought my iPad 3 days ago and have been having this problem. I took it back to Best Buy to let the Geek Squad figure it out twice, and they did something and fixed it, but it didn’t fix it for kept going back to not working. This fixed the problem!! I was actually thinking about just returning it because of this…hopefully other people will find this helpful also!

  2. ryan says

    The fact that you have to turn off your phone/ipad every 5 minutes proves that this is a serious issue. my phone works most of the time but i cannot view the messages or receive them via my iPad.

  3. Ian says

    It worked for my son’s ipod touch. I was then able to change the DNS back to the router (default one) and it continued to work. It also sorted out the “find my ipod touch” and face time calling which had never worked before. Thanks.

  4. Mike Thompson says

    I have an iPhone 4 and found over the past few weeks that iMessage was no longer working. Just solved the problem … iMessage was set to “off”. Try turning iMessage “on” by going to Settings > Messages > and is iMessage (which should be at the top) is off, simply turn it on and enter your Apple ID password if prompted.

  5. Jen says

    Brother has iPod Touch with ios5 but we can’t find iMessage on it. When you go to Settings> there is no option for Messages, so no way to turn “On” as some have suggested… anyone know a solution?

      • Private says

        This could lead to any broken manufacture in the software check if you have an update. Settings > General > Update If its up to date you will have no access to update. You can reset your IOS device. Just simply hold the Sleep/Wake Button and the home button at the same time until you see the Apple logo. If that dosent work you can try resetting your brothers iPod If any of these soultions dosent work you can make a appointment at the Genius Bar at your nearest Apple Retail Store.

  6. Hadi qamar says

    Bro u finally made my day happy! I thought it was hopeless but yeah it’s the dns code thing that solved everything. Bro I just wanna give ya $100 but I’m underage for overseas mail. You’re my hero!

  7. Nadzieeeee says

    proper gonna waste my time going to the apple store. THANK YOU and THANKS TO GOOGLE NOT USELESS FOR ONCE MUAHH XXOXOXOXO

  8. claudia amador says

    My husband bought our son the new apod touch and we had the problem of not conecting. I change the DNS to and it worked. Thanks for the help!

  9. Mick says

    Check Data Roaming and Cellular Roaming are “On”
    I turned them off for battery life and imessage failed, but not always.
    Worth a go anyway!

  10. Fred says

    My wife and I both have an iPad 2, but not iPhones. We have used Face Time, but when I try to message her it doesn’t work. I’ve changed the DSN number on my iPad . Guess she needs to change hers also? Does everyone that wants to use iMessage need to do this?

  11. Easybreezy says

    all you have to do is switch off the sms tab, and switch on the iMessage tab, while connected to your laptop et voila! iMessage works again :)

  12. bubbleolove says

    thank-you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much i have tried everything adn this is genious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :):):):):):):):):):)

  13. says

    I’ve had problems with iMessage on my iPhone4 for the past 2 weeks and have gone through Tier-2 Apple tech support team who couldn’t fix my problem. I’ve been playing around with my settings and I think I figured out a few things that may help fix the issue. Try a few of these and see if it fixes your iMessage issue.

    1.) Go to Date and Time settings and turn ON Set Automatically (if you had turned it off)

    2.) Make sure under Restrictions setting you have it set OFF and Facetime should be ON.

    3.) Changing the DNS number did not work for me but did work for some on the forum so you can try that.

  14. Miguel says

    I had a problem with iMesssage & Facetime…. it stated.. validation problem… and I Follow Russell instructions & finally they are operational again !!!.. thanks…

    Follow Russell easy steps..

    1.) Go to Date and Time settings and turn ON Set Automatically (if you had turned it off)

    2.) Make sure under Restrictions setting you have it set OFF and Facetime should be ON.

  15. Lydia says

    IMessage worked for 1 week and has now stopped. I tried the suggestions and it’s still NOT working. This is very frustrating!!! Not sure what to do now.

  16. Bill says

    iMessage was working fine on my first gen iPad over wifi but would not work on my iPhone 4s over wifi. Changing the DNS setting fixed it. Thanks!

  17. Domenic says

    I have an iPod touch 4 an I recently updated my iPod to the new iOS 5. I was also using the app that comes with it called “Messages”. It was working at first. Then, when I sent a message to my friend one day, who also has an iPod touch 4 with iOS 5, it said “Not Delivered”. I sent a lot of messages to him before and that one message said that error. I kept sending and sending. The same problem kept happening. I tried all of these methods to fix it, but none of them worked. My iPod is not jailbroken, so that isn’t the problem. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  18. says

    Hey, thanks!
    I have an iPhone 4 and since I woke up this morning it didn’t send iMessages.
    This bums me out because my boyfriend, best friend, and mother all use iMessage and to me it’s way better than normal text messaging. My boyfriends’ wasn’t working either. So I typed in and it didn’t work the first couple of times with the school wifi. It worked from my home wifi :)
    thanks again!

  19. amanda says

    im about to break this phone. it won’t work… when i first had the phone the imessage worked. now, i have tried every trick and it wont work?!?!

  20. rochelle says

    I have tried everything, restoring factory settings, sim card, DNS change. Was working for months up till couple days ago. Extremely disappointed apple I am a staunch supporter but your letting me down big time lately!

  21. Just me says

    I tried by changing the DNS number to as recommended but it didn’t not only work but I can’t remember the original DNS number. Can someone help ?

    • Ashley says

      Reset your settings, it will not delete any data at all. I just fixed mine 10 minutes ago and it’s a very fast process, it should only take about 5 minutes. Hope it helps!

      • Nick says

        The settings reset worked. I have been on deployment for two months with my phone kicking me off iMessage. This has been the ONLY thing that worked!!!

      • Kyne Balfour says

        Oh thanks I have been struggling ages trying to fix this and all I had to do was RESET SETTINGS LUCKY I DIDN’T LOSE ANY OF MY STUFF. WHEN RESETING.

  22. Erica says

    ive tried everything i can find on the net and nothing is working at all help please. When i turn it on it says an error activating or it just says waiting to activate and when i send a message its blue for the imessages and it says its delivered but the other person doesnt get it. My partner and mother in law have the same problem

  23. Dennis says

    I’m having the same problem here….I’ve tried everything I could find on the net and still not working. Same problem with facetime too! :(

  24. says

    hey… thnx alot it really helped me and now i can message as long as nothing else goes wrong…
    P.S. do you have to do the same thing to get your facetime working too??

  25. nadia22 says

    i tried this, doesent work. whenever i go to setting>messages>turn imessage on, it just stays on
    “waiting on avtivation..
    help anyone :) ?

  26. Landry says

    My iPod 4G is jailbroken,iOS 5.0.1. I tried using my iMessage after jailbreaking,it asks me to Sign In with my Apple ID. After signing in it says “iMessage Activation Could not sign in. Please check your network connection and try again.” My Wifi is fine. I have rebooted the device,turned off Wifi and turned back on,I even just tried using Google’s Public DNS ( My Facetime is the same way. Please help,soon. Idk what else to do My Apple ID works when I download apps via App Store and iTunes,it being jailbroken isn’t the reason why it isn’t working.

  27. Colin says

    Settings/messages turn iMessage on worked for me. And it’s logical. Not sure how it became turned off as it worked after upgrading to OS 5.

  28. Nick67 says

    Mine is still not working. I go to settings/message and it tells me to sign in with my Apple ID but when I do and hit next it says verifying and goes back to sign in.

    • Mariette says

      I seem to be having the same problem as a lot of people, my iMessage is turned on, but it randomly sends my iMessages as text messages when I know the other people are using iPhone’s etc…any ideas would be great thanks

      • Shauna Lowery says

        Once I turned my iMessage back on, I went to my text screen and deleted the text messages from other iPhone users. When I started a new text it showed up as iMessage again. I’m not sure if that will work for you as well, but I thought it might be worth a try.

    • J. Vydra says

      Mine had the same problem, tried everything… and it fixed it – turning on FaceTime!!! Now it works perfectly. Unbelievable, 3 days nothing and now this!

  29. flora says

    I cannot receive or send iMessages even though it is turned on in my settings and i am connected to the wifi and the DNS is

    • roberta says

      so my problem was i updated my time manually, if by chance you have changed any settings recently revert to the previous one and it should work. i updated the time because it was daylight savings and because of that i couldn’t use imessage or facetime. hopefully, you’ve changed something and that will work for you

      • Paul says

        Roberta is right! I changed the time manually and that stoped everything, changed to automaticly and imessage is working again!

  30. Jessica says

    Please Help! I have tried everything and it still doesn’t work. When I go yo Settings then messages there is no on/off switch for messaging and it says my apple ID is wrong but it is right!:(

    • NP says

      if you done the
      check the accounts you’re using may be it’s a two different account in facetime and imessage..

      use 1 particular account try it.

  31. Michael says

    I have just spent the better part of the weekend trying to sort this out.
    Finally, I had switched off FaceTime. As soon as I reenabled this app iMessage allowed me to log in and started working.

  32. Ken says

    Mine wasn’t letting me login. Kept going back to login screen. Fixed it after noticing date was wrong on iPad. Changed time/date to auto update and it worked. I let the iPad die and somehow it was not on auto for time and date function.

    • Rebecca says

      Thank you!

      My daughters clock was out by about 30 minutes. Tried everything else to fix (DNS, password changes etc) but this was the problem.

      Appreciate you passing on the info.

  33. danielspeed says

    If this fails you will need to reactivate your imessages by turning off imessages and turn off any wifi connection you may have,once that is done turn off your devices and turn them on again. switch on your wifi connections then reactivate your imessages in that order, by doing this your device will ask for your apple password to reactivate imessages. hope this helps.

  34. Claude says

    I have changed the DNS setting to but it has not helped : iMessage still not working. It had worked for a couple on months until some time last December and I have never understood why it stopped working. Any other idea than the DNS change?

  35. Mirhan says

    I have tried all this, changed DNS settings and activated iMessage from settings. It shows that iMessage is on, but I really don’t know how exactly to send messages through iMessage. Can someone tell me how to verify that iMessage is on, and how to send messages through iMessage? :)

  36. Lewis says

    Went on holiday my i message didn’t work so i just used normal text got back and my phone hasn’t got back to normal i message will it do it automatically or do i have to do something ????

  37. Directioner says

    I recently got the latest iPod touch for my birthday and when I try to iMessage with my friend it says on mine that he isn’t registered and on his it says I am not registered when we both are! I have wifi as well and restarted the iPod and I changed dns and I have iMessage turned on but nothing works! Help?

  38. Gill says

    omg the date and time thing worked – my date and time were correct but as I had just gone from the UK to Saudi I decided to set it to auto date/time as suggested above then went into my settings and turned imessages on and viola it worked right away yay!!! Thanks :):):)

    • NP says

      if you had already done the
      check the accounts you’re using may be it’s a two different account in facetime and imessage..

      use 1 particular account try it.

  39. Crouvalis says

    Here’s my prob:

    I talk with my bro on iMessage. I sent him a text to his phone number, he replied to THAT message, ad I received it from his email address, which should be fine on iMessage, however, it came up as another entry from”Scott”. So, you look at my list of messages, and everyone I talk to using iMessage, has duplicate entries. One from phone number, one from email address. The messages from the phone are green, and the email blue, like it’s supposed to be, but for so,e reason it’s separating them. Wtf.


    I sent a group message to my bro and sis. Bro has iMessage, sis doesn’t. I sent the text, got a separate, not in the group, reply from my sis, which I expected, but then got the same from my bro, which I didn’t expect. Funny part was, my bro sent me a pic showing that he was in fact texting to the group, and I sent him a pic showing it wasn’t showing up in the group. It obviously is the same issue with iMessage separating the email/phone texts, but I don’t know why it’s doing that.

    I’m on 5.0.1 jailbroken

    • Dom says

      I have the same problem. My wifes on 5.1 I’m on jailbroken 5.0.1 worked fine till SHE updated now her iMessages are from email and texts are green 2 separate lists

  40. Crouvalis says

    Accidentally hit reply.

    And he’s on, I believe, 5.1. I believe he updated. This separation issue has been happening since before I jailbroke though. Jailbreak seemingly didn’t affect it at all.

  41. stefanie says

    I have the same problem, NOTHING works. I have the latest update, iMessage is turned on, google DNS is on, SMS sending option is turned off and it starts out as iMessage, then gets converted into SMS and turns green.

  42. Jeff says

    Ive tried everything on here. When I did the original fix of changing the DSN to it fixed it and I was able to message. 24 hours later I’m having the same problem again. I can’t even select someone to send a message to. Whenever I put someone’s name in it just turns red with an exclamation point. This is so annoying. Especially because I am not a Mac lover. Should have gotten a Droid tablet. PLEASE someone, let me know if there is some other magical combination of settings that has to be selected in order to make a preloaded application do what it is supposed to do. Thanks

  43. Rachael says

    I’ve been looking for the answer for a week. Here’s what worked for me. And I tried all the suggestions out there. My problem was that my phone had been sending/receiving imessages and stopped doing so, probably when I got the last update.

    Apple wants everyone to have and use their own itunes account because it’s more profitable for them and is necessary for icloud. So the last update made it so you had to be signed in under your own itunes account to make imessage work. I had my own, but I share itunes with my roommate so I was often signed in under that account. Anyway:

    1. get an itunes account

    2. In your phone go to settings, messages, then you’ll see imessage with a little on off thing, turn it off or on or whatever it’s not, then back to on. At some point here it will prompt you to sign in, then they made me authenticate emails and wait a while for it to turn on. About ten minutes later i was sending and receiving imessages again.

  44. nate says

    My imessages just stopped working about a week ago. I’ve been in Australia and disconnected from 3g for the last 2 weeks but using imessages over wifi.

    I tried changing the DNS, tried reactivating by turning off imessage, disconnecting and reconnecting to wifi then reactivating imessage but it just says “Waiting for activation…” forever.

    Any suggestions?

  45. adam says

    hi. i have a iphone 3gs ios 5.0.1 jailbroken and ive tried evrything on this list no help not at all i need help i love imessage but it wont work?

  46. says

    ivd tried changing my DNS to but it doesnt work I even made sure tht my iMessages was on does the person I txt have to have iMessages set up? pleaz help mi!

  47. Joy says

    I’ve tried everything everyone’s suggested (imessages on, DNS change, date/time to auto, etc…). I have an iPhone 3GS and my iMessages stopped working when I updated to 5.1. When I logged back into iPhone it now permanently says waiting for activation under the iMessages section. I’m beyond frustrated. And yes I’ve tried turning the phone off and on since then. Help!!!

  48. Andrew says

    Both myself and my partner have iPhones. I’m on a 4S she has my old 3GS. Since we both updated to 5.1 iMessage doesn’t work, anyone I know who hasn’t upgraded past 5.0, iMessage still works. Any ideas. Auto time update is on, on both handsets, it’s strange as it was working for a few days after the update then it suddenly stopped one afternoon and hasn’t worked since. Getting pretty sick of each Apple update feeling like a downgrade!

  49. Andrew says

    Both myself and my partner have iPhones. I’m on a 4S she has my old 3GS. Since we both updated to 5.1 iMessage doesn’t work, anyone I know who hasn’t upgraded past 5.0, iMessage still works. Any ideas. Auto time update is on, on both handsets, it’s strange as it was working for a few days after the update then it suddenly stopped one afternoon and hasn’t worked since.

    • Walter says

      I have the same problem. Just stopped working this morning. I’m running iOS 5.1.1. Thanks a lot of for the “update” Apple. No FaceTime no iMessenger…I am out of the country with the military and this is important to me. I tried rebooting, tried to reset to factory settings, tried the DNS trick, nothing has worked.

  50. Shaneil says

    My imessage says Could not sign in . please check your network connection and try again but my safari and everything else works except for facetime and imessage . i have tried everything but still nothing happens . help me out here !

  51. Sarah says

    Hi, not the same problem, but doesn anyone know why the imessage option is not available at all ? when going into settings, messages, i just see MMS/SMS settings ?
    Thank you.

    • Los Angeles girl says

      If its your iPhone it is already set up with your mobile number.
      If its your iPod touch then (older than the latest version, 4th gen.) have you updated the software recently?
      If iPad then only the recent one (the one after the 2nd gen) the it needs to be updated.

      Hope this helps!

    • Cade says

      U probably have an iPhone right? Well iPhones can text so they dont really need iMessage. My mom had the same problem.

  52. phoebe ickle says

    my messages on my iPod will work at school but when i get home it works occasionally but most of the time i can’t send anything. i gan go on google and the app store and bomb… but not messages :(

    • Jenny says

      Turning my phone off and then on again always works to get imessaging back. It seems to switch itself off and on randomly

  53. James says

    entered the alternative DNS server address and got somebody to text me from thier 4s and at last received it! i was able to send imessages but the reply i never got although the persons phone said it was delivered, all ok now though at least at the moment

  54. Georgia says

    Omg thank you so much doing this worked!!! I got a new iPod the other day and couldn’t get into iMessage or facetime but now i can so thanks sooooo much!!!!

  55. Margaret says

    I had the iPad 2 and my iMessages worked great, but since I got the iPad 3, it does not work. When I type in someone’s name it puts up red highlight and ! and then I type message but it won’t light up send…so I can’t send message. I’ve tried off/on and reset…neither has worked. Any other suggestions?

    • Amani says

      Hi instead of clicking on iMessage go to your contacts and click on the person you want to send your message to and click on share contact and finally click message.

      • jacinta says

        hey, thanks ! this helped me out a whole lot ! I had been trying forever but it never worked until now ! thank youu so much !

  56. Andrew says

    Thanks. Changing the DNS to worked for me. Do we know why this problem occurs? It was working fine with the old settings previously.

  57. Neville says

    Hi both my wife and I have iPhone 4’s and are using software 5.1 but iMessage does not work between our phones even though we have no problem using it with other iPhones.any suggestions would be really helpful

  58. Par says

    I have an iPad 2, and use iMessage and Facetime to chat w/ my girlfriend who has an iPhone 4. Both applications have been randomly stop working for days. Changing the DNS server has gotten it working again, so this solution worked for me.

  59. Peachy says

    My ipad will only send imessages to some people. It use to work with my husbands iphone but its now stopped and comes up with a red ! On his name, none of the suggestions on here have worked anyone else got any idea what i can do?

  60. chey says

    even when i change it to it wont work! ive reseted my phone and turned it off and on and when i go to imessage in setting all it says is “waiting for activation” some one please help me :(

  61. Sharon says

    Had found out that at times, 2 different addresses were used to send me text messages, and therefore there were some I never received (my email address as the destination never was received, perhaps because I didn’t have iMessage enabled). Then, when I added the DNS entry to the iMessage config, I noticed there were 2 email addresses, the appleID and an additional (both are my email address). Thus, I disabled that, somehow and attempted to send a text using iMessage. It still didn’t go through, so I simply turned it off. I am sending from an iPhone 4S to and iPhone 3S.

  62. Aneek says

    My iMessage and FaceTime just suddenly stopped working.when I click on iMessage it just shows log in, but after I click next, it says verifies and then goes to the home screen. I’ve tried everything but nothing works plz help!

  63. dee318285 says

    My iPod touch the I messaging worked fine then it just say not delivered. I cut it off in so many times I logged n and out it says it is on but won’t send messages called apple gave a forum but it didn’t work

  64. says

    i just got an iPhone 4s and when i send a text message is comes up with an exclamation mark in a rec circle and my texts wont send? Helpppp please

  65. Rob from OZ says

    If like me you have been overseas and used another sim you may need to go into the settings undre messages and turn imessage back on. Mine probably turned itself off when I turned off mobile data or when I swapped simcards.

    • RobG says

      I am overseas and use a different sim. My trouble is that I have 1 contact that the messages won’t say delivered. All others work its just the one. It seems like it takes hours to deliver and sometimes days. Ever run into that problem? Also I’m on and iPhone 4 5.1.1(9B206) not 208(I’m a GSM iPhone from AT&T) never had this until the update. And sometimes they go through no problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  66. Mel says

    had the same problem,
    go to settings > messages > there is on off for imessage, just switch it to on and it should works perfectly.
    mine didn’t work after i updated my iphone4 but now it works.
    hope this help :))

  67. Jadyn McKay says

    I have tried restarting my iDevice it didn’t work then I tried changing the DNS to it’s still didn’t work and I know the other person has iOS5 because I could talk to her last night but now the messages won’t send and I can not receive any messages from her while the other people I message will receive and reply to the messages. Help?

  68. Tori says

    Okay so I was having the Problem with my iMessage too it’s. It working on my iPod. So I did what it said above. But I was really weary about turning it off and then on again. Mainly just turning it off. Because its jail broken through cydia and now my safari won’t open and the cydia app won’t open and neither will this app that is apart of cydia. So if you have any info I would greatly appreciate it. Like lots and lots. Thank you.

  69. says

    I’m having the same problem. It won’t let me sign up for imessage. Facetime works perfectly fine and I didn’t even need to sign up for that, it done it it’s self. I have been told to change my DNS to but that doesn’t work. This is really driving me crazy. Please help? Would much appreciate if you replied back to me on my blog. Thanks.

  70. Moz says

    I bought new iPad but cannot send texts to m IPhone 4. It will go through on IPhone 4S. Why won’t it go through on Iphne 4

  71. Aisha says

    Can someone help me pleaseee
    My iMessage won’t let me sign in it says verifying but it’s just going to the previous page
    Dammm it’s sooooo annoying….

  72. Mike says

    I was having trouble sending and receiving iMessages do I followed the advice on this page and rebooted my iPhone4 and not only did I receive the text I was expecting but about 10 voicemails from the past two weeks! Now I have to explain to friends and business associates that I did not blow off their calls but my iPhone failed to deliver their message. Very disappointing I hope Apple addresses this.

  73. Sophia says

    Hey, I’ve had my iPod for a while now and I’ve used iMessage ever since I’ve got it and it worked fine, but just recently I’ve tried sending one of my friends a message and when I click send it automatically says that the message hasn’t been delivered. It would be great if I could get some solutions. Thank you

  74. migz says

    This was very helpful, we weren’t able to send imessage or make an FT call from an iphone 4 to my iphone 4s, we just changed the DNS (default is same with router) to and we immediately made succesful imessages and FT calls.


  75. Delly says

    So my problem is imessage has been working fine until last night. We both have iphone on ios5, he’s in America and I’m in UK. I’ve tried all the options, like dns, vpn, logged in again using apple ID and even restarted the device. The imessage blue send button won’t appear, and when it does “message send failure” or it’s just the standard message in green.
    Help would be so appreciated
    Thank you

  76. says

    Hey everyone so as I found out that DNS crap every site tells us to change doesn’t work. I found a different way to fix it and it worked. It might seem silly but it worked for me :) Follow the steps below

    Go to your settings on your ipod/iphone/ipad
    Click general
    date & time
    Most people set their own date and time like I did.
    Change it to set automatically :)
    choose where you live then go back to Imessage and try again.
    It should work. It worked for me. If it works you can then go back to your date and time and change it back to how you had it set before. I know this sounds silly but it actually fixed my problem so please give it a go and let me know if it worked.

  77. says

    So I have an iPod touch and I want to use iMessage, I open it, I can type something in and type who to send it to, but the send button is dark grey and won’t let my click it. I have iOS 5.1.1

    • BuBBle DuDe says

      Ok, that could mean the sender’s email address or iPhone number is not valid. Also, the Wi-fi is not connected.

    • Audrey says

      I have an iPod touch too, and my iMessage wasn’t working until I changed my DNS settings. So
      1. Tap Settings
      2. Tap Wi-Fi on the left-hand side
      3. Tap the blue arrow next to your current Wi-Fi network
      4. Tap the “DNS” field and enter the DNS servers (Google’s Public DNS).

    • Rayray says

      I have an iPod touch to bt when I created my account for it and everything was verified iMessage was nt working

  78. Cade says

    Click on who u want to send the message to and Click on them at the top of the screen and make sure its not red with an exclamation point (!). If it is it means the other person is not registered with IMessage. Hope that solves ur problem.

  79. Bie says

    Mine still doesn’t work. The number listed on my received at is from other sim card which is a temp sim card when i was abroad and i cannot change them to my regular number. Please help. Thanks.

  80. Margaret says

    i tried each and everyone ofthese on my iPad 3 and nothing works yet….hopefully they will give update tofix this problem. My iPad 2 had no problems with imessage at all.

  81. Erika says

    So, my messages app is working great! The only problem is it won’t let me send a message to a certain iPhone number. It lets me send messages to other iPhone numbers but not this 1 for some reason. It is not an invalid number because I have texted it before on a texting app and have called it many times, but for some reason it just won’t let me send a text through messages! Can anybody help?!

  82. Lily852 says

    I got an apple iphone 4s version 4.3.3 and when i went to the message options in settings there were no IMessage option

  83. Lexie says

    My iPod touch 5.1.1, and I tried both of the things restarting it and changed the DNN, and it still doesnt send my message! It would get half way of sending then fail, I try to resend it and it never sends! I want to use this but I cant!

  84. Josh says

    Ok I have a problem, I go on iMessage and it says I have to retype my password for my ID when I do that it asks what email address I would like to use but I can’t get past that it keeps going back without me doing anything

  85. Soccer3n says

    Hello!!! ok so I have tried eveything. I have turned my iPod off then back on. I have turned my time to “set automatically”. I have done the thing but nothing works. I have version 5.1.1 and when ever I go into messages it goes to my messages screen then another screen pops up that says ” enter ur apple id”. I have used iMessages before on my iPod. I was just using it this morning!! when I do enter my apple Id it goes to the screen where it tells u to put ur email or address or what ever but after like 2 seconds it goes right back to the apple Id screen there is no alert tht comes up it just goes strait back to that screen!! I have no IDEA what to do so please help me!!!

  86. Danelle says

    i have tried everything.. and my iMessage is still not working? I have full Internet connection and full signal.. help?

  87. Iz says

    When i try and send somthing to someone the send box is grey n there sayin that person i sent to is not regesterd with imessage

  88. d3st1ny says

    my iPod touch sends the message but it takes a while for it to say “delivered” if it does say it at all help please?

  89. A Lee says

    my iphone 4s can’t send or recieve any imessage. the send button is blue. but it says ‘not delivered’

  90. Jonathan says

    I lost my Internet at my old house and connected at my new house now my iMessage app says it can’t verify my email cuz its already in use. How do I fix it?

  91. Aliya says

    My iPod touch has iMessage but whenever I try to send a message to my friend, it always says not delivered and I try again and again but it doesnt work. What my friend sees is me ofline and a text that says random message.For it to work for me and my friend, she has to send me a picture text for it to work again. Please fix. Thanks so much ! (: ❤

  92. Aliya says

    My iPod touch has iMessage but whenever I try to send a message to my friend, it always says not delivered and I try again and again but it doesnt work. What my friend sees is me ofline and a text that says random message.For it to work for me and my friend, she has to send me a picture text for it to work again. Please fix. Thanks so much ! (: ❤

  93. Aliya says

    My iPod touch has iMessage but whenever I try to send a message to my friend, it always says not delivered and I try again and again but it doesnt work. What my friend sees is me ofline and a text that says random message.For it to work for me and my friend, she has to send me a picture text for it to work again. Please fix. Thanks so much ! (:

  94. April says

    The iMessage stopped working for me since yesterday. I have gotten 3 message that failed to go through with Red ! next to it. I have turned it off for a few seconds, then turned it on, whomever I speak to uses iMessage on their cell phone, and will not work because I already tried that. The wifi works great because if it isn’t, I wouldn’t be able to get notifications on it and check my mail. I even turned off the iMessage and restarted it just now. It still isn’t working.

  95. Hide says

    Hi ALL,

    I’m not sure will this help, but I recently had the same problem with my imessage after updating to 5.1.1 (shit version), and I had to simply re-login.

    What I did was,
    go to settings -> Messages
    first tab should be iMessage. If it’s “on” but below it says “Activation failed, try again. blah blah blah” (I don’t remember the exact words)
    Simply just click off and on again. It should ask you to re-login.

    Hope it helps.

  96. Gemma Reid says

    Hi all
    i have done EVERYTHING here and myimessages on my ipod is still playing up and not allowing me to send a message to one particular number but to every other number it is fine.. can SOMEONE please HELP ME

  97. Kristen says

    When I click on iMessage, it asks me to log in. I log in and it takes me to the next screen, which verifies my email. Then it takes me back to the log in screen, asking me to login and verify my email. My software is up to date and I don’t know how to fix it. It has had this problem since I first bought my iPod.

  98. Hide says

    Hi Gemma,
    Did you ever successfully sent a msg using imessage to that particular number? Because, not all iphone users are registered to use imessage. And also, if that person updated their IOS and needed reactivation with their imessage, you will not be able to sent imessage to that person. Hence, this maybe the other person problem and not your imessage problem. Ask that user to check to see if their imessage is working or not.

    Hope it helps

  99. Alex says

    I have tried everything. Changing the DNS, turnin off iMessage and even turning my wi fi off and on a number of times changing the DNS every time. Is there anything else I can try.

    Plz help

  100. Hide says

    Hi all,
    Um im not sure. But here’s what i did. I am using 5.1.1. My imessage, push service did not work. So i dl SAM activation from cydia. Followed its instruction and disactivated my phine and reactivated it with itune. Then relogin your imessage. Try that if you have no more idea.
    But i should warn you, SAM act. need to temp change your phone ICID. Kinda long procedure but it worked for me. Good luck.

  101. Hide says

    Hi all,
    Um im not sure. But here’s what i did. I am using 5.1.1. My imessage, push service did not work. So i dl SAM activation from cyd Followed its instruction and disactivated my phine and reactivated it with itune. Then relogin your imessage. Try that if you have no more idea.
    But i should warn you, SAM act. need to temp change your phone ICID. Kinda long procedure but it worked for me. Good luck.

    • Bob says

      I have a iphone and just bought my child a ipod touch and eveything seems fine ( after several tries ) but now when ever I send several text out at the same time in the To: field my daughters touch does not get it, if i text her by herself it works and if I group message she still doesnt get it. All have Imessage turn on. My iphone has a on/off slide for MMs and Group message to turn on,hers does not. I’m believing that Itouch can’t group message.

      • Hide says

        Hi bob,

        First off mms and group msging function tabs has nothing to do with imessage. It’s a internal separate program, similar to msn but only built in.

        I understand your problem, but i have no solution for it. Cuz i sometimes encounter that too. It’s a glitch i think. My brother and i are techs, i work in korea and he works in toronto. We imessage all the time. But for some reason, not all our msges goes thru.. Imessage is very unstable.
        But logically speaking, ipod touch imessage is exactly the same as iphones’. It’s just another msn software.

        Maybe when you group msg, try entering in her number imstead of her comtact number, probably crashing with someone else. Or delete her contact and re-add her with a different name.(just to make sure the pointer is not collide with another contact)

        Sorry i can’t be much help on this one.

  102. Shafaq says

    I have an iPhone 4, not jailbroken..version 5.1.1 and the iMessage doesn’t work..
    FaceTime works good but I can’t even turn on IMessage, as I turn it on, it goes back to off..!!
    DNS thingy didn’t worked, what should I do ?

    • Hide says

      The dns thing is silly, just another server to route you out to the world, but most of the filtering is local server, before you even get out to google you’d already been thru 3 or 4(depending where you are)

      I’d would say ios5.1.1 is the shittiest version apple has came out with. I had so many problems with it. And yes, imessage didn’t work for me before. To fix it, either you do it legit restore thru itune, or ,i’m sorry i have to say this, but you should jailbkreak it to open up more possible solutions. Having it locked, yet you tried everything mentioned above ( given that you read all the above solitions) then if you are desprite, turn to the dark side.. Maybe you’ll find a brighter way.

  103. Pom says

    I had this issue with my kid’s ipod touch. imessage would not work when the send button was pressed. I fixed it by going into setting, messages and then turning off the show subject field setting. Only took 2 hours to figure out!

  104. Q says

    had the problem for AGES did the dns thing, changed sim cards tried it with 3g and restarted heaps of timesand…… after FRICKIN AGES it finally works screw it all the same im gettin an htc one x for my birthday

  105. Steve says

    This worked for me, thanks Pom!
    I had this issue with my kid’s ipod touch. imessage would not work when the send button was pressed. I fixed it by going into setting, messages and then turning off the show subject field setting. Only took 2 hours to figure out!

  106. Daisy says

    So I have an iPod touch 4 and my friend borrowed it to log into her iTunes account. After, I logged back into mine. Since then, iMessage has not worked. It proms me to log into iMessage because I had been logged out of iTunes, which really doesn’t make any sense because it should still stay logged in whether or not you log out of your iTunes account. So I went to log into the iMessage account and it accepted my password and then went to the next screen to ask which email I wanted to receive the messages at. This is a differen email than my iTunes account email so I was changing it when suddenly it went back to the previous log in screen. One time managed to type my email really fast and press the verify button and it said that my email could not be verified and that a verification link had been sent to my email. Nothing ever arrived. Does anyone have any ideas before I have to someplace and get it fixed? Thanks!

  107. Rachael says

    I have an iPod touch and I Wanted to sent my friend a message and it says try again I do so and it still dose that I turn it off then back on still isn’t working I go on setting then wifi and change the DNS to and still it isn’t working, could someone please help me??

  108. Haley says

    So I have a iPod touch and I don’t have imessage at all. How can I get it on my iPod most of my friends have it so can some one help me please

  109. sydney says

    so i have an ipod touch with the messages app and i cant recieve any texts also when i send them they never get delivered. i tried the thing and restarted my ipod. nothing is working. please help.

  110. Mishaal says

    I have an iPod touch too and when I click iMessage and I type my email adress and I type my apple id password it didn’t work

  111. Cmm123511cmm says

    I have an ipod touch, and when i go to open imessages, a screen pops up saying “get started” so i click the button and it tells me to type in my apple id password(my email is already there) so i do, then it verifys, and goes back to the page that tells me to type in my password. I cant logg in! What should i do?

  112. Desmond says

    Hi everyone,

    I started having this problem yesterday which happened all of a sudden! So I cannot connect to youtube, as well as iMessage doesn’t work. I restarted many times, did some of the recommendations on here, and still no luck at all :(

    Any further help is really appreciated!

  113. Mishaal says

    I tried restarting my iPod and that didn’t work. I also tried changing the DSN to and that didn’t work either!! My problem is that I type my apple ID in and I type the password and I click next then I click verify then it says verifying and then it it brings me back to the screen where it asks u to type ur password and ID!! What should I do?!!?!?


  114. Kristian says

    My problem is that my iNessage won’t let me send or receive photos. I’ve tried everything but restoring it. Someone help?

  115. Em says

    I have a 4 th generation iPod touch and I can message someone with an iPod fine but when I message a iPhone 4s it sends but never gets delivered and when the iphone4s send to me it sends but never gets delivered I used to be able to message it fine but it just suddenly stopped working. I have Reyes restarting it and the DSN but it dosnt work

    • joshua says

      i just fixed mine. go to imessage to make sure that the check mark is on your email account that is registered with apple and if you have a phone number. also check the iphone to make sure both are checked marked. also go to facetime to make sure both are checked also. if that doesnt work i have to log out of my apple account through imessage and facetime. then logged back in and it worked. i could not receive imessage at all or send them out until i did this.

    • Raoul says

      The same thing happend to me and got it working after about 3 months I tried getting rid of a lot of apps so I have heeps of space on my iPod and now it works fine again I was so happy!!!

    • G says

      I was having iMessage problems between myself and my girlfriends iPhone. We both attempted to turn iMessage on/off and logging back into the Apple accounts. Still nothing. So I made the mistake of calling Apple support. I have an iPhone 4 and my girlfriend has the iPhone 4S. Of course they told me that this is a common problem that thye can fix but I would have to sign up for a 2 year tech support contract for $99 per month x 3 months (in other words $300). And that apparently was the Xmas special. Anyways I didnt buy it because they couldnt tell me if the problem was with my phone or my girlfriend’s phone. Then she would also have to spend $300 for tech support.

      So…… here is the solution to the problem. Double click the home buttom and close off all apps. Then power the phone off by holding the power button at the top of the phone and then moving the slider to power off. The when it restarts, WITHOUT UNLOCKING the phone or using the phone, immediately press and hold down the home and power button until the apple sign appears. And voila, after that there should be no further iMessage issues. Ultimately the problem was with my phone and not my girlfriend’s so she didnt have to do the procedure.

      Hope this helps everyone!!!

  116. Merce says

    My friend sent a very very very long message (we were competing) and now my iMessage won’t open??! I’ve tried deleting it from the recently used apps screen, (pressing the home button twice, holding the icon until it jiggles and tapping the red remove symbol) and it worked for about 5 minutes, and I closed the app to check another app, it wouldn’t open again. How can I fix this??

      • says

        Try turning the message setting on and off. Look for the (activate) to connect. Redo again if the activate doesn’t take. You can reboot so the brain of the computer syncs with programs. Good Luck

    • Carson says

      That’s what happend to me right after I cracked it but everything else is working fine I don’t get it nothing’s working!!!! I tried to click it over and over but nothing shoes up not even a word

    • Hannah says

      Oh wait, I found a solution. Open the messaging app, then hold the home screen for 7+ seconds. Let go and wait. Delete the conversation when it loads!

    • Jane says

      What you can do i got to settings click message then slide the messages off then on again and it should work hope i helped :)x

      • Tara says

        We have the same situation as whoever said that sending a zillion emoticons back & forth made the message app crash. Someone suggested going to settings, choosing messages, and sliding the imessage to “off.” Went into the message screen, back out, back into settings and turned imessage back on. When I went into the message screen again, everything loaded and I deleted the conversation that contained the zillion emoticons.

    • Ellyyyyyy says

      Omg happened to me too, i was doing an emoticon contest with my friend, and i sent it so long it wouldn’t fit in the bubble, so now its frozen….. :/

  117. Jen says

    I sent a group message to 73 people today and it shows the message failed to send but I started receiving replies from some people. How can I tell if it didn’t get sent to particular people? I don’t want to send it again if everyone received it or would it only try to send again to those who didn’t receive it??

  118. Justyn says

    I use my iPod to message people and I can message people with iPhone 4 & iPhone 4s but it says my gfs phone isn’t registered, she has the iPhone 4.

  119. Lisa M says

    never works on my new iPad. Send button doesn’t do anything, doesn’t light up. Just nothing. I can’t even find the app on the apple store to reload it? Like it he idea of it but it and face time is disipointing.

    • Adam gonzebra says

      Theres solutions for everything and about imessage its a struggle if your push notifications arent working but if its never been jb than its like baby steps…

    • Jane says

      That happened to me but if you go into settings then click the message option then click imessage off and on again it worked fine :) no problems after that xx

  120. Jos says

    I have been able to get imessage to work using my data but it doesn’t work when i just use wi-fi. I have tried all of the above suggestions but nothing has worked. Does anyone know how to fix it?

    • Hide says

      Hi Jos, yes the cell data will always work. However, if you are using wifi, make sure the server firewall is not blocking the port. Some private server limits the internet for basic browsing only. Check the wifi router and the server. I too sometimes experience this problem too, depending on wifi routers and server, sometimes i need to turn on my cell data to get imessage.

      Hope it helps

        • Hide says

          Well the only way is if you have access to the router or server, disable all firewalls or filter. If that doesn’t work, then try other public wifi. If public wifi works but you wifi doesn’t it means somewhere along the way it got blocked. But if even public wifi doesn’t work for you than maybe you should disactivate and reactivate your imessage.

  121. Gabby says

    Back in April, I had an iPhone 3gs, and it worked perfectly with iMessage. In May, I upgraded to an iPhone 4, and neither iMessage nor FaceTime worked anymore. I have tried everything from turning on and off my phone, to resetting the DNS, to resetting the time. Nothing has worked. All it says is “Waiting for activation” and when I go to sign in with my Apple ID, it says, “Could not sign in. Please check your network connection, and try again.”. I’ve even created a whole new Apple ID to see if that would work, and it doesn’t. I am so unbelievably frustrated with these dead ends. Please help.

    • Hide says

      Wish i could help, but i’ve never seen such a case before. Hum, usually when you change iphone, to transfer over the account you would need to reactivate the account in your new iphone using itune, but im sure you did that already right. Hum.. Maybe you bought a fake china iphone hahaha joking…

      If even making a new apple account and that doesn’t solve it, then i think you all the customer rights to exchange for a new one, or at least get higher level tech support, not just walk in apple store tech, but lvl 2 or 3 tech support.

      Good luck

    • Kieran says

      This is exactly what’s happening to my iPhone and i have no idea what to do! I’ve tried the DNS thing too but no luck:(

  122. maddy says

    this still didnt work, my entire 6a sized school uses this to get in touch with teachers and other students and we are all miserable, this hasnt worked for anyone i go to school with and we were all required to get the update! please find a real way to fix the problem!

    Sincerly, Hoover High School

  123. Bill says

    While texting a contact today the imessage stopped functioning ONLY for that contact. It works fine with every other contact with iphone. iPhone 4S with iOS6. Rebooted, turned imessage off and then back on. Not using wifi, full 4G signal. any thoughts?

  124. Patrick cruel says

    Hey man,thanks a lot….it works for me on my ipad 2.. I followed your instruction to change my DNS to and now it works perfectly smooth,before i have an error on imessage and also on facetime and now i really enjoyed it a lot.thank you thank you thank you….your amazing man.

  125. Kristian says

    I can’t choose my mobile number when i am going to choose that in the “send and recieve” mode. Anyone else who have this problem an dhow they solved it??
    I’m sorry for my bad english…

  126. Susan says

    My messages will not follow thru to the person I sent it to . Keep getting a triangle with a explanation inside it.

  127. Thamee Hla says

    I am using iPhone 3G with latest update. SMS stopped working suddenly, probably due to someone was sending me text messages in a different language that isn’t installed. I see 11 unread messages but I cannot open them.

  128. Natty says

    I have never been able to register my FaceTime and imesasage on my iPad. When I enter the apple ID and the password, it goes as of it is loading and gets back to the same page. What should I do. Someone help me please.

  129. Paul Schlichtholz says

    I tried everything on these posts and still could not get imessage to work ,no send button. Finally I turned imessage off and tried to send a message and the imessage dialogue box popped up. I followed the prompts and it did the trick. imessage works fine now.

  130. Memo says

    Hello. One day, my iPod touch 3rd Gen. wouldn’t send OR recieve messages AT ALL. So I turned off iMessages and back on, then I signed into my apple ID. It asked for my email, and I put that in, too. It says ‘verifying’ then stops and goes right back to the ‘sign in to your Apple ID’ page. I’ve tried rebooting my iPod, but that doesnt work at all. I changed the DNS, but of course that didn’t work, either. Can someone PLEASE help me? I use my iMessages to keep in touch with my relatives around the USA.

  131. Emily says

    iMessage has suddenly decided it won’t work with the internet I have at home. It worked previously, but not anymore. All other apps that use wifi work fine. Any thoughts?

  132. Rasmus says

    I sent a imessage to a friend yesterday, but it went so slow i decided to push to text box and click on “Send as Textmessage”.
    After that i haven’t been able to imessage him, what should i do?

  133. Helen says

    Ipad 2 ios 5, wifi only, suddenly stopped sending/receiving imessages.
    Changed DNS setting as described, instant fix. Thanks. I spent hours trying to sort this out.

    • Jane says

      I have a question can you block people on imessage i know this has nothing to do with it but long story short this person is bullying me and i want to block them. Thanks!

  134. Elise says

    Finally updated to ios6 last night cause an app that I have needed it. Imessage stopped working when I did that, spent a long time today going through stuff on the internet… trying different things, done the full restart/shutdown thing about 6 times…

    Just went back to messages, and it became imessage :) despite still saying that it’s trying to activate imessage.

    I think what fied it was going into imessage, and signing out with apple ID, verifying a new apple id email, restarting (as in hold down both buttons) again, then signing back in.

    My phone number was greyed out in the recieving number bit, but when I signed back in, the box was ticked, although it isn’t now…

    I only have the new email adress checked now, but I’ve sent a message, waiting to see if I get a response/if it actually reached someone…

  135. Kaels says

    I have an iPod touch 4th g and I can’t log back in to iMessage and FaceTime it says when I try to activate it, it says cannot conect to iMessage/ FaceTime server. HELP!!!

  136. Any.girl says

    My iMessage is not working on my iPod 4th gen. It looks fine but I send a message and get back a “send failure” message. I have tried turning iMessage off and on again and it’s still not working. Help please?

  137. Rachel says

    My daughter has an iPod touch 4 and we were having the same problems. Her sister’s was working fine so I knew it wasn’t our wifi. I tried every suggestion I could find and nothing fixed it. I then decided I would plug it into the computer and run iTunes so I could back up everything she had on it, then I was going to wipe it clean and start over to see if that fixed it. When I plugged it in to the computer and started iTunes, it started to automatically sync, as soon as the sync started her iMessages lit up with the new messages from her friends that she hadn’t been recieiving! I have no idea why syncing her iPod unlocked herr iMessages, but it was a vey simple fix. So before panicking, try it and see if it works. If here iMessages locks up again, I will definitely just try syncing it first.

    • Hide says

      When you sync your ipod to itune, its not unlocking, its called activating your ipod. Most ppl didnt know they need to activate their iphone or ipod inorder to use imessage. Default, the device does not come activated, you must register or re-register when using imessage on the device. (changing email or ios version may need to re-register and activate thru itune)

  138. Melina says

    FIX: Go into your contacts, choose a different contact and “send message” (If they have an apple device), simply go back to your messages and delete the one from the person who sent that incredibly long message to freeze iMessage :)

    • Donna says

      This morning my son had a competition with someone else, who could send the most smileys.His ipad froze.He’s had it less than a week! so you can imagine my thoughts, and not ever having owned an i device before. After reading several “fixes”,yours sounded very simple and yes IT WORKED!! so thankyou for giving me my sanity back and a happy son who has learnt his lesson . Needless to say he can now pass this new found knowledge onto his friends to try!

  139. Schro says

    Same problem with my son’s new Ipod Touch. Turned out that one of his cousins sent him a message with 1000’s of “smiley faces”. Hooked Ipod up to PC (Microsoft Windows, of course!), downloaded everything and erased. While still connected, was able to delete the aforementioned “smiley” message, and everything worked just fine. My guess is that certain messages kill imessage.

  140. Hajra says

    Okay, its really weird . My ipad’s imessage wont work. I tried making new accounts and signing in , it then went to the next box stating ‘would you like people to contact you on the given id below, i click verify , it takes time and goes back to sign in box,

    It doesnt even show the check mark option infront of the email id i want to use. -,-

  141. Zed says

    Nothing seemed to work for us, until we did the following:

    – Reset all iPhone settings:
    1. Tap Settings > General > Reset.
    2. Tap Erase All Content and Settings.
    NOTE: Tap Reset all settings to restore all factory options, but keep your accounts, apps, and media.
    3. To confirm reset, tap Erase iPhone.
    4. After a second prompt, confirm by tapping Erase iPhone.

    – After the iPhone restarted, we went into the message app, listed the messages, clicked “Edit”, selected the long message, and deleted it.

    Seemed to fix it for us. Good luck!

  142. Brianna says

    Well when I go on iMessage on my iPad whenever I go on it, it tells me to sign in so I do then it says what do you want to been known bye? So I write that in then Peres next and after loading it goes back to signing in

  143. April says

    I tried everything above and nothing worked. Then I had a friend send me a text, as soon as it appeared on the top of my phone (banner) I clicked on it and it brought me to all of my messages. Now it works fine. :)

  144. Peighton says

    I have a gen4 iPod and I have imessage but when I try to sign in to my apple ID, it says verifying then it takes me back to that screen where you type your apple ID again. It won’t let me past signing in.

  145. Jessica says

    I have an iPod 4th gen and I have been wanting to send messages to my friend who has an iPhone 5. When I go to send a message, I type in his contact but then it comes out red telling me that “this contact is not registered with imessage” but he swears that it is. Mine is definitely activated as in my imessage settings my email is “ticked”. I don’t know how to fix this issue. Could it be an iOS update affecting it?

  146. Kayla Bobayla says

    So my iMessage on my iPhone 4 was out for about 9 hours because my friend and I had a contest to see who could send the most emoji in one minuet. I tried every remidy on the web with no sucsess… Long story short, I turned off al Internet connection restarted my phone and reconnected… I text myself from my IPad and unlocked into a working iMessage! Hope this helps!

  147. preet says

    changing the DNS to worked on my ipod touch 4th gen. in very 1st try.
    thanks alot.
    keep up the good work.

  148. ThePurpleBalloon says

    I have a iPod touch 4th gen and it died on me. So I charged it back up and go to IMessage and try sending a message but it won’t send. The little bar stops right at the end. I also can’t receive messages, I know I was sent messages while it was dead. I have tried EVERYTHING to get it working. Sighing out of iMessage, checking and in checking things, powering it off and on a million times. It’s dont this before but not for this long. If anyone has any different suggestions they would be much appreciated.

  149. ThePurpleBalloon says

    I plugged it into the computer and IT WORKED. I received all the messages I couldn’t get before and am now able to send them.

  150. Peggy says

    I also was having problems with my iMessage and FaceTime not working and this has fixed the issues surrounding iMessage (and FaceTime, too). In order to do this, go to Settings -> General -> Date & Time and toggle the switch on Set Automatically to ON. It worked. I have been working on it for almost a week.

  151. says

    Double tap unsent message … Progress bar will be unfinished and in blue .. and in contextual pop up menu choose send as text message .. Progress bar and message will turn green to show this is an SMS and not an iMessage :)

  152. jas_mangat says

    hi on ipod i cant send messages it keeps saying “message send failure” can someone please help with this its been like 1 year and i cant get it to work

  153. sean says

    Double tap “Unsent message”? No, it doesn’t even give the courtesy of saying that. Mine just closes out and leads me to believe that it’s been sent. Or, it’ll close and then say that my “i message” is turned off. NO it isn’t! I even lost the pictures I took and included in the messages to family last night. This ALL has happened since I downloaded the latest IOS fix. Too bad for me.

  154. sean says

    Turned it off. Back on, tried to re-send pix to my brother. Got this info: “iMessage needs to be enabled to send this message.”
    1. Okay, going into “settings” again. There goes the message, NOT SAVED in unsent messages.
    2. Went into “settings” and put “”. There were already two other addresses there…then what? There’s no “enter”. Close out? What to do next? These directions are vague. So, I’ll do that (close out) and re-try sending the message, for the 4th time…doubting it’ll work, because I didn’t really get instructed on what to do…
    3. GUESS WHAT?! It says, once again, “iMessage needs to be enabled to send this message.” Wow, thanks apple. Sort of wanting a different smart phone due to this constant pain. You are NOT helpful. Would love you to contact me, but I know you won’t.

  155. Deej says

    Tried to send a video to grandson, message said I needed Imessage, Purchased imessage but it just shows a big green and black mess. Tried swiping to move it, nothing. Followed every direction in here, nothing, still can’t send the video to my grandson.

  156. Jessica says

    My daughters iMessage not working right. Her name is in blue & when I send it it’s blue but don’t say delivered then it goes to green. Her iMessage is on. What to do next?

  157. Iphone user says

    Go to settings-> i messages -> set iMessage on/off to on.

    This works just in case if your iMessage was reset to off, which happens most of the time automatically without our notice.

  158. Nat says

    My iMessage and face time say I need to set up my accounts but when I put in my Apple ID password it says activation unavailable please check you wifi but I have full bars on my ipad

  159. Brandi says

    I just bought the new I pod everything works except I message and FaceTime it says recheck your connection try again I also bought son new I pad mini today his setup worked fine . Under settings when u go to messages there isn’t a place to switch it on it just says enter Apple password

  160. Emil says

    I found out that if you go to settings on iMessages then accounts you might not be signed in that’s how I found how to fix the problem Lol

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