iPhone 4 “No SIM Card Installed” Error

Some iPhone 4 users have reported an issue in which the phone suddenly displays a “No SIM Card Installed” error, either while attempting to make phone calls or during routine usage.

Apple Discussions poster macoverclock writes:

“Keep getting the “no sim card installed” error. phone works for a bit then go to check my email and the error has come up. shut the phone off and turn back on and the sim card is found then a half of an hour later the same error comes up again. this has happened 5 times in the last 5 hours.”


The most reliable fix for this issue is to simply remove your SIM card, clean it lightly using a dry cloth, ensure that there is no debris in the SIM slot, then reinsert the card, ensuring a snug fit. Instructions for doing so can be found in this Apple Knowledge Base article.

Other users have reported that briefly turning on Airplane mode (in Settings) then turning it back off can resolve the problem.

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    Waited in line all morning for my iPhone 4 32g. Spent the day charging it and restoring all the data. As of this morning the phone reads “No Sim”. I restart it, the problem is fixed only to read “No Sim” a few minutes later.

    From day one the phone doesn’t work for me. I’m more upset that this is a known and uncorrected issue by apple. With the phone shortage I wonder how long I’ll have to go without a phone now.

    I suppose I’ll have to return it on my lunch break. How very disappointing.

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    Insane!!! It is a daily event four to five times a day. Maybe apple launched this product too soon!!! I’m about to dump it!! Nothing fixes it!! And apple does not care!! I’m also going to pick a fight with apple and ATT if they charge me a restocking fee!!! I want my 3GS back!!!!

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    http://flic.kr/p/8fgmiE Here are 2 different types of Micro SIM from O2. Note the difference in the size of the circuit.
    I’ve been using the Micro SIM with the larger circuit. It was given to me in the O2 store when I bought the iPhone. Like many others, I’m getting the ‘No SIM Installed’ error message. The SIM with the larger circuit makes contact with the metal iPhone SIM holder. Is this the cause of the problem, does is short the SIM out?
    I’ve just swapped my number over to the other Micro SIM with the smaller circuit (O2 posted me this one for registering my interest in the iPhone 4).

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    WOW! I couldn’t believe this no SIM card error this morning. I popped the card out, put it back in (with the phone powered off) and the cranked it back up. Still had the error. Flipping it to airplane mode on and then off worked like a champ! I’M BACK, BABY!!! Thanks for posting this fix…

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    I just started to see the same problem out of nowhere. Has been working fine. Removing and lightly cleaning SIM card — no good. Airplane mode — no good. On-off — no good. Help! Any other suggestions?

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    This just started happening to me out of the blue today. I got it the day before launched date, and until this afternoon I had not had any issues like this. I’ve tried re-inserting a lightly brushed microsim card back into the tray, nothing, toggled airplane mode, nothing, rebooted my phone, nothing.

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    I have the dreaded no sim card installed error , on my ip4
    All the fixes mentioned above do work but only for a short period of time or until it decides to do it again . I don’t know about anyone else but I do not wish to have an unreliable cell phone. The knuckle head at the AT&T store said I would have to call apple or go to an apple store. I said I didn’t buy it from apple I bought it from you. So I am headed back now with my receipt and box to return it . My 3gs is way more reliable . I am really shocked at how all this has played out.

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    I has the same problem right out the box with my iPhone4. Every 5 min I would get “No SIM card Installed” error. I took it to Apple store and they said they will have to swap out my phone for a new one, but they are out of stock. I called Apple and they said the same, take it to a Apple store and have them swap it out.

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    I have had the same problem for about a week now. We have taken it back to the Apple store several times and today they had us take to the AT&T store for a new sim card and it is still displaying “no sim card”. I am so annoyed at this, especially since they won’t give us a new phone!

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    I have the same no sim problem with my iPhone 4. I took my phone back to the AT&T store where I bought it and they replaced the sim card. It worked for a few hours before the problem returned. It happens every day and makes the phone unusable. AT&T told me the same as Tommy, that if the problem persisted I would have to get Apple to fix it because Apple made the phone. Pretty lame support from AT&T. Virtually any other store I buy something from, if they sell me a broken product they will replace it. But not AT&T. Once their monopoly is gone people will switch to Verizon.

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    Been having this issue since day 1 June 24. A week later I decided to call apple. A very knowledgable person there told me the sim card has to get use to the phone. What a bunch of dog shit I was just fed. I swallowed my pride and gave it a few more days. Couple days went by and I freaking had it. Made a appt for apple with a GENIUS. walked in and played very very dumb which made them feel very very smart. The dip shit brought me out a brand spanking new iPhone 4 in box with wires and everything. Of course he only swapped phones with me. So far the new phone hasn’t F’d up yet so I’m okay for now.

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    I got my iPhone 4 on June 24th day of release from Orange, worked fine for 3 days started getting no sim, the Airplane mode and turning it off and on got it to work again, BUT THAT IS NOT A FIX! eventually itll get more and more frequent then it wont recognise your sims at all. I took it back to the store and they tried a different sim card, which worked, then he suggeted i got a replacement sim. Activated Sim etc. didnt work… Very unimpressed with apple any All phone carriers seem to be pulling the same shit with other people. I think im going to get my iphone replaced by apple, no fone for more than a week now, good work steve. >.>

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    Just got my iPhone 4 today and it was fine for about the first 6 or 7 hours, now I too am getting the no sim card error. None of the fixes mentioned here works at all for me, not even for a little bit. I’m so pissed I wanna throw this phone on the concrete and smash it! F**K!!!!!

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    Just got off the phone with apple, getting a sent a brand new iphone 4, ill keep people posted regarding the new iphone.

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    Same thing here! I just got this phone a week ago and tonight I’m having the “no sim” message. I’ve restarted it and removed the sim numerous times, had it work again for about 2 minutes and it’s back to that ugly message again. This is BS!!

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    same issue seen with my phone over since I got the phone. reseated the sim card and no help. went to ATT and replaced the sim card, no help. Apple is replacing my iphone 4 32 gig. waiting on unit to come in to store to replace

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    Took phone to apple genius bar. The guy did a hard rest and it seems to have sorted the problem.
    Said to wait until new software fix. They are not replacing phones

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    Had the same issue – replaced the sim card worked for a day and now sim card failure again…I guess I need to go back to the store again! Phone is amazing outside of this issue…

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    Bought 4 iphone 4’s a week ago. First no sim on 1 phone, replaced at the Apple Store. Next phone no sim replaced at the Apple Store. Third phone no sim for the first time today, I have appointment at the Apple Store tonight. 3 of 4 phones no sim error. Big design flaw!!!

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    Next time I will not stand in line for 4 and a half hours for a brand new phone. Looks like I’ve joined the “No Sim Card Installed” club! Looks like I need to make that call to Apple!

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    Just bought a new iPhone 4 – plugged it into the computer & got the No Sim card installed message – opened it up & there was no sim card in it! So I guess I’ll have to get a Sim card tomorrow….I’m assuming that everyone else checked they do have a sim card installed?

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    Mine has been doin this since I have had it and I thought it was just mine, havin seen all this I will be callin apple in the mornin, I think the phone has a lot of flaws that need to be sorted quickly!! Or mine will be goin bacK!!

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    If your on this forum, get your iphone replaced, get your sim card replaced, start from scratch. The ONLY fix for this problem.

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    Just picked up my ip4 today. I noticed I received the missing sim card message when I turned on WiFi. As soon as I turned WiFi back off, the missing sim card issue went away. Anyone else notice this? I figure I’ll do without WiFi until there’s a fix for this.

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    I have had this problem since day 1 (bought it at AT&T store) 10 days ago.

    I called AT&T customer support first, they directed me to Apple support line. The lady told me to do a complete rebuild (from scratch) the phone form iOS4. That did not work for me. The error msg came up again. Then, two days ago I went to AT&T store, the store clerk replaced the SIM card for me. It did not work either, and he told me that if it happens again, then need to go to Apple store….. My god, APPLE and AT&T are just pointing the fingers at each other, which is not right with such a great publicity on the iPhone 4 and customer got hang and dry here…. Other than this issue, the phone works like a charm. I still like the phone A LOT …..

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    Had the same problem for the last week. Made an appointment at the Genius Bar at Apple Store. Went in this morning. They tested the phone and saw the number of times the problem had occurred. They replaced the phone. In and out in 15 minutes. Great experience…good job Apple responding to a problem.

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    “Hello. Seems that I’ve found solution for this problem. I wrote simple instruction how to fix it. It’s in russian, but you can read it by google translate. Here it is: http://translate.google.ru/translate?hl=ru&sl=ru&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2F90WIHc

    This works! Haven’t had the issue for three days after this fix. I called apple and they said to go to the AT&T store and get a new sim card. I’ve heard that doesn’t work but follow the direction in the link and it should solve your problems if you can’t easily get the a Genius bar.

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    I bought the iphone 4 on Fri July 2nd and on July 4th I got the no sim error. Took it to a place, they opened it up and then put it back in, it was fine. Fri July 9th I got the same error, went back they opened it up fixed the sim, walked out made one call and then no sim again. I had to then go to another store to get a new sim card, walked out and 5 mins later, no sim……Needles to say I am getting a new iphone. This is my first experience with iphone and it has been a challenge. Complain and get a new phone.

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    Got my new 4 yesterday, getting the NO SIM CARD error.

    After finding this forum, Im very worried. How could apple do this to its customers?

    Im going to the apple store tonight to play dumb with the Apple Genius.

    :fingers crossed:

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    I’ve been getting the no CIM Card installed message for weeks. Had four CIM cards installed before I got angry with AT&T and said it can’t be the CIM card. I’m now on hold with Apple Tech Support! A bit pissed at this point to say the least.

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    I too had the “No SIM card” error on my almost two week old iphone 4. It first started when I received a call. I shut things down and that seemed to fix the problem. However, same thing happened. This time shutting the phone off or doing the airplane mode toggling did not fix it. I took the phone to my Apple store and they swapped it out for a new phone-they said there was a problem with my old phone. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I do not have that problem with this phone. It does not sound like the SIM card problem has been made public like the antenna issue but obviously there is a problem and Apple needs to do something about it.

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    I had the sim card replaced twice. I “restored to new” thru itunes, all the b.s. the apple and att stores tell you to do. Nothing worked until I found this forum. Read above, find the design flaw fix written in russian above, works like a charm!! This is what I did, following the instructions above I used 3m super strength 2-sided foam tape and a razor blade. Cut as small of a piece that my fingers could work with. Stuck it to the end of the protruding piece as described, then used the blade to trim it down so no edges hung over in any direction and no sticky sides left (besides the side actually stuck to the tray. Now tray fits snugly into phone and no sim card error =) hope it helps, kudos to the guy above. P.S. I saw this fix on a couple other forums and tried once before, but its not really a conductive issue really its a movement issue, so you need the thick tape, the old scotch tape trick won’t work here.

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    I have the same problem. I realy hate apple now. I’m going to take it to apple shop on Monday so till monday nobody can call me. I do business and I need this phone. so sh…t

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    Got my iphone 4 Thursday, 7/15.Here it is 2 days later and the NO SIM INSTALLED message pops up.Removed card and reinstalled fixed for the moment.Will see what happens.

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    I purchased my iPhone 4 32 g on the launch date as an upgrade from carphone warehouse . After on day 5 I kept getting the ” no sim message” but put. It down to a software issue and did the usual on/off thing. Into week three was getting annoyed as it became more frequent then upon researching Google saw it was a common fault. Took it back to point of sale but they had no stock and wanted to send it off, O2 my network didn’t seem to want to know so took advice off another forum and booked Genius appointment at my nearest store for 24th July. I explained the fault and that is seems to be pretty well documented on various forums across all the networks here in the uk and elsewhere. There was no issue about me having a replacement however what happened next confirmed they have been having issues . When the assistant placed my sim into the new phone it Said “no sim” , her colleague suggested he try his sim , same thing happened baring in mind the y hold replacement stock which is supposed to be brand new ! Anyway another phone was brought out and it is the one I currently have and so far no issues. Get a replacement if your phone says no sim , masking tape etc no way, paid hard earned money for this phone so it should and better work.

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    Well, that solved my issue first, but I learned that (after 3 damaged SIMs) it’s the way you cut it (the normal sized ones). Be sure that both horizontal sides are PROPORTIONAL from the contact area. It sounds stupid, but solved. Now I can make any SIM work in former “NO SIM” iPhone 4’s.

    Thanks for the early hints.

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    Since there are more than enough of the same post, I didn’t sit and read them all… As we know the issue is the sim touching the metal insert which holds the sim in place causing it to short… Since this is the issue and Apple hasn’t decided to ship out plastic ones but they will give us all free cases, I decided to find a fix on my own, not a patch like airplane mode… all I did was take a small piece of paper and put it between the sim and the insert so the metal from the sim doesn’t touch the metal holder (make sure not to block the sim entirely) then hold the sim and put it back in the phone making sure the piece of paper does not fall out in the phone… So far, no more of THIS issue… I recommend this over tape b/c paper doesn’t stick so if it comes off/out, it is more likely to be able to be retrieved if necessary

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    i tried everything on this list

    i repeatedly took it out, cleaned the card, reinstalled- it was happening every single day…

    it got worse when i dropped it (i know)

    but the little piece of tape trick referenced at the end of the article in the link below worked and took like 5 seconds – it’s ok if the tape is over the metal part – it’s all good! i turned the phone back on and immediately got my 3G connection with no problems…


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    I had same issue as above with two swap outs. Discovered the sim card was faulty. AT&T swapped sim for free. Phone is fine now. These were shipped with bad cards. The good thing is that irregardless of how many visits I make to the Genius Bar…they will make it good (Either by replacing the phone or otherwise. They keep telling me that they are there to make me happy. Hrm. Make the madness stop then…like now. This is literally my iPhone #4.

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    same problem

    apple tech said there is possibly a batch of phones are more inclined to this problem

    they are replacing mine

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    Got the No Sim card error. Reprogrammed the phone from scratch and the no sim thing disappeared. But for how long. I got this phone on August 10 so they are still shipping this garbage. Unbelievable what they get away. Arrogant s.o.b.’s.

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    I encountered no sim error after about a month. I tried airplane mode and restart to no avail. Then I started to remove sim cover by putting paperclip in the removal slot. It stopped giving the error message. I believe the sim holder is grounding out and a slight shift from pressure of paperclip will solve it

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    Ugh! Bought my phone a few weeks ago, came in on Friday Aug 13, picked it up, it worked great until last night. Yesterday I synced it to my Apple PC, made some calls (so it was working fine then) and then later got the No Simm message. I did the airplane trick, which worked – for now. Keeping my fingers crossed. Really disappointing to read all these comments!

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    Had the iPhone 4 delivered to me and my wife August 9th. About thirty minutes ago I encountered the “No Sim Card” error for the first time. Did a power down/up sequence, nothing. Found this forum, then tried the Airplane mode trick, nothing. Another power off/on sequence, nothing. Got a paperclip, and (with some exertion) got the Sim card cartridge to slide out. Did not wipe it, just reinserted the cartridge. Nothing. THEN used the paperclip again to pop out the cartridge, wiped off the card contacts, reinserted it and viola! Up and running!

    No knowledge yet of whether or not this is long term fix, but will most definitely keep you all posted if anything changes. On the bright side, my wife has dropped hers several times and had no trouble, and yes, other than this problem and the proximity sensor issues, I love this phone!

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    Read the fix, how ridiculous. I opted for a little slice of paper instead of sticky tape. I’m headed south on a business trip and can’t afford the glue to get me in a mess. We have no apple stores where I live so will have to wait until I get somewhere else to raise the roof about this.

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    Same problem as everyone else. I have had my phone now for about a week – I notice the message on day 2 or 3 but it resolved itself very quickly. Today I haven’t been able to use it at all which is really annoying. Obviously this problem has been around now for two months and we are still having issues. I wish apple would get their shit together and fix this problem. I love the phone but this is ridiculous.

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    I’ve had the same issue and have read solutions whereby tape is stuck onto the metal SIM Card tray to stop it shorting. I was a bit concerned about the tape falling off and jamming inside the phone so I coated the entire tray in nail varnish instead.

    Since doing this 36 hours ago I haven’t had a single problem so I’m hoping that it’s a good fix but only time will tell.

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    Airplane mode it up, I don’t care how often I have to do this, at least I know that I don’t have to take out my card every time I get this error. Way to go Apple. First iPhone and I’m really glad I jumped on the bandwagon…

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    Yuck. Had this problem a month ago and now 3 times in one day. Between this and and apple’s proprietary attitude they are starting to irk one loyal apple fan.

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    i have the same problem with my 3gs iphone = no sim installed = . i have try every thing in soft but the problem was in hard . Problem with pin off card sim .

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    hello everybody! got my iphone 4 yesterday and thanks to this forum and others I read I am cutting my losses and returning it tomorrow for the 3gs. yes I am going to downgrade rather than be a guinea pig for a poorly field tested and rushed phone. The only reason I bought it was because a friend that has one told me he didn’t have any issues with his….yet. very disappointed because everything else on the phone was working and pretty cool, but the whole point of owning an iphone is to make calls and text, and if I wanted apps and games i would have just gotten an itouch. I am not about to void my warranty with these so called fixes. The tape fix has been shown on another forum to strip the nonconducting coating on the sim tray and it was shown that the tray is not really a conducting metal as shown with a microvoltimeter. others who did the tape fix also continued to have the problem so it is not a miracle fix like some make it out to be. I am just going to switch to 3gs becus friends and my brother have had one for years with no problems. iphone 4 seems like a rushed experiment with too many new changes for apple to have field tested on a rushed schedule. I eventually plan on getting an iphone 4 again maybe a few years from now when my contract comes up for renewal again and apple has addressed the issues with this phone and starts work on an iphone 5 maybe…. so I will be phoneless this weekend:( oh and airplane mode didn’t work for me. And I’m not going to mess with the sim tray until the att store verifies my problem. I’m going to take care of this before my 30 day period ends and it becomes my and apple’s problem.

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    My “No Sim Card” error message started appearing yesterday morning. This little annoyance has now become a royal pain! Just since yesterday, I’ve seen the msg at least 10 times, I’ve had 4 calls drop (2 were with potential clients!!), and I lost count of how many times I’ve had to shut-down completely and restart! I called the 800# for support and was told that updating the software in ITunes would probably solve the problem. It didn’t. Now, I have to take time off work to drive over to the Apple store to talk with someone in- person at the “Genius Bar”. (Really frustrating considering how much money I had to save to be able to buy this phone – – – less than THREE months ago!!!) I guess I’m lucky that it’s still under warranty. I feel sorry for people who start getting the “No Sim” error message AFTER their warranty expires. I was so patient with the antenna issue. I didn’t complain, not even once, I just went with the flow and was pleasantly surprised when Apple offered a refund for the case I bought (in order to get the phone to work properly). Now that I’m dealing with important calls randomly disconnecting on me, and I’m having to take off work to go drive to the mall to get my (Apple’s product problems) issue resolved – – – I’m starting to feel kind of stupid for jumping on this bandwagon, I will think harder about how & where I spend my money next time!

    Basically, this very expensive gadget that I’ve been carrying around in my pocket for the past 2 days is actually just a VERY expensive CALCULATOR, because that’s the only thing that I’ve been able to use it for!

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    I just got my first iphone last week (Iphone 4) and I am having the same problems and none of the fixes are working. If the apple store shrugs me off I’m cancelling my AT&T contract and going back to Sprint. This is absurd.

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    Same problem on a brand new iPhone 4 I just bought last week. First time I saw this was today, and since then it has happened 3 times. Thankfully the airplane on/off worked so far. If this continues, I will be back at the Apple Store returning it.

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    I had this on my new iphone 4 bought last month. The Apple “Genius” did something and it worked for a few weeks and it came back again. I tried shutting it down and it would be OK for a few calls and then it happens a gain. I had that happen over 10 times today. What a pain. I have scheduled online to go back to the Apple store again. Not sure what I will hear but apparently, Apple in the last 3 months have not able to fix this known problem! What a joke!

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    PEOPLE I HAVE THE SOLUTION!!!!100% WORKS! Find someone with another Iphone and use their sim card metal adapter ( the metal thing that slides in the sim card slot), place your sim card on it and insert it into your iphone. Once you have done that, take it out and put the other persons sim card onto your own adapter and try inserting it into your iphone. You should get a signal even though the other person’s sim might be locked on your phone. Apparently, most of the time this problem occurs if you used your old sim or cut it down to fit the slot, in order to transfer your contacts onto the iphone. Some sort of a magnetic disruption occurs when the chip on your old sim card (which is larger than the one of the micro sim) rubs against the metal slot adapter. Finally put your old sim card back together with your own sim adapter and put it back into your phone. Your sim should definitely work now. Let me know if this fixes the problem.

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    Cleaning, may have worked though. How come the SIM is dirty? It hasn’t been taken out ever and I have always used a case! Ho, hum.

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    Just received the Iphone 4 on 30 Oct 2010, and give it to my wife as gift. Phone start to screw up with “No Sim Card Install” message on 2nd Nov 2010. Just 3 days of usage, how shameful and embrassing it cause me. As for my wife she is getting upset and frustrating. She had tried all the trick as mention in the forum, but nothing works. I am willing to throw this useless phone at Steve the CEO of Apple for being a Cheat.

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    Just received phone two weeks ago this is the first time it happened, I don’t have the little metal piece that removes the sim card slot, however the airplane mode trick did work surprisingly, but my phone keeps freezing, three times in one day!

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    Hi Jordan, the metal clip is clip on the envelope folder that file all those little leaflet manual. I have the same issue searching it for a day, finally give up and sent it to the phone carrier to install the Sim. Upon friends suggestion, than I saw it was sticking there.

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    I just upgraded to IPhone 4 today, 5 minutes from the store and I got the”No Sim Card Installed” message. I did not even know this was a problem. Thanks so to you all here I am exchanging my phone tomorrow and see what happens from there, AT&T better not charge me the restocking fee.
    Is this happening with both 16G and 32G?
    Mine is 16G.

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    Yep, my “no sim card ” started today. I don’t understand why it’s doing this, but I’m not happy. We were going to buy 4 new phones for Christmas, but we are going back to Verizon. This is to much money ( over 1200.00) to mess with anymore. Only Steve and AT&T are making out on this deal, and we are stuck wondering if we can make a call or send a message today

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    Started getting the “NoSIM Installed” message
    After 6 months of outstanding service. Waited in AT&T store for young lady , snapping her gum, tell met sim must be dirty. She removed it cleaned it with her fingers and re inserted it. Told me that that “Problem Fixed” !!! within 5 minutes of departing store it happened again !!
    At least 3-5 times per day- what a pain – not to mention missed calls- Hey guys identify and Fix the problem !!!!!

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    After four months, “No Sim Installed” message started for me every day 2 or 3 times. It is very painful to do this. I have to go Airplane for few mins and come back. Some times it works for few mins. Other times it takes a lot more time.

  65. says

    I’m in the same situation as most of you who posted and going on a rant will make me feel sooo much better. Apple and At&T are both the most worthless pieces of dog shit to hit the planet!!! You pay 400 dollars for a constant no sim card reading and Apple or its provider won’t do anything. I’ve had the phone for a while and have taken it back to the store; of course, no one will do anything to fix it! Not a new sim, repair or phone. I’m extremely pissed!! Help!!!!!

  66. says

    Loved my iPhone 4 until today. Received the dreaded no sim card detected. The screen is locked on connect to iTunes. Now have to wait for apple to send me out a new phone. AT&T wouldn’t switch out the phone which would be the simplest fix. Not a happy customer after 14 years of faithful service. No phone for a few days with all my business contacts. Changing out the sim card did not work. What is up with Apple?

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    I just purchased an iPhone4, cut my SIM down to micro size, popped in the phone and got a message “No SIM card installed…install a valid SIM card with no PIN lick to activate phone” … what’s up with that…

  68. says

    After reading one of the comments about the sim card circuit possibly shorting against the sim tray, I took mine out to inspect it. The die that cut my sim card was most certainly off a bit and the circuit was largely biased to one side. This meant that the circuit was touching the aluminum tray. I took a piece of scotch tape and covered the edge of the sim that looked to be contacting the tray while being carful not to obscure too much of the circuit from the contact pin. Popped the sim card back in the phone and the problem went away.

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    Hey, i bought my iphone 4 32g in november and have had No sim card problem since day 1.

    The phone has fantastic feautures but, when you pay this much and can’t use them…

    Honestly this is a pretty shitty product.

  70. says

    Been having the No sim card problem for the past week. Bought the phone three weeks ago. Called Apple Care. They told me to remove the sim card and make sure it was clean (not sure how it could be dirty considering the phone has been in a case since I bought it. In any event, they gave me a case number if it continues to occur, but also told me that they would exchange it if need be. I still love my new iPhone 4 (an upgrade from my 3gs).

  71. says

    Just picked up “new” 16gb iphone 4 from ATT today, and got the “no sim” error twice, once right when I got home when pulling it out of my pocket, the 2nd time I was on a call and it dropped, and I had to reset the phone to get it working both times. I’m not going to f around with this longer than I have to, I’m taking Toby’s advice from above, and this phone’s going back to ATT tomorrow. I think I may even go to the Apple store just to make sure I get a truly “new” phone. I wouldn’t put it past ATT to sell reburbs as “new”.

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    No simcard error can be fixed with a little bit of tape on top of the card.
    Some cards are a little to smal en the can move around inside the iphone.

    I taped mine and the error ” no simcard” is no longer.

  73. says

    It has been going on for a while now… first its once
    every other week.. then once every other day… and finally
    yesterday it is once EVERY OTHER HOUR!!! going to try the cleaning
    sim card… switching mode…. and tap on the card… hopefully one
    of them will work. grrrrr

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    I bought my iphone 4 in July and it has worked so
    flawlessly that I disconnected my landline and bought my wife one
    two days ago. Today hers had the “No Sim Card” message with no
    phone service of any kind, and nothing we could do would fix it.
    She’s at the ATT store now. I wish I had seen these reports

  75. says

    did the tape sim card thing and now i actually get better
    service at home. i used to only get one bar and now get 3 bars!
    hopefully this fixes my no sim card problem permanently, and get
    better service! ty Lucas.

  76. says

    I had this same problem the day i got my iPhone 4. what i
    did was i took out the SIM card and then turned off my phone and
    put it back in after i had turned off my phone then turned it back
    on. it came on and acted as if nothing had happened!

  77. says

    I had my phone for 3 days and no problems. On the third day, I had no signal. It said I must do a system restore. I went online, did the system restore, then it said no sim. I took it back to the phone store. They inserted new sim. Same problem. The salesperson called her manager. He said my phone was the third one this week. I returned it and I am now using my old phone once again. I use my phone for business must have something more reliable but I do not know what that would be. Any suggestions?? Android? Windows 7???

  78. says

    I have a 3GS and just had the same problem. I tried the solution noted originally (“Other users have reported that briefly turning on Airplane mode (in Settings) then turning it back off can resolve the problem.” It seems to have solved the problem.

  79. says

    if you buy one of those multi-purpose-duster things that have air in it and just try to clean out the inside where the tray goes in, that should help. it also works for audio-connection if you have problems with your sound. i went to the at&t store but they were no help. people say all you can do is get it checked out and then they might tell you to buy a new one, but for me, this helped and now it works fine.

  80. MVAckel says

    I’ve tested about everything suggested. It seems there are more then one cause to the symptoms. In my case, the real cause – not told anywhere – is that the SIM card must not be inserted or removed with the phone turned on. If so, the SIM gets damaged and then starts the messages, initially less often – as you try to fix the problem and remove/insert the card, the problem increases.

  81. Ryan says

    Try just restoring the phone completely through itunes. You lose your data for like an hour but after i did that and then manually restarted it… mine worked fine.

  82. Osman says

    You restore by plugging your iphone into the computer and then hitting the restore button. But be careful, if your iphone is unlocked and jailbroken you will lost both unlock and jailbreak unless you take it to a professional person to do it the safe way for you.

    • says

      dear support
      why is this problem common
      and the dam apple dont put a solution for it ?

      After updating my iTunes to iTunes 10,.6 I downloaded the iOS 5.1 software and installed it on my iPhone 3Gs. After restarting, my iPhone 3Gs no longer had a signal so my iPhone could not be activated. It said “No Service” where the signal bar’s supposed to be and my iTunes said my iPhone had “no simcard” even if there was. I tried using my simcard on another phone and it had a signal. Then I tried using another working simcard on my iPhone 3Gs and it didn’t have a signal. So I conclude that the problem is in my iPhone 3Gs, not in the simcard, and it happened sometime after the installation of iOS 5..1 update

      please advice back with solution asap

      error message

      iPhone SIM card not supported error

      imei 01 202 500 393397 7
      iccid 8920 0180 0 11 1 9466 000

      please advice exactly what to do
      best rgds

  83. says

    I am a business owner, Apple stock older. I have my corporate office equipped with Mac computers, IPads, Mac servers. This sim card issue with my new iPhone 4 is costing me business.

    I will go back to Motorola this Monday if I do not receive some help this weekend.

    President, Azimuth, Incorporated

  84. Tracey says

    Tape on the back side of the sim is the only thing that worked for me. AT$T replaced my sim for free, seemed to work for a day but then it resumed the no sim or invalid sim. Changing to airplane mode worked for like a minute or two. I used thicker tape than scotch like blue painters tape. No problems yet 3 days out.

  85. Joe says

    Here is the solution. Simply cut a piece of masking tape the same size as the SIM cards. Apply the tape on the back side of the SIM card, so that when inserted into the slot, it makes it more snug in the slot.

    • Tad Kent says

      Hey, so what do you guys consider the backside? Is it the side with the At&T emblem, or the side with the metal panel?

      • Joakim Celius says

        You got to be kidding!
        If you mask the connector side or as you describe it, “the metal side” then your phone won´t be able to connect to the simcard at all.

  86. Darcie says

    yup, the simple cleaning fix worked for me…you know, after I cussed out just about everything around me for a few hours :) Thanks for your help!!

  87. Dana Montenegro says

    This is beyond rediculous. This phone is 2 (TWO!!!) weeks old. I refuse to use a piece of tape to fix this issue. Tricking it into working, wiping off the sim card, etc. is CrAzY considering how much this phone costs. Also, I never had this issue with the G3 so why now? How long do you think the “fix” will last if ALL you did was wipe off a two week old sim card? I tried airplane mode and that did not work.

  88. Ben says

    I tried cleaning but did not work. Tried airplane mode and it worked for only a few minutes. Then I tried the blue painters tape cut out – and it seems to be working. Hopefully that is all that is needed.


  89. bourneblogger says

    It seems to be related to over-heating… I tried everything like airport mode (which worked only the first 3 times this happened over the span of 2 weeks) and it failed… I tried resetting the network settings and it failed… I tried power off/power on and that didn’t work… But when I turned the phone completely off by holding the HOME + OFF button (on top) for 5 seconds and slid slider bar to turn phone off, left off for 30 minutes to cool down, turned back on by holding HOME and ON key (same as OFF key) for 5 seconds, went through the Apple load up screen and VOILA… It worked…

    I didn’t even need any Scotch tape!

  90. Bodders1981 says

    Switching the airplane mode on and off worked, will remember that one! Note: it took three times switching it back and forth to airplane mode for it to work

  91. Phil says

    I have this problem on the iPhone 4, it started 2weeks ago, I’d switch the phone off and back on which sorted out the problem, and then last night it did it and did the usual on/off to no avail. Did the airplane mode on/off several times, phone reset, tape on the back of the SIM, cleaned the sim all to no avail and then randomly this morning it started working, no idea how long it’ll last but here’s hoping. The thought of waiting for someone in the apple store or 02 shop doesn’t thrill me. I used to get it with the iPhone 3Gs too but turning the phone off and back on always worked.

  92. Olan says

    I had the same problem. I went to an At&t store, they provided me with another sim card, and since then, it hasn’t shown the message again.

  93. Shokre says

    Having the same problem. cleaned it, taped in all the right places, turned off-on, airplane mode… nothing seems to be helping, and I’m nowhere near my service provider to change the SIM card as I’m out of the country for 3 months. nice…

  94. says

    My 3gphone says no “SimCard”. I have tried the airplane mode, taking the sim card in and out and also have tried tape on the back. Nothing seems to work I am not close to an ATT store. Where else can I get a Sim Card? This is most upsetting. Thanks!

  95. christysfo says

    hi guys,

    my iphone4 is dead also for nearly 2 hours, with the same problem you all mentioned “no sim installed”. I tried to put tapes on the back side of sim/tape on front side partially/airplane mode on & off…none of them worked untill i talked to my best friend of this matter. He simply asked me to find an eraser and clean the sim card(metal part)… i did what i was told and as soon as i inserted it back to the phone, signal started to show “searching” and AT&T is back. I know exactly how you might feel when this kind of things happen, so just want to give a little bit help and hope it will work for you as well. Cheers.

  96. ROME says

    This is how I FUNCTION:
    -take sim card out & clean it
    -put it back in tray
    -tap it back in with your finger with a little force
    Slide it hard!! Kaboom…bling bling! Ya heard!

  97. Charles H says

    “No SIM Card Installed” — what a pain in the butt! Airplane mode worked a few times, but not any more. I removed the SIM card — it was pretty clean, but I wiped it off again anyway and put it back. Nothing.

    I echo the sentiments of everyone on this board who believes we should expect more from this product given the cost. I had an HTC Hero for 2 years with no system issues. I’m going to waste my evening tonight on a trip out to the AT&T store so that I can use my phone again. Thanks, Apple.

  98. Abby says

    I tried turning my phone on and off. Then I tried switching the airplane mode on and off. I would have tried to clean the SIM but I couldn’t figure out how to get it out! I reset all settings and that did the trick for me!

  99. says

    Get rid of the sim tray… Seeing as how it’s what’s causing the short, you can try to tape it, but that didn’t work for me. So… I got rid of the whole tray!! Opened up my phone removed the motherboard and inserted sim card… Put it all back together and VOILA!! Hope this helps people… If you aren’t tech savvy enough to do it on your own, find someone who is!!

  100. says

    The teensy SIM card is accessed on the side. I quit getting that message after removing and then replacing it. Others here recommended doing that if slamming the phone failed to improve things.

  101. bobogado says

    I have this problem. It is obvious, given the reporting of this problem over a number of years on various forum, that this is an Apple problem. It clearly isnt the SIM card. Has anyone actually spoken to Apple about this? Have they acknowledged it? I am a retired trial lawyer and I am thinking of filing a class action.

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