No iPhone Wi-Fi After iOS 4.0 Update; Fix

A few users have reported loss of iPhone Wi-Fi connectivity after the update to iOS 4.0. In these cases, the Wi-Fi option in the iPhone’s Settings app may be grayed out.

Potential fixes

Turn router off then on Try turning your wireless router off then back on.

Change or turn off wireless security You may want to try toggling the settings on your wireless router, switching from WPA to WEP or vice versa, or, as a last resort, turning wireless security off altogether. For AirPort routers, this can be accomplished with the AirPort Admin Utility. For other routers, this can usually be accomplished by accessing the router’s configuration page — open a browser and enter the address

Reset network settings on iPhone. On your iPhone, open Settings, then navigate to “General” in the left-hand pane. Scroll down and tap Reset, then select “Reset Network Settings.” This will delete any stored WiFi passwords and other information, but may result in a more stable connection.

Restore, but not from a backup. One less-than-ideal fix for this issue involves restoring the iPhone as a new device rather than from a backup. It appears that bad holdover data from iPhone backups can cause loss of data access. Restoring as a new phone will delete contacts and other data, but generally resolves this problem.

To do so, connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your computer, click “Restore” in iTunes, then choose “setup as new phone.”


  1. says

    The problem actually stems from the wireless using a predefined IP address after the version 4.0 upgrade.

    Issue is the iphone generates is own IP address of with a class b subnet mask of

    There is no DHCP server on our wireless in this range. tested on two seperate networks so it is internal to the iOS.

    Setting a static IP address also does not permit communication with hosts on a subnet. However if i create a range as above I can communicate with other hosts. (Ping response)

    An IP scan of the network identifies only the iphone as host. (YEs a class B scan)

    Also by changing to Boot P it will not accept assignment of IP address.

    Therefore the wireless connectivity is totally lost. Resetting the WAP, CHCP range, trying different subnets has no effect. It is as if the Wireless MAC is locked to the IP address internally in the iOS.

    Restore complete and I cannot change it or get communication working.

    My opinion, a bug in the wireless upgrade with a static IP address assigned or the wireless will not complete a DHCP broadcast request on ….It takes time to be assigned the false IP address….

    Advise this to the development team and they can verify the results. If you want I can send you logs and evidence.


  2. says

    OK, Resetting back to factory default works again, All applications are lost but wireless works again.

    What a pain, reloading everying again.

    Lesson. never upgrade straight away.

    Kel D

  3. says

    I have a month old 3Gs and I upgraded to IOS 4 with out thinking. I normally wait things out with that other computer company that shall remain nameless (Windows). Sorry, my hands took over.

    I did the Network Reset and it worked! I happen to run a Netgear WGT624v3 wide open. No security. No one lives within 1/2 mile of me. Thanks to this site I was able to get the info and fix it.

    Now if I could just get the Iphone 4 that I have been trying to preorder since the 15th and the system went down. Apple and At&t screwed the pooch on this one.

  4. says

    I gave a 3GS on o2 (uk) after updating to firmware 4.0 my wifi is fine maybe a little slow but my issue is no 3G the sign is on the corner of screen but on Internet to safari or apps unless I fine wifi pls help me ppl I need the net 4 work and o2 customer help tells me to re enter apn setting I don’t have that just vpn

  5. says

    I have also upgraded to iOS 4. whenever I try to connect to wireless it drops my network connection and it goes into “Searching….”… it is really frustrating… I’d rather Apple do something about it rather than me trying to reset the phone to the original settings.

  6. says

    I have upgraded to iOS 4 and am now unable to get wifi. All the fields in the wifi settings remain blank no connection is established. This is a nightmare as the iphone is almost useless without wifi. Can someone advise me of a solution.

  7. says

    Mr. Job and apple workers;

    I have upgraded to os 4.0 my 3G. Although wifi shows connections, i didn’t connect the wireless..This device is nothing without wifi.And now Mr.Job and Apple workers solve this problem.Or all of 3G users will bomb the Apple’s structure.

  8. says

    i updated my Iphone from 3.1.3 to 4.0 , the wifi starts working but after 2 days its gone again , trying to search the wifi connection without any success.i dont know what to do , this Ihone really sucks.

  9. says

    Having gone through the agony of ‘restoring’ my 3G iPhone as suggested on this web page, as the ultimate recourse to solve this problem with Wi-Fi, (and loosing a stack of historical data in the process) my 3G iPhone will still NOT connect with Wi-Fi!!!! Any suggestions that will actually fix this?

  10. says

    Ipod 2g wifi unusable after OS 4 update! Wish I never upgraded! Bad enough the only worthwhile feature for the 2nd gen is folders!!! Reset network setting, rebooted router, power cycled Ipod, hit or miss whether connection works or not, tried wifi at work, same results, problem is the upgrade and nothing else!!!! Does Apple even bother testing this before rolling it out? Hopefully a fix will be out soon before I throw my Ipod against the wall, very frustrating!!!

  11. says

    Hi I upgraded to OS4 and couldn’t get wifi. My 3gs listed my wifi network but wouldnt connect to it. This may sound to simple but I switched off the router then back on again and hey presto it all works fine. It worked for me so if your havin probs its worth a try

  12. says

    Hi. Yes… I have also lost WIFI connections after upgrading from the latest 3 version to 4 on my iPhone 3G! Nothing I do will get it back. Spent some time talking to a very helpful Technical Support Senior Advisor at Apple. Even he had no idea what it was that caused it. What we both concluded is that it is for sure a software issue. He asked me to download a new 4.0 version after clearing all previous updates from the iTunes update folder, but to not restore from an old back-up. Still nothing at all. It see’s the networks, but as mentioned above, receives a self assigned IP on subnet. I’ve tried on several different routers with the same result. I asked how do I get IPSW 3 back to which he answered “you can’t”… So, here I am with a totally useless wireless-less iPhone. I really hope that Apple comes up with a fix, cause as it stands now, I’ve got a useless, wireless-less phone after following Apples advice to upgrade…

  13. says

    iPhone 3G WiFi story…
    1. WiFi worked for couple of months under iOS3 on new iPhone.
    2. Stop working with “unable to join…” message.
    3. Update to iOS 3.1.3 repaired WiFi.
    4. WiFi worked for couple of days under 3.1.3.
    5. Stop working with “unable to join…” message.
    6. Update to iOS 4 repaired WiFi.
    7. WiFi worked for couple of days under 4.0.
    8. Stop working with “unable to join…” message.
    9. “Reset Network Setting” – no help.
    10. “Reset Phone” – no help.
    11. “Restore to iOS 4” without restore to previous backup – no help.
    12. Current status after several sleepless nights and days:
    – can see WiFi’s in range
    – either “unable to join” or “invalid password” for 5 different AP with different security

    13. Conclusion: iPhone 3G is the lowest quality software/hardware I had so far…

  14. says

    No luck. Reset. Restore. Restore new iPhone.

    When I reset my network settings I get the “no wi-fi” grayed ot message.

    If I put the iPhone in the freezer for a few minutes, it works! buy only for a few minutes then it stops connecting to wi-fi routers.

    I think Apple must release an update for this. This is definitely software related, maybe the wi-fi chip gets overheated (?).

    I am now in the process of refilling my iPhone.

  15. says

    Same problem. Did everything but freeze the phone!

    When will Apple actually admit it has problems and it is not us “stupid” users?


  16. says

    Same problem here I’ve tried every possible solution and nothing gets my WIFI working again! What a shame on Apple developers. Without WIFI the Iphone is useless

  17. says

    I did everything to get my wi-fi back but nothing happened. After I upgraded my iphone to ios 4.0. it both had wi-fi and 3g problem. I can’t see any network to connect plus I can’t access to internet by using 3g : / Need help !

  18. says

    I tried everything that has been mentioned. THe only thing that worked was to shut of email push and put it in the freezer for a bit. It worked until it warmed up and hasn’t worked since.

    I guess buying a $200 phone means nothing to Apple?

  19. says

    I have a 3G. My wifi doesn’t work after the 4.0 upgrade. I have tried all the above solutions with no luck. Since I am new to the IPhone, I had to give up my unlimited data plan and got the 2 Gig plan. Since I cannot find or connect to my wifi at home or office, i am really eating into my data plan. ARG! Hopefully repair patch coming soon?!

  20. says

    I cant my wifi to work after I upgraded to 4.0. i’m also dropping calls all of a sudden while I’m talking. As far as i’m concerned if this is not fixed asap, i will not be buying another iphone. i’m just fed up!

  21. says

    I agree with Ahmet’s comments. I have the same problem. I reset the network, restore base on saved date, and end-up doing factory restore and still nothing works. I even call apple tech. support and took it to store which was a waste of time and travel. I was able to get it wifi to work temporary by freezing it on and off for 10 min. in freezer. Its not the end users; it’s Apple error for sure. Apple sucks by forcing people to upgrade! Just wish htc and other mobile carriers can develope a phone using sim card. Wish htc new evo/sprint used sim card. I bet people would have left apple for sure.

  22. says

    I had this same problem too. I have no idea why it’s not working, and the network settings refresh thing doesn’t do anything. Haven’t tried the “freezer” trick yet….. so far wi-fi hasn’t worked at all after upgrading from 3.1.2 to 4.0.

    I have an iphone 3g which is originally from Japan (had to move back to States for job reasons), and as such, it is locked to Softbank in Japan (won’t work with AT&T here!). Thus, I need to unlock in order to use it.

    For those of you who jailbreak your iPhone 3G (a necessary first step in unlocking your iPhone) and found that after upgrading your iPhone’s OS to 4.0 that your iPhone is a paperweight, there is a workaround:

    1) Use redsn0w to do the jailbreaking and upgrading to 4.0:
    2) After the above is completed, if you need an unlock, you can download ultrasn0w 0.93 .deb files from here:
    Use i-funbox to browse the iphone’s directory structure, and under “Raw File System” browse to /var/root/Media/Cydia/AutoInstall, and copy .deb files into this directory. You might have to create both Cydia and AutoInstall. Directories are case sensitive. Restart the iPhone, and they should install. Restart the iPhone again, and the phone will be unlocked.

    Sadly, even after doing this, the wi-fi is still not working, but at least I have a working phone now… which might be helpful if you were in my situation.

    FYI, I upgraded even w/o the jailbreak, completely clean restore, no backup whatsoever, and the wi-fi STILL did not work, even after the reset network settings trick. Pretty amazing. If anyone can figure this out, that’d be greatly appreciated.

  23. says

    Another possibility explaining all of our troubles:

    I have no idea what the “freezer” fix is about, but actually, my wifi works! It just works incredibly crappily. I have to stand right next to the router, and if I move away 15 feet, the signal strength drops to 3 or 4 out of 5, and if I move away more than that, it quickly diminishes to nothing. This did not happen with my previous iPhone OS (3.1.2), as I could use the wifi connection anywhere within my house. Now, I essentially must be in the same room.

    Though this is speculation, the logical reason for this behavior is that Apple has decided to improve the battery life by reducing the power consumption of the wifi device. In doing so, they’ve completely overdone it, and crippled the wifi capability.

    If someone has a better explanation, I’m all ears, but yeah, my wifi now sucks w/ iOS4. Not happy about this.

  24. says

    Hmm interesting Eric..something is definitely wrong!

    At first I refused to touch my router settings but i finally gave in and got wifi working on ipod touch 3g(mc). Im not sure if its mentioned above but i had no success switching to/from wep/wpa but rather, turning off security all together…great fix huh. And it doesnt like static ips.
    Was fine with 3.12 so its gotta be this ios4. Whats also great is that my shsh blobs wont work for downgrade!

    Fried or what, Apple done fxxxxx up and they gotta pay!!

  25. says

    Got my wifi working again. iPhone 3g on IOS 4.0 GM, jailbroken and unlocked.

    just stopped working this morning… kept saying incorrect password. tried hard restart and freezing, nothing worked.

    then i went through cydia and removed ssh and boom, wifi started working again.

    I know this really doesn’t help people with non-jailbroken iphones, but it certainly points a firmware issue, and not the hardware. Just don’t beat your head over it and wait for apple to come out with an update.

  26. says

    I have exactly the same situation as Adam after “upgrading” to v.4.
    If I move 5 feet from my router I loose wifi connection.
    This is my first and last Apple product! How can Apple just do nothing to help all of us having problems?
    Long live Nokia !

  27. says

    i upgrade 3.1.2 to 4.0 os on iphone 3g…wifi doesnt work when i turn it on……it searches for nothing….plz help

    i reset my phone back to factory default then
    want i did was i reset my router password and it worked right away :-)

  28. says

    same as the rest. Tried all the fixes but nothing except the freezer worked, and that only for a short time. Does anyone know if anyone is even working on a fix?

  29. says

    the same thing happened to me when i accidently upgraded to wifi stopped working..then i downgraded back to 3.1.3 and jailbroke it and unlocked it, now wifi works! even though i downgraded back to 3.1.3 my baseband remained the same the new baseband that comes with far it works fine for me..

  30. says

    I updated my 11 month old 3G to 4.0.1 yesterday- wifi NOT working at all now. I’ve tried all suggestions to fix but its still stuffed. Took it back to retailer twice; they have no clue. Got a professional computer tech to try to sort it out; he couldn’t find fix. Do you reckon apple will acutally acknowledge a problem and sort out a fix? WHEN?? So now I’m paying heaps for a product that does not work. Wish I had never updated it was perfect before. Suggestions?

  31. says

    Have 2 3G phones, both upgraded to iOS4 – mine went ok, my wife’s lost her wifi & nothing would fix it. Telstra acted as though they’d never heard of the problem. After reading several posts I decided to try to freezer trick, and lo and behold it found the wifi again! How long that lasts remains to be seen. Also charging on a Logitech device seems to upset the battery, so back to charging from the PC or Apple’s power pack.

  32. says

    I upgraded to ios4 with my 3GS, I got the wifi working but it doesn’t automatically switch. It only works for a short while then switches back to 3G. I’m not much on conspiracy theories but could this be an ATT issue? I mean if they can charge for overages for all of us that switched to tethering + 2 gigs usage, it would make sense for them to limit wifi capabilities. I mean Apple didn’t take away tethering from the beginning, Att did.

  33. says

    If AT&T can take away tethering from the beginning then they have access to wifi capabilities don’t they? I had to call AT&T to have my call waiting unlocked. They have too much access to this phone. This phone was built to do alot more then what AT&T will allow. But because they have a monopoly over it’s service, they have been given then keys to all it’s functions. Apple needs to buy out if it’s contract or build a better phone to offer through other wireless companies.

  34. says

    Had similar problems getting the new OS4 installed 3gs phone to connect at home…when it was working fine before. Reset the network settings on the phone (only network, nothing else), and then reset the router/modem (I have Fios, so one and the same). Just had to enter my WEP password on the phone when asked, and it connected right away.

    Thanks for the forum.

  35. says

    I installed a new linksys router e2000 and instantly none of the iPhones (we have 6 iphones – iOS4, iOS3.1.3) in my house could see the wifi network. After a bit of research, I found out that the iPhone does not support the 5Ghz frequency (that I had the router set to). Thus, I switched the router to the 2.4Ghz band and all the iphones immediately picked up the SSID.

  36. says

    Hi, I am not expert but this is what had work for me! First put the phone in the freezer for about 5 min. I wrapped mine in plastic wrapper so there is no moisture getting in. Should this fix the issue and you are getting the signal, sign in and go into option to renew lease on the wifi. After that, go into General and reset the network. All the step should be done before the phone warm up to room temperature. This has fix the problem for me even when the phone is at room temperature it still lock into my wifi. Hope this help guys!!

  37. says

    Same thing happened to me when I upgraded from 3.1.2 to 4.0.1. iPhone 3G 16 GB
    at first it was working. after jailbreaking and unlocking it also worked. but later something happened, and now it scans, but finds no wireless, even if it is next to the router. freezer solution doesn’t help too.. no wireless signal at all. Apple must publish a patch for this. Because I don’t have any warranty. what will I do with a no-wifi is rubbish..

    • Abouzar says

      hey guys i have the same problem with my iphone its surching but no rezultes comese up i tried the freezing and also heating ways to salve the problem but i didnt got any rezultes for this plz guys if any one have the solution for this soo plz tell send to my email

  38. says


    After Tech Support tried everything with me I just decided to try the Freezer Solution. It made absolutely no sense to me and no one has been able to explain why it works but IT WORKS!

    I turned off the phone and put it in the freezer for 8 minutes. Turned on the phone and connected via Settings/WiFi and BAM… first connection since installing iOS 4.0!!!! It has auto-connected every since!


  39. says

    KirkC: Are you being legit? That doesn’t make any sense and I can’t risk not having a phone. Can anyone else back up this claim? Is it worth checking out?

    KirkC said at 7:21 AM on July 28th, 2010:


    After Tech Support tried everything with me I just decided to try the Freezer Solution. It made absolutely no sense to me and no one has been able to explain why it works but IT WORKS!

    I turned off the phone and put it in the freezer for 8 minutes. Turned on the phone and connected via Settings/WiFi and BAM… first connection since installing iOS 4.0!!!! It has auto-connected every since!


  40. says

    After restoring and jailbreaking my 3g iOS 4.0.1 my phone recognized my wifi but wouldnt connect. Reset the network settings and I’m back in.

    • bruno says

      hi i have a 3gs and ive having the same problem
      since i didint want to fix i just use it as ipod cos i got a iphone for dayli use.
      last nigth i fogete the 3gs inside the car
      since i live in norway the temperature outside was about 5 +
      when i wake up in the morning went out pick up my phone
      there were no juice so i charged it them for some reason open up setings and boom my wifi was not grayed out anymore .
      so yes the freeze migth work i just dunno if it is just temporaly

  41. says

    A-Ha! I found a solution. It worked for me in any case. (nothing else mentioned anywhere had worked …)
    I called Apple who were to kind as to assist me despite my phone being out of warranty, but because it was an operating system problem/upgrade, they were more than helpful.
    They were also completely unaware of the lost wifi issue, but… a solution:
    update your router firmware. Apparently the IP address that the iphone is connected to is not working, and … well, I don’t understand the rest.
    I called my ISP and they updated and now wifi is working fine. Hooray!
    I was just about to shed my Apple loyalty. They’ve almost won me back. (not completely though, I lost a shit load of info: sms, photos, music, call history).

  42. says

    I too thought that this freezer idea was insane. Bought this new iphone 3g 4 months ago and wireless hasn’t been working since. Read about this freezer idea and decided to give it a go. WIRELESS WORKS AGAIN! Its something to do with the iphone, so everyone with this wireless problem should give it a shot. Btw, i’ve also updated to the latest 4.0 software and its working fine for now.

  43. says

    I had the same problem, my ipod would not connect to my wifi after updating to 4.0. I fixed it by changing the router Network Mode to mixed, previously it was on wireless N.

  44. says

    I have iPhone 3. Since upgrading to iOs4: no WiFi. I tried everything I found on the web. Today, I thought “what the heck, I put it in a plastic bag in the freezer for 8 minutes”.
    Happy, very happy

  45. says

    It’s crazy, my iphone 3g 8gb has the wifi problem and nothing worked for me, and then i saw a message above to put it in the freezer and it worked, but only for a few minutes, when the iphone is cold it works but when it starts to worm up the wifi problem returns. APPLE SUXXS!!!

  46. says

    Room temp iphone + freezer + 8 minutes = condensation and/or contraction and/or decreased resistance.

    Electricity likes all of the above.

    My theory loose connection.

    It works until the phone warms up.

    Very upsetting.

  47. says

    None of these work for my iPhone 3G. I have updated to 4.0.2 and it still doesn’t work. I have tried all the resetting crap to no avail. It has nothing to do with the wireless equipment in use. It is the iPhone. People seem to over think or not think at all when suggesting solutions. Kel D is attempting to sound like he knows something, when he just makes himself look like a complete freaking anus. Please don’t try to explain IP addressing as the issue with the iPhone. Your “self generated” “predefined” IP address of 169.254.x.x is a freaking APIPA address you tard. That means the iPhone is not pulling an IP from the DHCP server (DORA) so it is falling back on a non-routable IP so it won’t conflict with the network. Then he goes onto talk about Boot P?? Really? Well I guess his iPhone would be considered a dumb terminal. Anyway I hope Cr-Apple will fix this issue soon, otherwise we will be subjected to 50 more websites who copy someone’s supposed fix that doesn’t work. At least verify the fix works before trying to take credit for something that doesn’t.

  48. says

    I just updated to the 4.0 on my 3gs but when i went to work it would not read the wireless available. There are many wireless but the free one where i work at doesn’t seem to work. I tried to downgrade to 3.1.3 and it works again so i thought tat was weird and updated it back to 4.0. What i found out is this…if you go in the specific wireless connection and turn Auto-Login off, you can connect to certain one. Well tat works for me hope someone has the same issue

  49. says

    It SUCKS to have a useless wireless-less iPhone.
    My iPhone 3G is able to see networks but can’t connect to any of it.
    Referring to post 36 about the wifi chip being fried, as my 3G is able to list networks,
    does it mean my 3G is having a software problem or hardware?
    Steve, if you’re reading this.
    PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. says



  51. says

    Apple will not admit this is a software problem. Actually they won’t admit it’s actually happening to 3G’s at all. Post about it on their discussion boards and get flamed by fanboys who tow the company line.

    My fix was to go get an Android phone, bam wifi worked perfectly.

  52. says

    I recently upgraded my ipod touch os 3.1.3 to OS 4.0.2. I had trouble with my wifi. it recognized there was a wifi hotspot but couldn’t connect. I renewed the lease then reset only the network settings. Now working fine

  53. says

    Hi Guy,s
    I also have the same problem no wi-fi or 3G network . screen gives the mesage no data communication possible ( but the in dutch because i,am from the netherlands ).
    *I had OS 4.1 on the phone
    *the strange thing is that there is a page missing were you can change the APN Settings .
    T-Mobile shows in there trouble shooting list a picture and there i see the page.
    *so i downgraded the phone to 3.13
    *result still no wi-fi and no page how to set the APN .
    * so i restored the os 4.1 again
    * tried some freezer tricks and indeed the wi-fi signal was back , :-( but unfortunatly only for a split second or 5 .
    *Then i tried to switch on the flight mode and than switch on the wi-fi and gues what ! it works but :-( again for 5 seconds, not enough time to go to the site to change the APN problems.
    **** So Conclusion sofar is that i know can downgrade it in a split second ( 25min :-) thats a plus !! keep positive .
    I also sen a mail to Steve Jobs and Apple Europe they respond an will contact me within 4 day , so i can go on with my daily routines !
    But i won,t give up !

  54. says

    Hoi Guy,s
    Here more news of my search to get the dam I-phone on the Internet by Wi-Fi . on a Dutch site i read a story of a guy who placed his I-Phone for more than an hour in the freezer .
    So i thought what the heck i do the same and see .
    * Gues what , for the first time since the update i got connected on my Wi-Fi :-) .
    * I went to the unlockit site and placed the APN settings again
    *I choosed for my country the rest the programm installed in the main menu a profile ” APN CARRIER SETTINGS ”
    *After 10 minutes on the internet and picking up since centuries my mail on my I-Phone.
    * All this with OS4.1
    * after 15 minutes the signal whas gone again ;-(
    *I switched of my I-Phone but the ice cold bitch won,t connect on Wi-Fi .
    * There is only one option left i gues and that,s moving to Santa on the South pole.

    To be Continued

  55. Honesty says

    You need to delete all the wireless network settings and then put them in all over again. This worked on all our phones, no worries!

  56. shara says

    I have done the reset however its still not loading. I have an Apple sign on the the phone and i think it might be frozen.. HELP I NEED MY PHONE TO WORK

  57. says

    If your iPhone’s wireless card was fried when you updated to IOS4 then you will never get it fixed unless you want to spend at least $200. You either have a fried wireless adapter in you iPhone or your soldered connection has melted. Either way unless you can dismantle the iPhone and do soldering of microscopic parts, then you are out of luck.

    Thanks for supporting Apple. We are also working on the policy where we allow the thief who steals your iPhone to use it and sign up for an AT&T contract. Preliminary results are that if we can prove they stole your phone and there is a police report submitted, we will give the original iPhone owner a $10 off coupon on the purchase of a replacement iPhone. We will also be working with AT&T to get them to give the thief a 50% off coupon of their monthly bill when they sign a 2 year contract with your iPhone.

  58. says

    Pretty great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed browsing your weblog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing in your rss feed and I am hoping you write again very soon!

  59. crApple Tech says

    It is amazing the bad advice people will give.

    Kel D gives some really bad advice as follows:

    Issue is the iphone generates is own IP address of with a class b subnet mask of
    There is no DHCP server on our wireless in this range. tested on two seperate networks so it is internal to the iOS.
    Setting a static IP address also does not permit communication with hosts on a subnet. However if i create a range as above I can communicate with other hosts. (Ping response)
    An IP scan of the network identifies only the iphone as host. (YEs a class B scan)
    Also by changing to Boot P it will not accept assignment of IP address.

    First a 169.254.x.x is an APIPA address that a device uses when it fails to get an IP from a DHCP server (DORA-not the explorer). Of course you would not have a DHCP server in this range b/c this is a non-routable IP and is used to prevent interfering w/ routable IPs. Setting static IPs does not stop devices from communicating with other devices on the same subnet as long as you use the correct IP info. How does a server communicate with clients when clients usually use dynamic IPs and 99.999% of servers use a static IP. The majority of network scanning software would report your iPhone as a host b/c that is exactly what it is, a host. Why would you change to BootP when you are using a DHCP server. Do you have a BootP server and do you realize the reason it is called “Boot”P is b/c it only gets an IP when the device is in the process of booting? In other words did you enable a bootp server and reboot your iPhone just to watch it fail again or did you really expect 2 completely different protocols to magically work together?

    It is aggravating when people try to be something they obviously are not. It doesn’t take an extremely long time to learn networking. Knowing the 5 classes of subnets is extremely elementary. Port scanning is most prevalent w/ wannabe hackers whereas real networkers occasionally port scan but L2 scans are usually more appropriate in finding hosts. I love VLSM, CIDR, Subnetting and everything networking but I hate when someone misleads people and obviously doesn’t know what they are talking about. I would advise Kel D to learn binary and start doing your IP tinkering from there. Start with subnetting a class c range with /25 thru /30 so that you can learn what subnets allow for how many hosts. Learn to identify the different subnets and learn what a Logical AND is. Of course you need to first learn your basic LAN protocols and then move onto your WAN protocols like ATM, Frame Relay, etc. Then you can move onto telecommunications and data wiring so that when you are in a MDF of a 75 story building and you need to locate a data run or a bl/w or Gr/R voice run.

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