iTunes 10: Can’t Import CDs; Fix

Some users have reported an issue in which they can no longer import MP3 or AAC files from audio CDs after the update to iTunes 10. When this problem occurs, he following behaviors may take place:

  • the Mac OS X Finder recognizes the CD and mounts it, but iTunes rapidly switches between the CD and the music library–what some have called a “strobe-light” or flashing effect
  • the CD is recognized by iTunes, but the message “disc cannot be found” is displayed when the user attempts to import it
  • the CD does not mount at all and is not recognized by iTunes, but mounts when iTunes is quit


Turn off track name downloading. Navigate to the iTunes menu, then Preferences.  Click “General” at the top of the window then deselect “Automatically retrieve CD track names from Internet.” Close preferences and quit iTunes.

Start iTunes again and re-enable this option; you may now be able to import CDs. If not, turn the option back off.

Hold down spacebar while launching iTunes. Oddly, it appears that holding down the spacebar while iTunes is launching may allow import of CDs.

Downgrade iTunes. If all else fails, you can downgrade to iTunes 9.2.1.


  1. says

    I had this problem while still using 9.2.1. Deleting and reinstalling 9.2.1 didn’t help. However, while I was in the [user]/Library/Preferences folder, I noticed the “CD info.cidb” and “CDDB Preferences” files. Since the problem appears to be somehow related to iTunes connecting to the online CDDB database, I decided to delete them. Once I restarted, everything’s been fine.

  2. says

    I also have this problem. After inserting a audio cd and using the cd import function, iTunes tries to connect to the CDDB database. Any fuc*** occurs and the cd icon disappears in iTunes and in Finder.

    This error is so commonplace, I can’t believe it – that attitude is meanwhile typical for apple – apple really sucks!

  3. Amiri says

    Did NOT work for me.
    Is there a command line to make it recognize the disk? I’m trying to convert aa files into aac, and needed the disc to be the medium.

  4. Jody says

    Oddly enough – the space bar worked!? I tried pretty much everything I read about, including turning off the automatic name retrieval and the automatic CD import. I upgraded my CD/DVD driver. I even uninstalled and reinstalled several versions of iTunes – including 9.2.1. But when I did that – it said it could not read the library because it had been made with a newer version (10.)
    I tried directly importing from the folder by SELECTing and OPENing – that seemed to work once, but I couldn’t replicate it. Then I tried manually copying files from the disc into the iTunes folder – but that didn’t work either.

    So I tried the space bar – and it worked. No clue why.

  5. zeb says

    WTF??? Spacebar? I thought this was a joke, but it works fine, buy WHY???? Is it some kind of safe mode or something????

  6. Alex says

    Hey; I’m actually trying to burn a CD for a project at school; and since my friend doesn’t own blank CD’s and I do; I’m doing hers too. Now my Mac is having a stupid problem where it doesn’t recognize when I put a CD in. I tried your options and they didn’t work for me; any other ideas???

  7. Peter de Braux says

    I cannot imprt CD’s either .
    I have iTunes 10 and this is May 2012!!!
    What is going on??
    I own Apple stock, nbut will sell if they are not interested
    in solving this very small problem (a big one for my iTunes!!!

  8. Dan says

    Turned off the name downloading and held the spacebar for good measure.
    Don’t know what did it, but it worked.
    For things to happen like this in Skyrim I get, but in an Apple soft?

    Oh well. Thanks a lot!

  9. Abi says

    Wow been trying for ages to upload CDs and itunes just wouldn’t recognise that a CD was in the disk drive. Tried holding the space bar and that worked! Thanks

  10. Nawaaz says

    Got an iPod touch as a gift. Must rank as one of the worst products Ive come into contact with. Apple really sucks viva samsung viva. Can’t download anything from my countless CD’s. What a waste of money.

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