My IPad’s / iPhone’s home button is not working, how to fix

Several users have reported that their iPad / iPhone home button suddenly stopped working and became unresponsive. Here are some tips to troubleshoot this problem; try each step until you solve this issue:

  1. Restart your device by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red “slide to power off” slider appears, then slide to power off. Then press and hold the Sleep/Wake button to turn on your iPad.
  2. tap Settings > General > Accessibility > Triple-click Home, disable this feature if it is on (this is off by default)
  3. Move Safari out of dock, and then restart your device.
  4. Your home button may have collected some debris preventing the button from functioning properly. Turn off your device and try to clean it. Please refer to this article:
  5. Reset your iPad / iPhone by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button and the Home button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo.
  6. If these steps do not fix your problem, contact Apple support.


    • Peter Rucker says

      Mostly the reason for a non working home button is dirt disturbing the contacts…
      you can find a lot of crazy solutions in the web – a view months ago i found
      it really helped me…my HB is working now for months 😉

  1. Ben says

    Idiots my home button isn’t working I cantnholdnthat and sleep down to reset it only sees me pushing the sleep button

  2. Mike says

    I’ve had persistent but sporadic problems with the home button for a few months. I do leave the Accessibility widget up simply as assurance that I’ll have a home button.

    I did note this morning based on a few older posts that it might be a dirt/dust problem. I had a can of compressed air handy, and my iphone was having the problem. -so- A puff of air on at the button and another in the connector slot, and ta-da. The button started working again.

    This falls in the YMMV category, but, I’ll be trying it again the next time.

  3. Pruthviraj says

    Guys… i suddenly encountered my iPads home button responseless … i just followed the following steps which i used to do for my computer mouse… Trust me it fixes!

    1. Turn off your iPad.
    2. Blow air(dry) from dust cleaner or from your mouth(if you can kiss your iPad)(hold a piece of dry cloth when blowing air from your mouth so as to input dry air into the device)
    3. Now turn on your iPad and continue pressing your working home button.

    If any issues can contact me.
    (Most of the times home button unresponsive behaviour is not software issue)
    Maintining iPad in a proper way keeps your device working properly.

  4. Oh yea says

    1) Carefully place your right ankle behind your neck
    2) Do the same with your left ankle

    From this position you should be able to kiss your ass.

    I place this advice here as it is as useful as the above as far as fixing the problem of broken hardware.

    • DaddyIssues says

      Sorry “Oh yea says”. Kissing my ass didn’t work. I even tried to kiss it more times but no results.
      Same issue happened to my fiance. To fix it (according to her), an Apple technical guy needed to kiss her ass and, after that worked! Really, not sure yet how a kiss in the ass could fix the issue but, if it fixes, great!

    • says

      well if that doesn’t work then go to general-accesibility-assistive touch-on
      next a little white dot pops up somewhere on the screen- u click it and it gives u options the home button, the device itself, favorites, and gestures.

  5. Gdwtch says

    Thanks Pruthviraj. I just received my new IPad and the home button refused to work. I did the rotation thing, the force quit thing, the flat surface thing, and finally your suggestion. I had to do it a couple of times. Glad to report that it worked. Must be a lot of dust in China!

  6. Gdwtch says

    Well now I have to blow into the USB port every time I need to use the home key. Ridiculous guess I’ll be exchanging!!!

    • says

      well if that doesn’t work then go to general-accesibility-assistive touch-on
      next a little white dot pops up somewhere on the screen- u click it and it gives u options the home button, the device itself, favorites, and gestures…

      • Grace says

        Why is general-assecibility – assistive touch-on? I don’t have that on my iPod. And my home button isn’t working at all. U have to press it extra hard and it still doesn’t work.

  7. Ige Attah says

    My ipad2 home key button is man functioning, just but it a month ago, have blow air severally through the USB still yet no good result. Apple why?

  8. Pruthviraj says

    Since electronic devices attract dust all the time and unfortunately Apple did not test the iPad in dusty areas, so it gets unresponsiveness often. You just have to watch out for dust and clean it often.

  9. Jess says

    Tried the air into usb and still doesn’t work. Can’t use home button at all so I’m stuck in one place on my iPhone and can’t do anything. Help?

    • Pruthviraj says

      Hi jess,
      if you have noticed your iphone’s home button started showing unresponsiveness gradually than dust could be the reason, so try air blowing once again. If you find it suddenly not working than it could be the problem related to hardware.. like the push button under the home button… so you might have to get a replacement with new button. If still anything doesn’t works out let me know.

  10. MF says

    My iPad2 home button stopped working all of a sudden, and then less than a week later it stopped charging at the usual rate (e.g. when I charge it overnight using a 10W charger it will nowonly increase the battery by another 10% or so, whereas until recently it would charge up to 100% overnight). Could these two problems be related, in anyone’s experience?

  11. Lexi says

    My iPhone4 home button reacts but I have to press it very hard, I have had the accessibility button on for a while, however I am sick of it and want the iPhone to work normally again. I have tried the compressed air a few times and blowing into the USB slot with a sunglasses cloth covering it. Any more suggestions? Thanks

  12. 1120 says

    1. Open an original application on your device (pre-installed) like iTunes, Calculator, Stocks etc.
    2. Press the power (top right) and hold it down until the power off prompt appears
    3. Without doing anything else, press and hold down the home (middle) key until the prompt goes away.
    This will recalibrate the home button

  13. Damgeo says

    Wow, the blowing air into the charging port really worked.. I had the same non responsive home button on iPad.. I didn’t have a can of air so I simply blew in it with my mouth and it worked like a charm.. Thanks

  14. Paul V says

    I found a post on with a solution to bypass the home button. I wish that I had known this sooner.
    Simply take all 5 fingers & pinch the screen. This will take you home.
    I use always press the home button to go back home to exit the browser & check my email. I figured out that all you have to do is take 4 fingers & swipe to the side & you can go for one open application to another without ever pressing the home button again!

    Hope this helps!

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