Server does not allow relaying email error, fix

Several users have reported that they are unable to send emails on iPhone and receiving this error message:  “A copy has been placed in your Outbox. The recipient [email address] was rejected by the server because it does not allow relaying.”

How to fix

  • If this is an AOL issue, try these: go Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > select your account > SMTP from the Account Info Page > SMTP from the SMPT Page > make sure that the Server is ON, make sure that the Host Name is Further make sure your username and password are correct and added in the Outgoing Mail server; make sure that Authentication is set to Password and make sure that Server Port is 587
  • If this is not an AOL email: go Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Accounts >Account Info > SMPT> turn off primary server, turn on other (e.g. AT&T) SMTP server.
  • Go into Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Your Account > Outgoing mail Server SMTP > Primary Server then turn Server ON and fill in both User Name and Password under Outgoing Mail Server.


  1. Simon Osmond says

    I have got this problem on my ipod touch, where AOL is not my primary email. All the info in the section is as it should be here, but it is also greyed out so I couldn’t amend. I have tried deleting the AOL account and readding it but it still has the same problem. Equally, it makes no difference whether the “other SMTP Servers” are on ON or OFF. Can you help?

    • Simon Osmond says

      I have since found a fix for this – it involves turning off the AOL “primary server” (which has the greyed out information) and then adding an “Other SMTP Server”, using “”, my aol username (without the “” suffix) and password. This then sets up automatically as “On” under the “Other SMTP servers” which has now cleared my Outbox.

      • says

        Thank-you thank-you thank-you!!! Finally a simple solution! All the spiel that’s out there I’m so glad I stumbled across your fix! Brilliant! I run a charity web-site for my daughter and my email has just been dumped in outbox for weeks – now this is fixed by following your iphone solution I can carry on with the fund-raising! It really was as simple as that – nobody seemed to have a clue – including local apple shop “genius” bars!

      • Ralph says

        Genius! The Primary Server addition solution appears to have worked after months of frustration. I thank you (the other solution didn’t seem to work for me).

        • Darren says

          I have since found a fix for this – it involves turning off the AOL “primary server” (which has the greyed out information) and then adding an “Other SMTP Server”, using “”, my aol username (without the “” suffix) and password. This then sets up automatically as “On” under the “Other SMTP servers” which has now cleared my Outbox

          All of this is right but make sure you turn off the PRIMARY SERVER OFF, and have the OTHER SMTP SERVERS swirched ON, i hope this helps.

          • sarah says

            Hi, I have done as you have suggested but still does not work, is there anything else I can try as been on it nearly all day!
            thanks sarah

          • says

            I am the biggets dummy in the world when it comes to computers. I can not sent a reply to anyone, I hope this goes through. They all say the same thing didn’t go through. Its the same with emails when i TRY TO SEND ONE.Ok I have a google account, I use aspire-acer labtop. Can you help.

          • Elizabeth says

            Darren I have tried all of this. Question. When you finish the Steph and tap save does it go to verifying and you wait a time and then it verifys the account? Some times it does and others it does not. I have had my emails with aol for years only started having this problem on my iPad in the last couple of weeks. Do you know Why this has happened? I am just sick over this as it has stressed me and as I read I am not alone. Can’t the “great apple” do something for this problem? THANK ALL OF YOU FOR HELPING US.

      • Alison says

        At last, a solution that works. Tried every one I could find but only yours worked. What a relief, thank you so much.

      • Claire says

        Omg at last. Thankyou ever so much Simon. Its been driving us mad. I just spent half hour on the phone to aol and they were useless. Doing what you put was 5mins. THANKYOU

      • John Middlemiss says

        Darren thanks for this, just saved me copying and pasting from one e-mail account to another on my I-Phone 4. My AOL account has been out of action for months as I could not send e-mail but could receive them.Thanks

      • Jamie says

        OMG! Thank you Simon!!! I have been struggling with this for months!!! All it took was correcting my username to not include the part!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!

      • Horace Webb says

        After installing your fix for outgoing mail, not only can I not send messages on my IPhone4, I now get a message “Cannot Get Mail” The username or password for AOL is incorrect. Any ideas for a fix? Thanks.

      • Deborah says

        Been struggling for days, Vodafone, couldn’t help, nor could aol but this fix made it work straight away – thank you so much x

      • cat says

        Thank you soooo much this has been driving me crazy!! do you know why this primary just stops working though in the first place?

      • gillian says

        Oh wow something that finally works thank you sooooooooo much!. The phone almost was thrown off a high cliff the other day. THANK YOU :-)

      • Luke says

        Simon, well done. This has been baffling me for weeks and couldn’t find the solution until I read your post. thanks mate.

      • Laura says

        Thank u so much. This worked. I found a website just b4 I found this one and they wanted $39 for a tech to answer and u just answered for free. Thanks again.

  2. Andrew Berry says

    Absolutely brilliant. The solution with the second server worked perfectly following 2 hours of trying other solutions. Thank you

  3. Yvonne Wilson says

    Why do I need to go through another server to send email? Shouldn’t the phone just send through the email server i am currently using rather than trying to access a different email server? There has to be a better answer, because all you are doing is sending through another email server. It is a bypass not a fix.

  4. Suzanne says

    Hi I’m with ozemail or iinet, I’ve tried putting in there settings but I can’t get it to work. Any suggestions. Ready to hand my phone back to Telstra I’m so annoyed.

  5. Kev says

    Just wanted to add my thanks as well. Only taken 7 months on my Iphone 4 to sort this out and Apple had no idea at all. Simon, you are a genius and I can finally email again. Best wishes. Kev

  6. Caz says

    Thank you soooooo much, this has been driving me crazy for so long!! And it was so simple to fix. Thank you!

  7. says

    Thanks a million for the easy fix. Been using my iphone for a year now and been so frustrated not being able to return mail. Well pleased :)

  8. Jason Newell says

    Wow… ive tried everything to get my email working… i put in the above info and what a suprise it works… many many thanks

  9. says

    Find this blog article curious. Parts 2 and 3 are exactly the same yet you’ve bolded it and used different words to make it look similar.

    You’re basically saying turn it off and on again. That advice on it’s own doesn’t work. Maybe this is useful for people with AOL accounts but if you’re trying, say, to get your own website’s email working, then look elsewhere.

    Maybe you should re read what you’ve written and come up with something clearer or explain the difference between

    Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Accounts >Account Info > SMPT>


    Go into Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Your Account > Outgoing mail Server SMTP >

    As there is no option called “account info”,

    The reality is you go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars >

    Then you don’t have any choices after that unless you choose an account. “Accounts” is a heading there, but not an option worthy of it’s own bread crumb as you can’t select it.

    • Joe says

      I have the same problem as you- the route suggested does not exist in my iPod touch and fails when I select an existing account…duh

  10. Lucy Shaw says

    BRILLIANT!!! I live in Australia and have just used this to help my mum in the UK who has been struggling for ages! Thank you!!!!!

  11. Jennifer says

    Thanks so much for this info. I looked on the support page for apple and could not find anything to resolve this issue. I am now able to send email from my iPhone. Great info here!

    • Elizabeth says

      Simon Osborn please tell all of us what to do. PLEASE HELP US. I am almost sick because no one can tell us what to do. I can’t believe Apple can’t fix this us as there are so many having the same problem. Why has this happened? I have an iPad 2 and all was fine and then one day all went to the hand basket. Someone print out the directions so we can read them when we read the Thank You.

  12. jeanette says

    What a simple fix for something that no one I asked knew how to fix. They all had the problem but had not addressed it. I had a typed a lengthy email on my phone and didn’t want to retype.
    You Rock!

  13. Darren says

    I have since found a fix for this – it involves turning off the AOL “primary server” (which has the greyed out information) and then adding an “Other SMTP Server”, using “”, my aol username (without the “” suffix) and password. This then sets up automatically as “On” under the “Other SMTP servers” which has now cleared my Outbox

    All of the above is correct but make sure the PRIMARY SERVER IS TURNED OFF, and the OTHER SMTP SERVERS are turned ON. This does work and thank you for finding out how to get this to work.

  14. Robert says

    Excellent. After four months of frustration not being able to send i-Pad emails from my domain account, it now works. Thanks!

  15. Niamh Cannon says

    Thank you so much- I’ve had this problem for months with my iPhone 4 and this has sorted it! Thanks again!

  16. Joe says

    I pleased that so many have made this work but not me- the route to account settings is simply not available and after various variations on these suggestions I’m back to square 1 on my iPod touch…

  17. Sara says

    Simon what genius! I have struggled with this issue for 12 months and even spent time at apple in NY to see if they can help. They told me to create a new account!
    Your fix ends 12 months of frustration. I could kiss you right now.

  18. mik says

    I have tried all the above solutions for ipad2.
    my ipad, iphone and mac are all set up the same way and were all working perfectly.
    yesterday, just the iPad started not sending emails saying ‘the recipient was rejected by the server because it does not allow relaying’
    I have performed all of the above and it still does not work
    have you any ideas please?
    thank you

    • Elizabeth says

      Mik I have the same problem. I went thru all the steps outgrowing mail works but the relay problems still exist. All the outbox mail will not send, what has anyone told you to fix this. Problem. Can you send me an email as I don’t know how I even got here I have searched so much I almost feel crazy. Thank you for any help. Elizabeth

      • Elizabeth says

        I forgot to say I am referring to an iPad. Do the instruction cover all the Apple productions , pads, phones etc ? I am desperate. See the hour?

  19. Michelle says

    Thanks so much!!!! That worked. I have been able to recieve emails from my business account, but never able send them from my ipad. I have had this issue for months. You just savied my life!!! LOL

  20. Francois says

    When I apply this, the email I have sent appear to come from my second email address, the one attached to the other smtp server. This doesn’t fix the problem, I am still one email address down…

    • Francois says

      After a conversation with the IT manager in charge of my account, I have added some security to the SMTP configuration and now I can send all my emails without any problems.
      Conclusion, have a word with your email provider and ask for the correct smtp settings for apple products, they are different from the pc products. But it works !

  21. Diego says

    Have to add my name to this long list of Thanks, Simon. I was showing my wife how easy it was to add and/or delete email accounts on her iphone, when I inadvertantly disabled her ability to send out AOL emails. Through your posting I was able to regain that ability (not to mention regain some credibility in her eyes).
    Thanks again, Diego

  22. Catherine Marshall says

    I get to the very last step, but you say “make sure the server port is 587. However, my server port says 465, and it’s grayed, so I can’t change it. What do I do now? Thanks for any help.

    • User says

      you could set the server port by adding a colon “:” and the port number to the server name, e.g.

      you may need to copy the colon from an app that supports text and then paste it into the server name. The colon character was not on the keyboard displayed to enter the server name.

      Good luck!

  23. Marvin says

    didnt work for me. im still having relaying issues, guess cause im trying to connecto to my companies exchange server for my email. I can read them and my folders come up but just cant send!! However, everyone else in the company can set up there email on there iPhone except me!! what the HEll!! I have tried setting it up manually and also by my username password and email address like everyone else.

  24. Anna says

    As I am overseas I am using the wifi in the hotels. My iPad 2 will receive email but won’t send. Have tried all the suggestions but to no avail. A least I can contact via FB or messages. Anna

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