Fix: Unable to verify Apple ID because activation / verification email is NOT sent / received

Several users have reported that they could not verify their Apple ID because they did not receive the activation email that Apple sent to verify their email address.

Having an Apple ID is a must if you are using an Apple product. With an Apple ID, you can buy apps, log in to your iCloud account or access Apple support and view your product information (along with many other things). If you do not have an Apple ID, you can easily create an Apple ID by visiting My Apple ID web site.

During the registration process, Apple asks for your name, address and email. After you complete the registration process, Apple sends a verification/activation link to the email address that you submitted during the registration process to verify that this address belongs to you. You are required to open your email and follow the instructions to activate your Apple ID; you cannot use an Apple ID without verification. If you haven’t received your activation / verification email, one of the followings solutions should resolve this issue:

  1. Apple sent the verification email but verification email was caught by your email’s spam or bulk mail filter. Check your spam, junk or bulk mail folders to see if the verification email is there.
  2. First ensure that your spam blocker is not filtering (you may add this email to your address book) and then request a new verification email (see below).
  3. It is possible that your email provider may be having technical difficulties preventing you from receiving emails. This is especially true if you have a self-hosted email address like You may want to change your email or request a new verification email (see below).
  4. You may have made a typo in the email provided. Check to ensure the email address is spelled correctly.

How to request a new verification email

Visit and then click “Manage your account” and enter your Apple ID and password. When you sign in, it will say:

“A verification email was previously sent to [your email address]. We can resend the verification email to the same address, or if this address is incorrect you can change your Apple ID and email address.” You will also be able to see and change your Apple ID email here. If you want to change your email address, you can do so (see number 3 and 4 above). Then simply click “send verification email.”

Apple ID verify



  1. Edgar says

    This did not work. I didn’t receive the verification email the first time, nor did I get the response on the Mange Your Apple ID site when I returned to request it again. It was ground zero each time. No emails received. Nothing in my spam folder. When I try to use the security questions to authenticate my account I get the message that I got my birth date wrong! Very frustrating.

    • Katie Scott says

      I’m having the same problem. It tells me that it’s sending to my address but the email is not received. Not in spam or junk or inbox. A search of all email reveals nothing.

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  3. Asola says

    hey, i have a Q,
    my Email Adress Belongs to an “unknown” Apple ID, I need To change it, but how?
    please repaly it means alot!
    Thank You.

  4. elham says

    I didn’t receive verification e-mail and when i type my e-mail in manage account it couldn’t find my e-mail but site dosen’t allow me that i re register.what should i do?

  5. Feed up! Lmfao says

    Surely apple I d verification can’t be this
    frustrating,come on apple, this prob been going on for years.

    Wakey Wakey apple 😉

  6. Nic jarvis says

    I’ve changed my Apple ID password and now having been reset I’m getting a message saying it is incorrect!!!! There is no help from apple whatsoever. IOS 7 is just a torch that makes my phone look like a fisher price toy. I’ll be moving back to android ASAP. Shocking service

  7. Linda says

    Utterly disrespectful of apple to send users on endless loop with rejected security question answers, DOB not accepted, session timed out, blah blah blah. Have followed ALL directions to the letter but reset email NEVER ARRIVES. Seriously, apple, what appears to be a long standing problem is still unresolved? THE RESET EMAILS DO NOT ARRIVE ~~~

  8. says

    Very very frustrating cannot find an answer to my problem changed my ID says verification email sent still not arrived after going thru the same process numerous times, totally confused now, don’t know what to do next not impressed.

    • Ben says


      Try your email with a different suffix: change “.com” to “”
      Refresh your email and see if the verification email comes through.

      Failing that, you can go to, login and change your primary email address to another email address (if you have a second or somebody elses; otherwise create another email address). Annoying and mildly inconvenient but will work.


      • SuckAfatOneApple says

        Nope. Tried this. It didn’t work. Was on the phone with support for an hour. They literally couldn’t help. I got told I would get a call back in two hours to see if I had received the email. This is some damn cock and bull. It should never take more than 30 seconds for an email to send. Though of course I got an email promptly after they hung up, confirming that a call back appointment had been set up. I know my email is working. I added the appleID email to my contacts, I’ve checked my spam, trash, and every conceivable folder. Nothing. Even checked my backup email. Nada. I’ve never had such a hard time getting a damn phone to work the way it should. The whole reason I got an IPhone was to avoid stupid shit like this. None of the advice on the forum boards has helped, it’s just full of people with the same problem, and no real answer or solution.
        Guess I’ll just have to cross my fingers and pray to the phone gods that the email magically shows up. I don’t have much faith in the customer service, especially considering the fact that they MUST receive calls on the same subject all the time, and yet they have no solution for it. I’ve never been so frustrated in my life.

        • maker says

          Hi there,

          I make Apple IDs for my customers because somehow they’re not able to make it by themselves for some reasons. Most of the time I face with this problem and theres no solution to it for me other than making another one from the scratch after 24 hours with ANOTHER email address. I have also tried changing the main email address in “managing my account” in apples website but it did not solve the problem either which shows there’s nothing wrong with Spam filters of our email service providers. Based on my so many other tests, I for 100% tell you that the problem of not receiving verification mail after creating an Apple ID is connected to Apple’s system itself! which I guess their systems for some unknown reasons puts the Apple ID in the black list of their Outbox mailing system thats why it wouldn’t get solved even by changing the main email address to another one.

        • Gongshow says

          It’s unbelievable to the point that you begin to think it must be intentional…worst of all I have a nine year old kid who can’t download free games on his ipod which is the reason he bought it. Shameful apple!

  9. Jasmie L says

    Please help!

    Why is my apple id like disappeared from the world? Cannot recognize at all! Even when I enter all my info into it just says everything is not exist….what should I do? The account is supposed with all my credit card info so it is so insecure.

    Please help to check urgently! Thanks!

  10. racingbug says

    IPHONE is a POS, No support, no customer service, and you wont get a verification email to activate your apple id ………. no matter how hard you try, or who you attempt to contact !!!!!!! if you are reading this it is TOO LATE !!!!!!!! the best thing to do is warn everybody you know !!!!! RIP STEVE JOBS !!!!!

  11. ran says

    My account has been verified but it says I need to verify my account. What can I do? recent my verifacion but not recieve verification from my email, I am so
    tired of using my friend’s account. please help?


  12. Long John says

    I was not receiving the email from Apple to verificate my account so what I did was simply to change email address and use a new one. It arrived immediately! Boooring 😀

  13. Zena Diamandis says

    Just bought the Ipad mini 3. Am not receiving the email verification from appleid. Please help. It is not in my Junk file and all other emails from Apple are being received!

  14. Micheal says

    Can anyone help me how to get my Apple ID plz I don’t receive my Apple ID via email but they say they sent it

  15. Reuben says

    Please verify my account i’ve been waiting in 3 days . And there’s no respond , what kind of company are you .. Do your job APPLE!

  16. sanxra says

    Apple minipads should be pulled off shelves and destroyed for being the biggest pile of shit ever sold to the public!

  17. Marty Giles says

    Like so many others, I spent all day on line myself and at least an hour and a half on the tech support phone line trying to get into my apple account. Supposedly my user id disappeared and I never receive the email for verification – to any email account. After all the time on the line with tech support, they sent an email to my normal email account for verification and to allow me to change the ID and password. It was not received so I had him send it to another account. Again, it still has not been received 2 hours later. I see all these posts with the very same problem. The problem isn’t my email accounts. What a waste of time!

  18. Aaron says

    Here’s what happened to me. I had a second appleid associated with my work email as the primary address. As an alternate address I’d entered the email address of my personal appleid. So then when I tried to verify my personal appleid, it was failing because I’d entered my personal email also in my work appleid. I cleared my personal email out of my work appleid, and now it was freed up for us with my personal appleid. Stupid why Apple doesn’t have that information in their popup message so it’s clear why the verification is failing.

  19. DoryGuy says

    I cannot get apple to send the verification email either
    They must be black listed on the Internet servers. Ugh

  20. Gunnar says

    I have been having the same problem as most people here, seems there some kind of problem with gmail, I had to go through this endless loop and spent over 4 hours on this ridiculous problem. I had the verification problem first when I was trying make a new apple id but sometime ago the iPad started asking for the password again and it seems as the account had been deleted for no apparent reason. I was able to make a new apple id with the same email but did not receive my verification email through my main email account(gmail) but got my verification email through extra email account which I registered while creating the apple id again. Apple should have fixed this long time ago.

  21. andreas says

    i have the problem either but i requested the verification from another place than the one i am livi ng at. they may check the sender ip and if it is a different country the apple id cannot be verified, i guess.

  22. romane says

    how do i virify my apple id acount i cant access my email that i put for my apple id acount please tell me how do i do this

  23. Alan says

    Maybe I get your Apple ID Verification E-mails. I have not and do not use any of Apples products but often get verification requests with various names.

  24. Jumanne Mwaka says

    Verification email, verification email, verification email! What a drama is this!!! Apple should work on it, it looks like there’s no cc! no one cares, ugh…!!!

  25. John says

    Apple is deliberately and maliciously not send the damn confirmation email!

    Just try it, fill their form with bogus address and phone number and will never get that damn confirmation email.

    They should get sued to demanding and then selling your data even for people (like me) have zero intention of ever purchasing anything on their pathetic app store.

    My only need is to download free apps and for their monopolistic behavior am obligated to sign up to this piece of trash store.

  26. princess says

    just like those people here i was very disappointed by apple…i almost spend almost 3 hours a night just trying to verify my apple account because i want to download something important but nothing happen..i tried every option they offer just to verify it but i didnt receive any verification link….in my gmail can ifix it?

  27. says

    THE APPLE PROCESS IS SH1T. Each time I try to to reset the ID – having successfully sorted the password – the moron programmer has the fecking path default back to password when I try to redo the ID I hope the programmer and his boss have been sacked and are rotting somewhere.

  28. erin says

    My dad is on my mother’s iPad. He can’t verify his account. The verify part is actually verified, but when he tries to do anything it claims otherwise.

  29. CJJ says

    Help apple! the email doesnt show up i even checked the spam and all of the folders! DO YOUR JOB PLEASE HELP

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