How to Attach Images to Messages and E-Mail Without Saving the Image: Copy and Paste

A lot of people send images via the Messages app or through e-mail. In a previous article, I explained how to attach your photos, images, docs, videos, notes etc. that are stored on your iOS devices to your e-mail. This short article will explain the easiest way to attach images without saving them first. Here’s how:

  • Find an image (in this article, we are going to attach an image that we found online)
  • Tap and hold on the image
  • Tap ‘copy’ (see IMG 1)

Now, you have copied this image. Note: you did not save this image on your device (iPad, iPod or iPhone).

  • Launch your e-mail or Messages app
  • In the text area, just tap and hold
  • Tap ‘paste’ (see IMG 2 and IMG 3)

Now, your image is added to your e-mail or message.

Save an image on iphone / ipad


copy image imessages


Email add photo



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