Google Map Apps causing your iPhone battery drain too fast?

During a recent trip I used (or tried to use) the Google Maps app. I was driving from Illinois to Minnesota and I thought that my iPhone could last the five hour trip. To my surprise my iPhone died after only about two hours. If you are using Google Maps or similar Maps or GPS apps very frequently, these tips will help you maximize your device’s battery life.

  • If you see a Location Services arrow on your iPhone (see image), this means that your device is currently using a Map app and is actively requesting location data. This can drain your battery very quickly. Sometimes many users forget to close the app after arriving to their destination and their app continues to run in the background. The location arrow sign indicates that your Map app is still running. Cancel your request within the app or force close (double click home button, tap and hold the App you want to close until it jiggles and then tap the minus sign) the app to end it.
  • If using Google Maps while signed into your account, try signing out. Further, launch Google Maps, tap Settings > About, Terms & privacy > Terms & privacy > Location Data Collection and toggle it to the off position.
  • Have backup battery solutions. Using Location Services will drain your battery quickly. Be ready for that. You may want to get a portable battery charger or other simple accessories that allows you to plug your device into your car to charge.

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