FaceTime Doesn’t Work; No Option in Settings: Fix

iPhone 4 users have reported three distinct FaceTime issues:

1. No FaceTime option appears in the Settings app. In other words, you do not have the option to turn FaceTime on or off, and no functionality appears in the phone app.


First, try this process:

  1. Navigate to Settings > General >Restrictions and select “Enable Restrictions”
  2. Set the FaceTime restriction to on
  3. Select “Disable Restrictions”
  4. Go to Settings > Phone, and you should now see a FaceTime option, which you can turn on.

Failing the above, restore your iPhone 4 as a new phone. This will delete contacts and other data, but may resolve this issue. To do so, connect your iPhone or iPod touch to your computer, click “Restore” in iTunes, then choose “setup as new phone.”

2. FaceTime button missing from phone calls. In this case, the FaceTime option exists in Settings, but you cannot initiate FaceTime sessions from the phone app or from the contact screen. You may see a hold button instead of a FaceTime button.


Make sure FaceTime is on. Go to Settings > Phone and make sure that FaceTime is turned on. If you don’t see a FaceTime option, follow the procedures above.

Reset all settings. Navigate to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. This will erase stored messages, passwords and other information, but may resolve this problem.

Failing the above, restore your iPhone 4 as a new phone as described above.

3. FaceTime doesn’t work on some Wi-Fi networks due to firewall restrictions.


We noted a fix for this issue here, which Apple subsequently noted in a knowledge base document.


  1. says

    Awesome… thanks so much.. after calling Vodafone and Apple re’ Facetime ‘not working’… Nobody told me that I had to enable it first… when I explained the problem to them they told me to either reset the phone or exchange it.

    Thanks soooo much for this.


  2. says

    I am not seeing the Facetime options either in Restrictions or Settings->Phone. I have tried all the options of Reset, restore as new phone as suggested. Just cannot see any facetime options with my new iphone 4. The iPhone has been purchased in Dubai, UAE. Can someone help!


  3. says

    I also got my iPhone 4 in Dubai, I don’t see FaceTime button in settings under phone or restrictions. Is there a solution to get FaceTime without jailbreak?

  4. says

    i need help my itouch 4g wont work with facetime and i
    restored it and returned it and got a new one and it dosent work i
    turned my fire wall off and it still didnt work so i need

  5. says

    Even i got my factory unlocked iphone 4 from Dubai and
    don’t see a Facetime button in settings. However now i am on indian
    network in India. Will it help in anyway ?

  6. says

    Elie, as far as i know if you buy iphone 4 within UAE, it
    wont include facetime in it but if you buy it from Europe or US or
    Canada you will definitely get it. I bought mine from Canada and
    its Enabled but its seems that there are restriction in our Wifi or
    as i read in the websites facetime is not supported in the Middle

  7. says

    i have bought iphone 4 32gb from dubai and i live in india but my iphone do not have facetime word at all, no option of on and off and restriction is off and i have restored atleast 2 times but still no sign of face time please help me anyone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Althaf says

    @Salam,thanks for saving my time,my iphone4 also have same problem with FaceTime ,no FaceTime button anywhere in my phone,more then 4times I restored my phone,did everything to enable favetime,but no use,nw I came to know that in Dubai FaceTime is not working because of unsupported of your carrier,

  9. Daniel says

    Iv just bought the iPod touch 4 and iv got facetime. But everytime I go to call somebody it’s keeps saying tiff White is not avalible. Somebody please help

  10. says

    Iv just bought the iPod touch 4 and iv got facetime. But everytime I go to call somebody it’s keeps saying tiff White is not avalible. Somebody please help.

  11. alice says

    every time i go into setting facetime keeps popping up and i cant go back into settings
    what do i do please help me !!!!

  12. ThisPerson says

    When I try to activate FaceTime on my iPod Touch 4th Gen, it says “Verifying” at the top, but then goes back to the sign in page. I’ve tried everyting in settings, and nothing has changed it. Help? :l

  13. Bhupesh says

    I have noticed at my iphone 4s does not have facetime and read many publication that in UAE it is not supported. But recently my neighbour has recently purchased from store in dubai (lulu to be specific) and it has full working of facetime..!!!

  14. JWill says

    I have an iPhone 4G with FaceTime icon and it appears to be with a problem:
    1 when I go to settings, phone… It doesn’t have FaceTime icon
    2 when I make FaceTime calls it appears to be working by ringing but on the other side no signal that FaceTime incoming call is coming through. Please help people. Thanks.

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