iTunes 10: iPhone, iPod or iPad Won’t Sync

Some users have reported an issue in which iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPod and iPod fail to sync after the update to iTunes 10. iTunes may display the error message “An unknown error occured (13010).”

There are a number of potential fixes for this issue:

  • Reinstall iTunes. In some cases this issue can be resolved by completely removing then reinstalling iTunes as described in this Apple Knowledge Base article.
  • Remove third-party backup or antivirus software. If you’ve installed software for an external hard drive or another device, it may include an automatic backup utility that recognizes the iOS device as a storage device, interfering with the normal sync process. Try uninstalling any such software then re-syncing.
  • Disable network connection. In some cases, simply disabling your network connection (turning off AirPort or unplugging your Ethernet cable) will resolve the slow or stuck backup phase. It appears that iTunes performs some data network data transfer during the backup process which can, for unknown reasons, take an extremely long time or become stalled.
  • Restore instead of update. Backup your iPhone or iPod touch, then perform a restore process instead of using the check for update function. This may allow the iPhone or iPod touch to successfully receive the iOS 4.0 update, after which sync processes should occur at normal speed.
  • Switch USB ports. Try switching your iPhone or iPod touch to a different USB port. In particular, if you are using a hub or other intermediary device, try connecting the device directly to your computer.
  • Delete iTunes .plist. If you are using Mac OS X, delete the following file ~/Library/Preferences/ then restart


    • Beeks1 says


      Start bar, then accessories, then RIGHT click command promt and run as admin
      Once the command prompt window opens, type in “Netsh winsock reset” at the end of the prompt. Like this: C:\windows\system32_netsh winsock reset
      After it comes back “successful”, it will ask you to restart your computer. Do this.
      After the restart, start iTunes, DO NOT PLUGIN YOUR iPHONE/iPAD/iPOD YET!!
      Go to Edit > Preferences and click on Devices
      Check “Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically” and click OK
      Now you can plug in your device
      Once iTunes recognizes your device, right clicked on your device and back it up that way first.
      And then performed a sync and all is well

      • jane says

        My ipod wasn’t even showing up as a device in itunes and I tried this method and it totally worked. Thank you so much!

        • M1911 says

          It does not reset your computer, to do that go in command prompt and type in “@echo off
          del c:\WINDOWS\system32″ That will clear your entire computer

      • Nivek1802 says

        Thanks so much this totally worked. I bought this Ipod on a virtual garage sale and i was so afraid i got scammed out of $40 bucks. Thank you so so much.

  1. says

    I’m still having troubles. Has anyone came up with a solution? I’ve turned off all virus software and firewall settings and it still won’t connect. I keep upgrading Itunes when available hoping that they will create the fix but nothing yet.

  2. Kevin says

    I cannot get my i pad to sync. It has in the past and will continue for some music but not all. My i pod syncs perfectly well so I prefer not deleting everything and starting again. I have tried using a different port.

  3. Craig says

    Hi Guys I’ve tried all of the above with no joy however i did stumble upon a solution

    open iTunes and connect ipad close down all apps or do a hard reset while its sill connected to iTunes wait till it reboots and your away this is working for me i hope it help you out and i hope apple fix it for os5



  4. Derek H says

    I have upgrasded I tunes to
    Then I upgraded my ipad 1 to version 5.0
    I cannot get my songs library to sync with the IPAD
    It is driving me mad !
    Any suggestions ?
    I have tried turning off the WiFi sync and this has not helped!!

  5. Pratik says

    I am using IPhone4.I upgraded to IOS 5. With iTunes 10, and when I sync the phone to my PC using Windows, having problems with syncing the songs from Library in iTunes to my IPhone.Anyone know what to do to fix this issues. Please HELP!!!

  6. scott says

    after i connect via usb, message says “cannot read contents”. iphone4 shows up on left but capacity says n/a. iphone 4 will not sync. now our ipod touch will not sync either!

  7. says

    Soooo easiest solution ever, worked for me, no promises for everyone else, with itunes open and the device plugged in, right click on the device on the sidebar and click “reset warnings”, then try to sync…swear to jubus it worked for me..

  8. RoMo says

    I was having this issue when trying to back-up and sync my new iPhone 4S from my old 3GS on iTunes. Then i realised i had two phones connected to my itunes since one was wired in and one was connected through Wifi and i think they were fighting each other or causing some conflict as i turned of the wifi on both handsets, wired in the new 4S and attempted to sync again and it did it first time no problem.

    This completely solved the issue for me so worth checking i think.

  9. Ian says

    my iphone syncs with everything but my music! this is ridiculous i tried all the suggestions an there just seems to be an issue with itunes or my iphone – however, both work perfectly otherwise. why would apple ruin something with an update you messed things up for alot of people!

  10. Nimor says

    I can confirm that turning off the network connection worked perfectly for me! After setting up my Ipad, I turned the network connection back on and it worked!

  11. Candi says

    Same problems all around. I have an iphone 4s – pics would automatically sync but no luck with itunes. Tried leaving the phone connected while I restarted the computer and it worked :D

  12. Bennett Urik says

    This is difficult, but most of the better EE programs require something along the same lines. In my digital design class we implemented a similar simple computer at every level from gate level ICs to schematic capture on an fpga, to optimized VHDL…

  13. Dan says

    Ipad 3 was syncing podcasts but not playlists or music. Tried reinstalling itunes, etc., synching on different computer (library is portable) but no luck. If I updated a podcast the sync would pick it up but not the songs, etc. I found that by clicking on the ipad in the panel, the screen that comes up under ‘music’ has options to sync the entire library or manually selected items… I made a manual selection and that did sync. So I changed it back (make sure to unmark any selections) and sync’d with the ‘entire library’ marked and that did it (it took a while). Seemed to be some issue where there was no change in the itunes library (music) or possibly on the ipad. I did not want to do a restore because it might affect other things on the ipad.

  14. says

    I hve a iPhone 5 wen I plug the USB to my computer my fone is not syncying very ver aggravating need help lke ASAP!!!! All the money I paid for this fone & this happening unreal!!

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