iPad running slow? How to speed up a slow iPad

Does you iPad run slower than it used to? Some factors may affect your iPads performance. This is not an uncommon problem. The following tips should help you speed up your iPad:

  1. Take good care of your iPad. Please read this article on how to properly maintain your iOS device.
  2. Close any running apps: Click the Home button twice from the home screen, tap and hold an app, when they start to jiggle, tap the red minus sign. Doing this does not remove the app from your iPad. It just removes it from running as a background process (multitasking).
  3. Clear Out Your Cache. The iPad safari app can slow things down. From time to time you may want to clear your cache. To do that, simply tap Settings > Safari > Clear History, Clear Cookies and Data.
  4. Restart your device: If above tips do not do the trick, you may try rebooting your device by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds until the red “slide to power off” slider appears, and then slide the slider. You can turn it on again by holding down the sleep/wake button again.


  1. Ara Ohanjanyan says

    Your advise didn’t help one bit. I close all running apps, cleared out cash, deleted all unnecessary apps. Still my brand new ipad 3 is considerably slower than it was a month ago. Pls advise me what else I can do to improve its performance.



  2. Ginger says

    This is quite obviously an Apple problem. There are too many people on many forums across the web in different countries all havi the same problem that only stated since upgrading to IOS 6.1 . We have all carried out ALL of the suggested tips and non make a different therefore ……..

    We will all have to wait until Apple get there finger out and correct this error, this error that they will never admit is an error as per usual.

    • Mike Giambra says

      This problem is horrible. Worse is Apple’s arrogance in not having a solution to thenproblem. Their absolute silence over the years (this is by no means a recent problem) is saying, “It is not our fault!”

      I too have done all of the steps, including resetting the network settings, and nothing. Stuff I enjoyed last year (Twitter) I cannot now because the linked pages load slowly and the images hardly at all; just the white rectangular box with the question mark in the middle!

    • says

      He guys… This is not a problem, but a feature Apple give you trough updates… They want you to need the next ipad… I never update my apple products and everything run fine.

  3. Eddie says

    I’m too having slow experiences on my ipad 2.. I’ve noticed this is since the 6.1.3 update as it was running normal on 6.1.2
    Apple pull your finger out your arse and get this problem sorted! Otherwise I’m off to Samsung …

    • Nate says

      I’m not sure if you even know what your talking about, you should be on the 8.1.3 by now and your only on 6? Don’t complain about them when it’s obviously you cause you have the historic version, get your finger out of your arse and update to where the world is today. even with the little problems I’ve had I love apple so much that it’s not worth the time to be upset with them. They’re obviously smarter then you and you need to upgrade and shut your pie hole.

      • joel says

        Nate…you may want to pay attention to what you are reading BEFORE you comment. This post is from 2013…back when the latest version WAS IOS 6…

  4. Richard says

    Yep. I’ve been trying to reply to this chat since may 13 and my ipad 3 has only just let me…seriously. What good is a tablet that wont function. My iPhone runs 10 times faster at least and is never slow. Now on the pad, you tube inaccessible,many URL need 3 or 4 attempts to e and frequently just hang, and im using it less and less. What IS interesting is that if i use wireless hotspot on the ipad, the laptop i connect it to runs fast and sweet on all apps. So its not safari in my ire but the tablet guts. Whatever that is. But a heap of crap it is at present. Just crap

  5. says

    You guys can speed up a laggy ipad by disabling spotlight doing this : settings>general>spotlight search. If u guys are like me. A person who likes to save space and downloads NO music and videos. OR contacts. (You guys dont really need contacts to begin with. An ipad is not a phone.) Then spotlight search is perfect for you.

  6. says

    You guys can speed up a laggy ipad by disabling spotlight doing this : settings>general>spotlight search. If u guys are like me. A person who likes to save space and downloads NO music and videos. OR contacts. (You guys dont really need contacts to begin with. An ipad is not a phone.) Then disabling spotlight search is perfect for you.

  7. apsmyth says

    I had tried all the above and was also very frustrated with the tips as they didn’t have any impact but turning off spotlight seems to have made big improvement.. Thanks

  8. J says

    Hi john,

    Great info, never had a real problem with ipad but noted a drop off on speed. After your suggestion, and also realised we could select what we want to search. Improved the speed.

    Unlike you though, I have all my pictures and music on the ipad. I think perhaps I might change that when I synchro next time.

    Thanks again

  9. Im_J-Man says

    I have an ipad 2 and it is about 1 and a half years old right now with ios 7.1 installed. I actually runs just fine with the only issued being its aging hardware( mainly noticed while playing RealRacing 3). I only have one problem that worries me. I ran the Passmark benchmark app and received a score of 2.1 Mb/s disk write speed while my friends ipad 2 gets 30Mb/s write speed. These ipads are EXACTLY the same. I am wondering if flash memory eventually dies. Thanks

    • james braseltonn says

      hi there my comadore 64 ran a 1 mhz cpu 64 kb flash memory 2,400 buad modem and the comadore 64 had a whopping 2 mb/s read write speeds with only a 1 mhz cpu

  10. Jerk99 says

    I’ve had so many problems with Apple I decided to try Android, and wow is it so much better. Everything is laid out intuitively and it is easy to access features and settings and notifications, and runs quite reliably and fast. Plus no more proprietary crap like greedy Apple!

  11. Bernardine Tucker says

    My ipad air is so slow. I am planning to return it if this keeps up. My old ipad was very fast
    and now, that is very slow. It makes me not want to use at all. What could be the problem?
    I deleted all history and cookies to safari but that didn’t help.
    I would like help in resolving this issue.
    thanks so much,

  12. oliver tomberf says

    my ipad is 2 and half year old and its jailbroken. i was playng a game, after playng it like 20min, fps went down to 1-2 i didnt know what happend, and i closed app and ipad is still 1-2 fps so i cant even unjailbreak or reset ipad. can someone help me??

  13. Gill says

    following a suggestion by my son, I struggled through updating all mt apps. This took many freezes and restarts, but seemed to have remedied the slowness and freezes. Go figure.

  14. Ann says

    Turning off the spotlight search has made a tremendous difference! Thanks for the tip! I hope it stays that way!

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