Backups: iTunes vs iCloud, How to choose?

There are several important reasons why you would want to consider backing up your data. One of them is that backing up your iOS device helps to protect your data from being lost. iCloud and iTunes can back up most data on your iOS device; your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.So the question is whether you should use iTunes or iCloud to back up your iOS device? The answer depends on many factors. The purpose of this article is to help you choose a backup method.

Is iCloud Backup the best choice for you?

iCloud automatically backs up your data on your device using iOS 5 or later.

Advantages of iCloud backup

  • Very easy
  • You can back up your device Wirelessly and Automatically
  • You do not need to own a computer, PC or Mac

Disadvantages of iCloud backup

  • You need to have a Wi-Fi connection
  • iCloud backup does not include  your media files (music, movies etc) that you did not purchase from the iTunes Store,
  • iCloud backup does not include your files (podcasts, photos etc) that you originally transferred  from your computer.
  • Your space is limited. You get 5 GB of free storage for backup, but if you need more, you need to pay.

Is iTunes backup the best choice for you?

iTunes can back up your iOS device.

Advantages of iTunes backup

  • You own your back up, thus you do not need to rely on iCloud, a third party service
  • You do not need to pay anybody if you have large files (movies etc)
  • Does not require a Wi-Fi connection

Disadvantages of iTunes backup

  • iTunes backups do not include content synced to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, such as movies, music, and photos.
  • You need to own a computer and connect your device to this computer when you want to create a backup.

Our recommendation

We recommend that you use iCloud backup and iTunes backup together. iCloud backup does not turn off iTunes backups. All you need to do is tap Settings > iCloud > Backup & Storage and enable iCloud. Enabling iCloud backups will turn off Automatic Backups via iTunes. So, when your iOS device is connected to your computer, you need to trigger a manual iTunes back up (iTunes > Backups > Manual Back Up) It’s  very easy.  This way your iOS device is backed up locally via iTunes as well as continuing to back up via iCloud.


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